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03 July 2020
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Studying the $omega$ properties in pA collisions via the $omega{ o}pi^0gamma$ decay
A. Sibirtsev; V. Hejny; H. Ströher; W. Cassing;
4 Apr 2000   /  Phys.Lett. B483 (2000) 405-409
- - -
Ferromagnetic Polarons in La0.5Ca0.5MnO3 and La0.33Ca0.67MnO3
G. Zheng; C.H. Patterson;
28 Feb 2003
- - -
Proton--induced deuteron breakup at GeV energies with forward emission of a fast proton pair
V. Komarov; S. Dymov; A. Kacharava; A. Kulikov; G. Macharashvili; A. Petrus; F. Rathmann; H. Seyfarth; H. Ströher; Yu. Uzikov; S. Yaschenko; B. Zalikhanov; M. Büscher; W. Erven; M. Hartmann; A. Khoukaz; R. Koch; V. Kurbatov; N. Lang; R. Maier; S. Merzliakov; S. Mikirtytchiants; H. Müller; M. Nioradze; H. Ohm; D. Prasuhn; H. Paetz gen. Schieck; R. Schleichert; H.J. Stein; K. Watzlawik; N. Zhuravlev; K. Zwoll;
14 Oct 2002   /  Phys.Lett. B553 (2003) 179-185
- - -
Measurement of the Analyzing Power in $vec{p}d o (pp)n$ \with a Fast Forward $^1S_0$--Diproton
S. Yaschenko; S. Dymov; V. Komarov; G. Macharashvili; F. Rathmann; S. Barsov; M. Hartmann; R. Gebel; A. Kacharava; A. Khoukaz; P. Kulessa; A. Kulikov; V. Kurbatov; N. Lang; I. Lehmann; B. Lorentz; T. Mersmann; S. Merzliakov; S. Mikirtytchiants; A. Mussgiller; M. Nioradze; H. Ohm; D. Prasuhn; R. Schleichert; H. Seyfarth; E. Steffens; H. J. Stein; H. Ströher; Yu. Uzikov; B. Zalikhanov; N. Zhuravlev;
19 Jul 2004   /  Phys.Rev.Lett. 94 (2005) 072304
- - -
Precision study of the eta-3He system using the d+p->3He+eta reaction
T. Mersmann; A. Khoukaz; M. Büscher; D. Chiladze; S. Dymov; M. Hartmann; V. Hejny; A. Kacharava; I. Keshelashvili; P. Kulessa; Y. Maeda; M. Mielke; S. Mikirtychiants; H. Ohm; M. Papenbrock; D. Prasuhn; F. Rathmann; T. Rausmann; R. Schleichert; V. Serdyuk; H.-J. Stein; H. Ströher; A. Täschner; Yu. Valdau; C. Wilkin; A. Wro'nska;
29 Jan 2007
- - -
Study of omega-meson production in pp collisions at ANKE
S.Barsov; M.Büscher; M.Hartmann; V.Hejny; A.Kacharava; I.Keshelashvili; A.Khoukaz; V.Koptev; P.Kulessa; A.Kulikov; I.Lehmann; V.Leontyev; G.Macharashvili; Y.Maeda; T.Mersmann; S.Merzliakov; S.Mikirtytchyants; A.Mussgiller; D.Oellers; H.Ohm; F.Rathmann; R.Schleichert; H.Seyfarth; H.Ströher; S. Trusov; Y.Valdau; P.Wüstner; S. Yaschenko; C.Wilkin;
8 Sep 2006
- - -
Heavy Meson Production in NN Collisions with Polarized Beam and Target -- A new facility for COSY
F. Rathmann; M. Düren; P. Jansen; F. Klehr; S. Martin; H.O. Meyer; K. Rith; H. Seyfarth; E. Steffens; H. Ströher;
16 Mar 2002   /  Czech.J.Phys. 52 (2002) c319-c324
- - -
Inclusive K^+ meson production in proton-nucleus interactions
M.Büscher; V.Koptev; M.Nekipelov; Z.Rudy; H.Ströher; Yu.Valdau; S.Barsov; M.Hartmann; V.Hejny; V.Kleber; N.Lang; I.Lehmann; S.Mikirtychiants; H.Ohm;
25 Dec 2003   /  Eur.Phys.J. A22 (2004) 301-317
- - -
The pp->K+ n Sigma+ reaction near threshold
Yu. Valdau; V. Koptev; S. Barsov; M. Büscher; S. Dymov; M. Hartmann; A. Kacharava; S. Merzliakov; S. Mikirtychyants; A. Mussgiller; M. Nekipelov; R. Schleichert; H. Ströher; C. Wilkin;
27 Mar 2007
- - -
Effect of different holding regimens on the intestinal microflora of herring (Clupea harengus) larvae.
Hansen, G H; Strøm, E; Olafsen, J A;
- - -
Evidence for an Excited Hyperon State in pp -> p K^+ Y^{0*}
I.Zychor; V.Koptev; M.Büscher; A.Dzyuba; I.Keshelashvili; V.Kleber; R.Koch; S.Krewald; Y.Maeda; S.Mikirtichyants; M.Nekipelov; H.Ströher; C.Wilkin;
10 Jun 2005
- - -
A Method to Polarize Stored Antiprotons to a High Degree
F. Rathmann; P. Lenisa; E. Steffens; M. Contalbrigo; P.F. Dalpiaz; A. Kacharava; A. Lehrach; B. Lorentz; R. Maier; D. Prasuhn; H. Ströher;
11 Oct 2004   /  Phys.Rev.Lett. 94 (2005) 014801 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.94.014801
- - -
How to measure the parity of the $Theta^+$ in $vec pvec p$ collisions
C. Hanhart; M. Büscher; W. Eyrich; K. Kilian; U.-G. Mei{ss}ner; F. Rathmann; A. Sibirtsev; H. Ströher;
17 Dec 2003   /  Phys.Lett. B590 (2004) 39-44
- - -
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