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18 January 2021
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Determination of 141Pr(alpha,n)144Pm cross sections at energies of relevance for the astrophysical p-process using the gamma-gamma coincidence method
A. Sauerwein; H. W. Becker; H. Dombrowski; M. Elvers; J. Endres; U. Giesen; J. Hasper; A. Hennig; L. Netterdon; T. Rauscher; D. Rogalla; K. O. Zell; A. Zilges;
21 Oct 2011
- - -
Kinetic field theory: Non-linear cosmic power spectra in the mean-field approximation
Matthias Bartelmann; Johannes Dombrowski; Sara Konrad; Elena Kozlikin; Robert Lilow; Carsten Littek; Christophe Pixius; Felix Fabis;
10 Nov 2020
- - -
Kinetic Field Theory: Effects of momentum correlations on the cosmic density-fluctuation power spectrum
Matthias Bartelmann; Felix Fabis; Elena Kozlikin; Robert Lilow; Johannes Dombrowski; Julius Mildenberger;
29 Nov 2016
- - -
Precision half-life measurement of the 4-fold forbidden electron capture of V-50
H. Dombrowski; S. Neumaier; K. Zuber;
30 Mar 2011
- - -
Near-Threshold eta Meson Production in Proton-Proton Collisions
J. Smyrski; P. Wuestner; A. Budzanowski; H. Dombrowski; D. Grzonka; L. Jarczyk; M. Jochmann; A. Khoukaz; K. Kilian; P. Kowina; M. Koehler; P. Moskal; W. Oelert; C. Quentmeier; R. Santo; G. Schepers; U. Seddik; T. Sefzick; S. Sewerin; A. Strzalkowski; M. Wolke;
22 Dec 1999   /  Phys.Lett. B474 (2000) 182-187
- - -
$eta^{prime}$ production in proton-proton scattering close to threshold}
P. Moskal; J.T. Balewski; A. Budzanowski; H. Dombrowski; C. Goodman; D. Grzonka; J. Haidenbauer; C. Hanhart; L. Jarczyk; M. Jochmann; A. Khoukaz; K. Kilian; M. Köhler; A. Kozela; T. Lister; U.-G. Mei{ss}ner; N. Nikolaev; W. Oelert; C. Quentmeier; R. Santo; G. Schepers; U. Seddik; T. Sefzick; J.;
4 Mar 1998   /  Phys.Rev.Lett. 80 (1998) 3202-3205
- - -
Remarks on the statistical origin of the geometrical formulation of quantum mechanics
Mathieu Molitor;
6 Feb 2012
- - -
Consequences of UMP synthase deficiency in cattle.
Robinson, J L; Drabik, M R; Dombrowski, D B; Clark, J H;
- - -
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