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02 July 2022
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Results 1 to 10 of 10 for query "Heurteaux, C". (0.00 sec.)

K+ channel openers prevent global ischemia-induced expression of c-fos, c-jun, heat shock protein, and amyloid beta-protein precursor genes and neuronal death in rat hippocampus.
Heurteaux, C; Bertaina, V; Widmann, C; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
TREK-1, a K+ channel involved in neuroprotection and general anesthesia
Heurteaux, C; Guy, N; Laigle, C; Blondeau, N; Duprat, F; Mazzuca, M; Lang-Lazdunski, L; Widmann, C; Zanzouri, M; Romey, G; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Essential role of adenosine, adenosine A1 receptors, and ATP-sensitive K+ channels in cerebral ischemic preconditioning.
Heurteaux, C; Lauritzen, I; Widmann, C; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Multifractal analysis of the divergence of Fourier series
Frédéric Bayart; Yanick Heurteaux;
15 Mar 2011
- - -
Calcicludine, a venom peptide of the Kunitz-type protease inhibitor family, is a potent blocker of high-threshold Ca2+ channels with a high affinity for L-type channels in cerebellar granule neurons.
Schweitz, H; Heurteaux, C; Bois, P; Moinier, D; Romey, G; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Cloning, expression, pharmacology and regulation of a delayed rectifier K+ channel in mouse heart.
Honoré, E; Attali, B; Romey, G; Heurteaux, C; Ricard, P; Lesage, F; Lazdunski, M; Barhanin, J;
- - -
Cloning, functional expression and brain localization of a novel unconventional outward rectifier K+ channel.
Fink, M; Duprat, F; Lesage, F; Reyes, R; Romey, G; Heurteaux, C; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Kv8.1, a new neuronal potassium channel subunit with specific inhibitory properties towards Shab and Shaw channels.
Hugnot, J P; Salinas, M; Lesage, F; Guillemare, E; de Weille, J; Heurteaux, C; Mattéi, M G; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Quantitative microlocation of lithium in the brain by a (n, alpha) nuclear reaction
M Thellier; J C Wissocq; C Heurteaux;
17 Jan 1980   /  Nature, 283 (5744), 299-302
- - -
A proton-gated cation channel involved in acid-sensing
R Waldmann; G Champigny; F Bassilana; C Heurteaux; M Lazdunski;
13 Mar 1997   /  Nature, 386 (6621), 173-7
- - -
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