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18 June 2021
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Infrared Observation of Hot Cores
B. Stecklum; B. Brandl; M. Feldt; Th. Henning; H. Linz; I. Pascucci;
5 Jul 2001
- - -
The young stellar content of the giant HII regions M8, G333.6-0.2, and NGC6357 with VLT/KMOS
M.C. Ramírez-Tannus; J. Poorta; A. Bik; L. Kaper; A. de Koter; J. De Ridder; H. Beuther; W. Brandner; B. Davies; M. Gennaro; D. Guo; T. Henning; H. Linz; T. Naylor; A. Pasquali; O.H. Ramírez-Agudelo; H. Sana;
21 Nov 2019
- - -
Chemical evolution in the early phases of massive star formation II: Deuteration
Th. Gerner; Y. Shirley; H. Beuther; D. Semenov; H. Linz; T. Abertsson; Th. Henning;
23 Mar 2015
- - -
Chemical modeling of Infrared Dark Clouds: the Role of Surface Chemistry
T. Vasyunina; A. I. Vasyunin; E. Herbst; H. Linz;
26 Mar 2012
- - -
The HI/OH/Recombination line survey of the inner Milky Way (THOR): data release 2 and HI overview
Y. Wang; H. Beuther; M. R. Rugel; J. D. Soler; J. M. Stil; J. Ott; S. Bihr; N. M. McClure-Griffiths; L. D. Anderson; R. S. Klessen; P. F. Goldsmith; N. Roy; S. C. O. Glover; J. S. Urquhart; M. Heyer; H. Linz; R. J. Smith; F. Bigiel; J. Dempsey; T. Henning;
17 Dec 2019
- - -
The Earliest Phases of Star formation (EPoS): Temperature, density, and kinematic structure of the star-forming core CB 17
M. Schmalzl; R. Launhardt; A. M. Stutz; H. Linz; T. L. Bourke; H. Beuther; Th. Henning; O. Krause; M. Nielbock; A. Schmiedeke;
15 Sep 2014
- - -
Chemistry in Infrared Dark Clouds
T. Vasyunina; H. Linz; Th. Henning; I. Zinchenko; H. Beuther; M. Voronkov;
5 Dec 2010
- - -
Different Evolutionary Stages in the Massive Star Forming Region S255 Complex
Y. Wang; H. Beuther; A. Bik; T. Vasyunina; Z. Jiang; E. Puga; H. Linz; J. A. Rodon; Th. Henning; M. Tamura;
16 Nov 2010
- - -
Resolving the MYSO binaries PDS 27 and PDS 37 with VLTI/PIONIER
E. Koumpia; K. M. Ababakr; W. J. de Wit; R. D. Oudmaijer; A. Caratti o Garatti; P. Boley; H. Linz; S. Kraus; J. S. Vink; J.-B Le Bouquin;
7 Mar 2019
- - -
Organic species in Infrared Dark Clouds
T. Vasyunina; A. I. Vasyunin; E. Herbst; H. Linz; M. Voronkov; T. Britton; I. Zinchenko; F. Schuller;
30 Oct 2013
- - -
High-Resolution Infrared Imaging of Herschel 36 SE: A Showcase for the Influence of Massive Stars in Cluster Environments
M. Goto; B. Stecklum; H. Linz; M. Feldt; Th. Henning; I. Pascucci; T. Usuda;
10 May 2006
- - -
Fragmentation and Kinematics of dense molecular cores in the filamentary infrared-dark cloud G011.11-0.12
Sarah E. Ragan; Thomas Henning; Henrik Beuther; Hendrik Linz; Sarolta Zahorecz;
7 Nov 2014
- - -
An African origin for the intimate association between humans and Helicobacter pylori
Bodo Linz; François Balloux; Yoshan Moodley; Andrea Manica; Hua Liu; Philippe Roumagnac; Daniel Falush; Christiana Stamer; Franck Prugnolle; Schalk W van der Merwe; Yoshio Yamaoka; David Y Graham; Emilio Perez-Trallero; Torkel Wadstrom; Sebastian Suerbaum; Mark Achtman;
22 Feb 2007   /  Nature, 445 (7130), 915-8
- - -
Continuum sources from the THOR survey between 1 and 2 GHz
S. Bihr; K.G. Johnston; H. Beuther; L.D. Anderson; J. Ott; M. Rugel; F. Bigiel; A. Brunthaler; S.C.O. Glover; T. Henning; M.H. Heyer; R.S. Klessen; H. Linz; S.N. Longmore; N.M. McClure-Griffiths; K.M. Menten; R. Plume; T. Schierhuber; R. Shanahan; J.M. Stil; J.S. Urquhart; A.J. Walsh;
13 Jan 2016
- - -
THOR - The HI, OH, Recombination Line Survey of the Milky Way - The pilot study: HI observations of the giant molecular cloud W43
S. Bihr; H. Beuther; J. Ott; K.G. Johnston; A. Brunthaler; L. D. Anderson; F. Bigiel; P. Carlhoff; E. Churchwell; S.C.O. Glover; P.F. Goldsmith; F. Heitsch; T. Henning; M.H. Heyer; T. Hill; A. Hughes; R.S. Klessen; H. Linz; S.N. Longmore; N.M. McClure-Griffiths; K.M. Menten; F. Motte; Q. Nguyen-Lu'o'ng; R. Plume; S.E. Ragan; N. Roy; P. Schilke; N. Schneider; R.J. Smith; J.M. Stil; J.S. Urquhart; A.J. Walsh; F. Walter;
19 May 2015
- - -
The CO-to-H2 Conversion Factor and Dust-to-Gas Ratio on Kiloparsec Scales in Nearby Galaxies
K. M. Sandstrom; A. K. Leroy; F. Walter; A. D. Bolatto; K. V. Croxall; B. T. Draine; C. D. Wilson; M. Wolfire; D. Calzetti; R. C. Kennicutt; G. Aniano; J. Donovan Meyer; A. Usero; F. Bigiel; E. Brinks; W. J. G de Blok; A. Crocker; D. Dale; C. W. Engelbracht; M. Galametz; B. Groves; L. K. Hunt; J. Koda; K. Kreckel; H. Linz; S. Meidt; E. Pellegrini; H.-W. Rix; H. Roussel; E. Schinnerer; A. Schruba; K.-F. Schuster; R. Skibba; T. van der Laan; P. Appleton; L. Armus; B. Brandl; K. Gordon; J. Hinz; O. Krause; E. Montiel; M. Sauvage; A. Schmiedeke; J. D. T. Smith; L. Vigroux;
6 Dec 2012
- - -
Mapping far-IR emission from the central kiloparsec of NGC 1097
K. Sandstrom; O. Krause; H. Linz; E. Schinnerer; G. Dumas; S. Meidt; H.-W. Rix; M. Sauvage; F. Walter; R. C. Kennicutt; D. Calzetti; P. Appleton; L. Armus; P. Beirão; A. Bolatto; B. Brandl; A. Crocker; K. Croxall; D. Dale; B. T. Draine; C. Engelbracht; A. Gil de Paz; K. Gordon; B. Groves; C.-N. Hao; G. Helou; J. Hinz; L. Hunt; B. D. Johnson; J. Koda; A. Leroy; E. J. Murphy; N. Rahman; H. Roussel; R. Skibba; J.-D. Smith; S. Srinivasan; L. Vigroux; B. E. Warren; C. D. Wilson; M. Wolfire; S. Zibetti;
11 May 2010
- - -
Atomic and molecular gas properties during cloud formation
J. Syed; Y. Wang; H. Beuther; J. D. Soler; M. R. Rugel; J. Ott; A. Brunthaler; J. Kerp; M. Heyer; R. S. Klessen; Th. Henning; S. C. O. Glover; P. F. Goldsmith; H. Linz; J. S. Urquhart; S. E. Ragan; K. G. Johnston; F. Bigiel;
31 Aug 2020
- - -
The history of dynamics and stellar feedback revealed by the HI filamentary structure in the disk of the Milky Way
J.D. Soler; H. Beuther; J. Syed; Y. Wang; L.D. Anderson; S.C.O. Glover; P. Hennebelle; M. Heyer; Th. Henning; A.F. Izquierdo; R.S. Klessen; H. Linz; N.M. McClure-Griffiths; J. Ott; S.E. Ragan; M. Rugel; N. Schneider; R.J. Smith; M.C. Sormani; J.M. Stil; J.S. Urquhart;
14 Jul 2020
- - -
Herschel-PACS photometry of Uranus' five major moons
Ö. H. Detre; T. G. Müller; U. Klaas; G. Marton; H. Linz; Z. Balog;
17 Jun 2020
- - -

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