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10 August 2020
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A Way to Reopen the Window for Electroweak Baryogenesis
G. Servant;
14 Dec 2001   /  JHEP 0201 (2002) 044
- - -
CP and Flavour in Effective Type I String Models
S.A Abel; G. Servant;
25 May 2001   /  Nucl.Phys. B611 (2001) 43-76
- - -
New Physics at the LHC. A Les Houches Report: Physics at TeV Colliders 2009 - New Physics Working Group
G. Brooijmans; C. Grojean; G.D. Kribs; C. Shepherd-Themistocleous; K. Agashe; L. Basso; G. Belanger; A. Belyaev; K. Black; T. Bose; R. Brunelière; G. Cacciapaglia; E. Carrera; S.P. Das; A. Deandrea; S. De Curtis; A.-I. Etienvre; J.R. Espinosa; S. Fichet; L. Gauthier; S. Gopalakrishna; H. Gray; B. Gripaios; M. Guchait; S.J. Harper; C. Henderson; J. Jackson; M. Karagöz; S. Kraml; K. Lane; T. Lari; S.J. Lee; J.R. Lessard; Y. Maravin; A. Martin; B. McElrath; G. Moreau; S. Moretti; D.E. Morrissey; M. Mühlleitner; D. Poland; G.M. Pruna; A. Pukhov; A.R. Raklev; T. Robens; R. Rosenfeld; H. Rzehak; G.P. Salam; S. Sekmen; G. Servant; R.K. Singh; B.C. Smith; M Spira; M.J. Strassler; I. Tomalin; M. Tytgat; M. Vos; J.G. Wacker; P. v. Weitershausen; K.M. Zurek;
7 May 2010
- - -
New Physics at the LHC: A Les Houches Report. Physics at Tev Colliders 2007 -- New Physics Working Group
G. Brooijmans; A. Delgado; B.A. Dobrescu; C. Grojean; M. Narain; J. Alwall; G. Azuelos; K. Black; E. Boos; T. Bose; V. Bunichev; R.S. Chivukula; R. Contino; A. Djouadi; L. Dudko; J. Ferland; Y. Gershtein; M. Gigg; S. Gonzalez de la Hoz; M. Herquet; J. Hirn; G. Landsberg; K. Lane; E. Maina; L. March; A. Martin; X. Miao; G. Moreau; M.M. Nojiri; A. Pukhov; P. Ribeiro; P. Richardson; E. Ros; R. Rosenfeld; J. Santiago; V. Sanz; H.J. Schreiber; G. Servant; A. Sherstnev; E.H. Simmons; R.K. Singh; P. Skands; S. Su; T.M.P. Tait; M. Takeuchi; M. Vos; D.G.E. Walker;
25 Feb 2008
- - -
Cosmological Higgs-Axion Interplay for a Naturally Small Electroweak Scale
J.R. Espinosa; C. Grojean; G. Panico; A. Pomarol; O. Pujolàs; G. Servant;
30 Jun 2015
- - -
Probing top-Higgs non-standard interactions at the LHC
C. Degrande; J.-M. Gérard; C. Grojean; F. Maltoni; G. Servant;
4 May 2012
- - -
Non-resonant New Physics in Top Pair Production at Hadron Colliders
Céline Degrande; Jean-Marc Gérard; Christophe Grojean; Fabio Maltoni; Géraldine Servant;
29 Oct 2010
- - -
Polarization of chemoattractant receptor signaling during neutrophil chemotaxis
G Servant; O D Weiner; P Herzmark; T Balla; J W Sedat; H R Bourne;
11 Feb 2000   /  Science, 287 (5455), 1037-40
- - -
Employment status and health after privatisation in white collar civil servants: prospective cohort study
Ferrie, Jane E; Martikainen, Pekka; Shipley, Martin J; Marmot, Michael G; Stansfeld, Stephen A; Smith, George Davey;
- - -
Heat induction of hsp18 gene expression in Streptomyces albus G: transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation.
Servant, P; Mazodier, P;
- - -
First-Order Electroweak Phase Transition in the Standard Model with a Low Cutoff
C. Grojean; G. Servant; J. Wells;
2 Jul 2004   /  Phys.Rev. D71 (2005) 036001
- - -
Dilaton Stabilization in Effective Type I String Models
S.A. Abel; G. Servant;
12 Sep 2000   /  Nucl.Phys. B597 (2001) 3-22
- - -
Supergravity Inspired Warped Compactifications and Effective Cosmological Constants
C. Grojean; J. Cline; G. Servant;
8 Oct 1999   /  Nucl.Phys. B578 (2000) 259-276
- - -
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