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18 January 2022
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The Stellar Content of Nearby Star-Forming Galaxies. III. Unravelling the Nature of the Diffuse Ultraviolet Light
Rupali Chandar; Claus Leitherer; Christy A. Tremonti; Daniela Calzetti; Alessandra Aloisi; Gerhardt R. Meurer; Duilia de Mello;
2 May 2005   /  Astrophys.J. 628 (2005) 210-230
- - -
Dust Absorption And The Ultraviolet Luminosity Density At z approx 3 As Calibrated By Local Starburst Galaxies
Gerhardt R. Meurer; Timothy M. Heckman; Daniela Calzetti;
3 Mar 1999
- - -
Calibrating UV Emissivity And Dust Absorption At z approx 3
Gerhardt R. Meurer; Timothy M. Heckman; Daniela Calzetti;
18 Dec 1998
- - -
The Case For Substantial Dust Extinction At z ~ 3
Gerhardt R. Meurer;
18 Aug 1997
- - -
Starbursts and Extra-planar H-alpha from SINGG
Gerhardt R. Meurer;
7 Nov 2003
- - -
Starbursts, dark matter, and the evolution of dwarf galaxies
Gerhardt R. Meurer;
23 Jun 1998
- - -
HI and dark matter in the windy starburst dwarf galaxy NGC1705
Gerhardt R. Meurer; Lister Staveley-Smith; N.E.B. Killeen;
19 Jun 1998
- - -
The Starburst Intensity Limit And Its Ultraviolet Implications
Gerhardt R. Meurer;
18 Jun 1997
- - -
The Panchromatic Starburst Intensity Limit At Low And High Redshift
Gerhardt R. Meurer; Timothy M. Heckman; Matthew D. Lehnert; Claus Leitherer; James Lowenthal;
10 Apr 1997
- - -
NGC 2915. II. A Dark Spiral Galaxy With A Blue Compact Dwarf Core
G.R. Meurer; C. Carignan; S. Beaulieu; K.C. Freeman;
31 Dec 1995
- - -
Starbursts and Star Clusters in the Ultraviolet
G.R. Meurer; T.M. Heckman; C. Leitherer; A. Kinney; C. Robert; D.R. Garnett;
7 Sep 1995
- - -
The Starburst Nature of Lyman-Break Galaxies: Testing UV Extinction with X-rays
Mark Seibert; Timothy M. Heckman; Gerhardt R. Meurer;
3 Apr 2002
- - -
The Survey for Ionization in Neutral Gas Galaxies: I. Description and Initial Results
Gerhardt R. Meurer; D.J. Hanish; H.C. Ferguson; P.M. Knezek; V.A. Kilborn; M.E. Putman; R.C. Smith; B. Koribalski; M. Meyer; M.S. Oey; E.V. Ryan-Weber; M.A. Zwaan; T.M. Heckman; R.C. Kennicutt, Jr.; J.C. Lee; R.L. Webster; J. Bland-Hawthorn M.A. Dopita; K.C. Freeman; M.T. Doyle; M.J. Drinkwater; L. Staveley-Smith; J. Werk;
20 Apr 2006
- - -
Evidence for a Non-Uniform Initial Mass Function in the Local Universe
Gerhardt R. Meurer; O.I. Wong; J.H. Kim; D.J. Hanish; T.M. Heckman; J. Werk; J. Bland-Hawthorn; M.A. Dopita; M.A. Zwaan; B. Koribalski; M. Seibert; D.A. Thilker; H.C. Ferguson; R.L. Webster; M.E. Putman; P.M. Knezek; M.T. Doyle; M.J. Drinkwater; C.G. Hoopes; V.A. Kilborn; M. Meyer; E.V. Ryan-Weber; R.C. Smith; L. Staveley-Smith;
3 Feb 2009
- - -
The radial distribution of supernovae compared to star formation tracers
Fiona M. Audcent-Ross; Gerhardt R. Meurer; James R. Audcent; Stuart D. Ryder; O. Ivy Wong; J. Phan; A. Williamson; J.H. Kim;
22 Nov 2019
- - -
Evolution of the high-mass end of the stellar initial mass functions in starburst galaxies
Kenji Bekki; Gerhardt R. Meurer;
30 Jan 2013
- - -
Disk Stability and Neutral Hydrogen as a Tracer of Dark Matter
Gerhardt R. Meurer; Zheng Zheng; W.J.G. de Blok;
6 Dec 2012
- - -
The Small Isolated Gas Rich Irregular Dwarf (SIGRID) Galaxy Sample: Description and First Results
David C Nicholls; Michael A Dopita; Helmut Jerjen; Gerhardt R Meurer;
20 Jul 2011
- - -
The HI - Star Formation Connection: Open Questions
Gerhardt R. Meurer; O. Ivy Wong; Daniel J. Hanish;
19 Jun 2008
- - -
Discovery of Globular Clusters in the Proto-Spiral NGC2915: Implications for Hierarchical Galaxy Evolution
G.R. Meurer; J.P. Blakeslee; M. Sirianni; H.C. Ford; G.D. Illingworth; N. Benitez; M. Clampin; F. Menanteau; H.D. Tran; R.A. Kimble; G.F. Hartig; D.R. Ardila; F. Bartko; R.J. Bouwens; T.J. Broadhurst; R.A. Brown; C.J. Burrows; E.S. Cheng; N.J.G. Cross; P.D. Feldman; D.A. Golimowski; C. Gronwall; L. Infante; J.E. Krist; M.P. Lesser; A.R. Martel; G.K. Miley; M. Postman; P. Rosati; W.B. Sparks; Z.I. Tsvetanov; R.L. White; & W. Zheng;
13 Nov 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 599 (2003) L83-L86
- - -

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