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01 October 2023
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Results 1 to 20 of 229 for query "Huber, Michael". (0.00 sec.)

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Robust data assimilation using $L_1$ and Huber norms
Vishwas Rao; Adrian Sandu; Michael Ng; Elias Nino-Ruiz;
5 Nov 2015
- - -
Baryogenesis at the Electroweak Phase Transition for a SUSY Model with a Gauge Singlet
Stephan J. Huber; Michael G. Schmidt;
3 Nov 2000
- - -
Electroweak Baryogenesis: Concrete in a SUSY Model with a Gauge Singlet
Stephan J. Huber; Michael G. Schmidt;
13 Mar 2000   /  Nucl.Phys. B606 (2001) 183-230
- - -
The classification of flag-transitive Steiner 3-designs
Michael Huber;
26 Dec 2003
- - -
Classification of flag-transitive Steiner quadruple systems
Michael Huber;
12 Dec 2003   /  Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 94, 180-190 (2001) DOI: 10.1006/jcta.2000.3141
- - -
CCAT-prime: RFSoC Based Readout for Frequency Multiplexed Kinetic Inductance Detectors
Adrian K. Sinclair; Ryan C. Stephenson; Cody A. Roberson; Eric L. Weeks; James Burgoyne; Anthony I. Huber; Philip M. Mauskopf; Scott C. Chapman; Jason E. Austermann; Steve K. Choi; Cody J. Duell; Michel Fich; Christopher E. Groppi; Zachary Huber; Michael D. Niemack; Thomas Nikola; Kayla M. Rossi; Adhitya Sriram; Gordon J. Stacey; Erik Szakiel; Joel Tsuchitori; Eve M. Vavagiakis; Jordan D. Wheeler; CCAT-prime collaboration;
16 Aug 2022
- - -
A Generalized Framework for Edge-preserving and Structure-preserving Image Smoothing
Wei Liu; Pingping Zhang; Yinjie Lei; Xiaolin Huang; Jie Yang; Michael Ng;
15 Jul 2021
- - -
Revised Stellar Properties of Kepler Targets for the Q1-17 (DR25) Transit Detection Run
Savita Mathur; Daniel Huber; Natalie M. Batalha; David R. Ciardi; Fabienne A. Bastien; Allyson Bieryla; Lars A. Buchhave; William D. Cochran; Michael Endl; Gilbert A. Esquerdo; Elise Furlan; Andrew W. Howard; Steve B. Howell; Howard Isaacson; David W. Latham; Phillip J. MacQueen; David R. Silva;
14 Sep 2016
- - -
Steiner t-designs for large t
Michael Huber;
18 Sep 2008
- - -
Protective effects of anti-C5a in sepsis-induced thymocyte apoptosis
Guo, Ren-Feng; Huber-Lang, Markus; Wang, Xin; Sarma, Vidya; Padgaonkar, Vaishalee A.; Craig, Ronald A.; Riedemann, Niels C.; McClintock, Shannon D.; Hlaing, Tommy; Shi, Michael M.; Ward, Peter A.;
- - -
Protein Kinase C-δ Is a Negative Regulator of Antigen-Induced Mast Cell Degranulation
Leitges, Michael; Gimborn, Kerstin; Elis, Winfried; Kalesnikoff, Janet; Hughes, Michael R.; Krystal, Gerald; Huber, Michael;
- - -
Synthesis of and compilation with time-optimal multi-qubit gates
Pascal Baßler; Matthias Zipper; Christopher Cedzich; Markus Heinrich; Patrick Huber; Michael Johanning; Martin Kliesch;
13 Jun 2022
- - -
Measuring Shocks to Central Bank Independence using Legal Rulings
Stefan Griller; Florian Huber; Michael Pfarrhofer;
25 Feb 2022
- - -
Structure of Water at Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Interfaces: Raman Spectroscopy of Water Confined in Periodic Mesoporous (Organo)Silicas
Benjamin Malfait; Alain Moréac; Aïcha Jani; Ronan Lefort; Patrick Huber; Michael Fröba; Denis Morineau;
31 Jan 2022
- - -
Orbital Architectures of Planet-Hosting Binaries II. Low Mutual Inclinations Between Planetary and Stellar Orbits
Trent J. Dupuy; Adam L. Kraus; Kaitlin M. Kratter; Aaron C. Rizzuto; Andrew W. Mann; Daniel Huber; Michael J. Ireland;
31 Jan 2022
- - -
Influence of Pore Surface Chemistry on the Rotational Dynamics of Nanoconfined Water
Benjamin Malfait; Aicha Jani; Jakob Benedikt Mietner; Ronan Lefort; Patrick Huber; Michael Fröba; Denis Morineau;
27 Jul 2021
- - -
General Bayesian time-varying parameter VARs for predicting government bond yields
Manfred M. Fischer; Niko Hauzenberger; Florian Huber; Michael Pfarrhofer;
26 Feb 2021
- - -
Molecular origin of blood-based infrared fingerprints
Liudmila Voronina; Cristina Leonardo; Johannes B. Mueller-Reif; Philipp E. Geyer; Marinus Huber; Michael Trubetskov; Kosmas V. Kepesidis; Jurgen Behr; Matthias Mann; Ferenc Krausz; Mihaela Zigman;
1 Feb 2021
- - -
Measuring the Effectiveness of US Monetary Policy during the COVID-19 Recession
Martin Feldkircher; Florian Huber; Michael Pfarrhofer;
30 Jul 2020
- - -
Dynamic shrinkage in time-varying parameter stochastic volatility in mean models
Florian Huber; Michael Pfarrhofer;
14 May 2020
- - -

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