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26 January 2022
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Nascent starbursts in synchrotron-deficient galaxies with hot dust
H. Roussel; G. Helou; R. Beck; J.J. Condon; A. Bosma; K. Matthews; T.H. Jarrett;
4 May 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 593 (2003) 733-759; Erratum-ibid. 601 (2004) 1160
- - -
Superheavy hydrogen (5)H
A A Korsheninnikov; M S Golovkov; I Tanihata; A M Rodin; A S Fomichev; S I Sidorchuk; S V Stepantsov; M L Chelnokov; V A Gorshkov; D D Bogdanov; R Wolski; G M Ter-Akopian; Y T Oganessian; W Mittig; P Roussel-Chomaz; H Savajols; E A Kuzmin; E Y Nikolskii; A A Ogloblin;
27 Aug 2001   /  Phys Rev Lett, 87 (9), 092501
- - -
Pillars and globules at the edges of H ii regions, Confronting Herschel observations and numerical simulations
P. Tremblin; V. Minier; N. Schneider; E. Audit; T. Hill; P. Didelon; N. Peretto; D. Arzoumanian; F. Motte; A. Zavagno; S. Bontemps; L. D. Anderson; Ph. Andre; J. P. Bernard; T. Csengeri; J. Di Francesco; D. Elia; M. Hennemann; V. Konyves; A. P. Marston; Q. Nguyen Luong; A. Rivera-Ingraham; H. Roussel; T. Sousbie; L. Spinoglio; G. J. White; J. Williams;
14 Nov 2013
- - -
The Anatomy of Star Formation in NGC 300
G. Helou; H. Roussel; P. Appleton; D. Frayer; S. Stolovy; L. Storrie-Lombardi; R. Hurt; P. Lowrance; D. Makovoz; F. Masci; J. Surace; K.D. Gordon; A. Alonso-Herrero; C.W. Engelbracht; K. Misselt; G. Rieke; M. Rieke; S.P. Willner; M. Pahre; M.L.N. Ashby; G.G. Fazio; H.A. Smith;
13 Aug 2004   /  Astrophys.J.Suppl. 154 (2004) 253
- - -
Automated reading of a microtitre plate: preliminary evaluation in antimicrobial susceptibility tests and Enterobacteriaceae identification.
Courcol, R J; Deleersnyder, H; Roussel-Delvallez, M; Martin, G R;
- - -
Extinction law variations and dust excitation in the spiral galaxy NGC 300
H. Roussel; A. Gil de Paz; M. Seibert; G. Helou; B.F. Madore; C. Martin;
15 Jun 2005   /  Astrophys.J. 632 (2005) 227-252
- - -
Warm dust and aromatic bands as quantitative probes of star-formation activity
N.M. Forster Schreiber; H. Roussel; M. Sauvage; V. Charmandaris;
17 Feb 2004   /  Astron.Astrophys. 419 (2004) 501-516
- - -
The relationship between star formation rates and mid-infrared emission in galactic disks
H. Roussel; M. Sauvage; L. Vigroux; A. Bosma;
4 Apr 2001   /  Astron.Astrophys. 372 (2001) 427-437
- - -
The impact of bars on the mid-infrared dust emission of spiral galaxies: global and circumnuclear properties
H. Roussel; M. Sauvage; L. Vigroux; A. Bosma; C. Bonoli; P. Gallais; T. Hawarden; S. Madden; P. Mazzei;
4 Apr 2001   /  Astron.Astrophys. 372 (2001) 406-426
- - -
An atlas of mid-infrared dust emission in spiral galaxies
H. Roussel; L. Vigroux; A. Bosma; M. Sauvage; C. Bonoli; P. Gallais; T. Hawarden; J. Lequeux; S. Madden; P. Mazzei;
2 Feb 2001   /  A&A 369, 473-509 (2001)
- - -
The H$alpha$ line forming region of AB Aur spatially resolved at sub-AU with the VEGA/CHARA spectro-interferometer
K. Perraut; M. Benisty; D. Mourard; S. Rajabi; F. Bacciotti; Ph. Bério; D. Bonneau; O. Chesneau; J.M. Clausse; O. Delaa; A. Marcotto; A. Roussel; A. Spang; Ph. Stee; I. Tallon-Bosc; H. McAlister; T. ten Brummelaar; J. Sturmann; L. Sturmann; N. Turner; C. Farrington; P.J. Goldfinger;
28 May 2010
- - -
Dust Masses, PAH Abundances, and Starlight Intensities in the SINGS Galaxy Sample
B.T. Draine; D.A. Dale; G. Bendo; K.D. Gordon; J.D.T. Smith; L. Armus; C.W. Engelbracht; G. Helou; R.C. Kennicutt; A. Li; H. Roussel; F. Walter; D. Calzetti; J. Moustakas; E.J. Murphy; G.H. Rieke; C. Bot; D.J. Hollenbach; K. Sheth; H.I. Teplitz;
9 Mar 2007
- - -
SINGS: The SIRTF Nearby Galaxies Survey
R. C. Kennicutt; Jr.; L. Armus; G. Bendo; D. Calzetti; D. A. Dale; B. T. Draine; C. W. Engelbracht; K. D. Gordon; A. D. Grauer; G. Helou; D. J. Hollenbach; T. H. Jarrett; L. J. Kewley; C. Leitherer; A. Li; S. Malhotra; M. W. Regan; G. H. Rieke; M. J. Rieke; H. Roussel; J.-D. T. Smith; Michele D. Thornley; & F. Walter;
22 May 2003
- - -
Star Formation Rates in Resolved Galaxies: Calibrations with Near and Far Infrared Data for NGC5055 and NGC6946
Yiming Li; Alison F. Crocker; Daniela Calzetti; Christine D. Wilson; Robert C. Kennicutt; Eric J. Murphy; Bernhard R. Brandl; B. T. Draine; M. Galametz; B. D. Johnson; L. Armus; K. D. Gordon; K. Croxall; D. A. Dale; C. W. Engelbracht; B. Groves; C.-N. Hao; G. Helou; J. Hinz; L. K. Hunt; O. Krause; H. Roussel; M. Sauvage; J.D. T. Smith;
4 Apr 2013
- - -
A Detailed Study of the Radio--FIR Correlation in NGC6946 with Herschel-PACS/SPIRE from KINGFISH
F. S. Tabatabaei; E. Schinnerer; E. J. Murphy; R. Beck; B. Groves; S. Meidt; M. Krause; H-W. Rix; K. Sandstrom; A. F. Crocker; M. Galametz; G. Helou; C. D. Wilson; R. Kennicutt; D. Calzetti; B. Draine; G. Aniano; D. Dale; G. Dumas; C. W. Engelbracht; K. D. Gordon; J. Hinz; K. Kreckel; E. Montiel; H. Roussel;
29 Jan 2013
- - -
The Calibration of Mid-Infrared Star Formation Rate Indicators
D. Calzetti; R. C. Kennicutt; C. W. Engelbracht; C. Leitherer; B. T. Draine; L. Kewley; J. Moustakas; M. Sosey; D.A. Dale; K. D. Gordon; G.X. Helou; D.J. Hollenbach; L. Armus; G. Bendo; C. Bot; B. Buckalew; T. Jarrett; A. Li; M. Meyer; E.J. Murphy; M. Prescott; M. W. Regan; G. H. Rieke; H. Roussel; K. Sheth; J. D. T. Smith; M. D. Thornley; F. Walter;
23 May 2007
- - -
Revealing the cold dust in low-metallicity environments: I - Photometry analysis of the Dwarf Galaxy Survey with Herschel
A. Rémy-Ruyer; S.C. Madden; F. Galliano; S. Hony; M. Sauvage; G. J. Bendo; H. Roussel; M. Pohlen; M. W. L. Smith; M. Galametz; D. Cormier; V. Lebouteiller; R. Wu; M. Baes; M. J. Barlow; M. Boquien; A. Boselli; L. Ciesla; I. De Looze; O. Ł. Karczewski; P. Panuzzo; L. Spinoglio; M. Vaccari; C.D. Wilson; Herschel-SAG2 consortium;
5 Sep 2013
- - -
Thulium and ytterbium-doped titanium oxide thin films deposited by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
S. Forissier; H. Roussel; P. Chaudouet; A. Pereira; J.-L. Deschanvres; B. Moine;
19 Sep 2012
- - -
The Dust & Gas Properties of M83
K. Foyle; C. D. Wilson; E. Mentuch; G. Bendo; A. Dariush; T. Parkin; M. Pohlen; M. Sauvage; M. W. L. Smith; H. Roussel; M. Baes; M. Boquien; A. Boselli; D. L. Clements; A. Cooray; J. I. Davies; S. A. Eales; S. Madden; M. J. Page; Spinoglio;
10 Jan 2012
- - -
Emergence and Spread in French Hospitals of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus with Increasing Susceptibility to Gentamicin and Other Antibiotics
Lelièvre, Hervé; Lina, Gerard; Jones, Mark E.; Olive, Claude; Forey, Françoise; Roussel-Delvallez, Micheline; Nicolas-Chanoine, Marie-Hélène; Bébéar, Cécile M.; Jarlier, Vincent; Andremont, Antoine; Vandenesch, François; Etienne, Jerome;
6 Jun 2005
- - -

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