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28 January 2022
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Results 1 to 10 of 10 for query "H. J. Buttery". (0.02 sec.)

Searching for Clusters with SUMSS
H. J. Buttery; G. Cotter; R. W. Hunstead; E. M. Sadler;
19 Feb 2003   /  New Astron.Rev. 47 (2003) 329-332
- - -
Searching for Clusters of Galaxies with SUMSS
H. J. Buttery; G. Cotter; R. W. Hunstead; E. M. Sadler;
6 Dec 2001
- - -
The ESO-Spitzer Imaging extragalactic Survey (ESIS) I: WFI B,V,R deep observations of ELAIS-S1 and comparison to Spitzer and GALEX data
S. Berta; S. Rubele; A. Franceschini; E.V. Held; L. Rizzi; C.J. Lonsdale; T.H. Jarrett; G. Rodighiero; S.J. Oliver; J.E. Dias; H.J. Buttery; F. Fiore; F. La Franca; S. Puccetti; F. Fang; D. Shupe; J. Surace; C. Gruppioni;
11 Feb 2006
- - -
SUMSS: A Wide-Field Radio Imaging Survey of the Southern Sky. II. The Source Catalogue
T. Mauch; T. Murphy; H.J. Buttery; J. Curran; R.W. Hunstead; B. Piestrzynski; J.G. Robertson; E.M. Sadler;
10 Mar 2003   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 342 (2003) 1117
- - -
The XMM-Newton survey of the ELAIS-S1 field. I: Number counts, angular correlation function and X-ray spectral properties
S. Puccetti; F. Fiore; V. D'Elia; I. Pillitteri; C. Feruglio; A. Grazian; M. Brusa; P. Ciliegi; A. Comastri; C. Gruppioni; M. Mignoli; C. Vignali; G. Zamorani; F. La Franca; N. Sacchi; A. Franceschini; S. Berta; H. Buttery; J.E. Dias;
6 Jul 2006
- - -
Complete stabilization of neoclassical tearing modes with lower hybrid current drive on COMPASS-D. RF teams
C D Warrick; R J Buttery; G Cunningham; S J Fielding; T C Hender; B Lloyd; A W Morris; M R O'Brien; T Pinfold; K Stammers; M Valovic; M Walsh; H R Wilson;
17 Jul 2000   /  Phys Rev Lett, 85 (3), 574-7
- - -
Neoclassical tearing physics in the spherical tokamak MAST
R J Buttery; O Sauter; R Akers; M Gryaznevich; R Martin; C D Warrick; H R Wilson; ;
25 Mar 2002   /  Phys Rev Lett, 88 (12), 125005
- - -
The beginning of the star formation epoch
F. Mannucci; H. Buttery; R. Maiolino; A. Marconi; L. Pozzetti;
7 Jul 2006
- - -
Early optical emission from the gamma-ray burst of 4 October 2002
D W Fox; S Yost; S R Kulkarni; K Torii; T Kato; H Yamaoka; M Sako; F A Harrison; R Sari; P A Price; E Berger; A M Soderberg; S G Djorgovski; A J Barth; S H Pravdo; D A Frail; A Gal-Yam; Y Lipkin; T Mauch; C Harrison; H Buttery;
20 Mar 2003   /  Nature, 422 (6929), 284-6
- - -
The contribution of very massive high-redshift SWIRE galaxies to the stellar mass function
S. Berta; C.J. Lonsdale; M. Polletta; R.S. Savage; A. Franceschini; H. Buttery; A. Cimatti; J. Dias; C. Feruglio; F. Fiore; E.V. Held; F. La Franca; R. Maiolino; A. Marconi; I. Matute; S.J. Oliver; E. Ricciardelli; S. Rubele; N. Sacchi; D. Shupe; J. Surace;
1 Oct 2007
- - -
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