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19 January 2022
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Measurement of pi(0)pi(0) production in the nuclear medium by pi(-) interactions at 0.408 GeV/c
A Starostin; H M Staudenmaier; C E Allgower; V Bekrenev; E Berger; W J Briscoe; M Clajus; J R Comfort; K Craig; D Grosnick; D Isenhower; N Knecht; D Koetke; A Koulbardis; N Kozlenko; S Kruglov; T Kycia; G Lolos; I Lopatin; D M Manley; B Manweiler; A Marusić; S McDonald; B M Nefkens; J Olmsted; Z Papandreou; D Peaslee; R J Peterson; N Phaisangittisakul; S Prakhov; M Pulver; A F Ramirez; M Sadler; A Shafi; I Slaus; H Spinka; S Stanislaus; I Supek; W B Tippens; ;
25 Dec 2000   /  Phys Rev Lett, 85 (26 Pt 1), 5539-42
- - -
Faddeev calculation for breakup neutron-deuteron scattering at 14.1 MeV lab energy
V M Suslov; I Filikhin; B Vlahovic; M A Braun; I Slaus;
4 Apr 2013
- - -
A study of nucleon-deuteron elastic scattering in configuration space
V.M. Suslov; M.A. Braun; I.N. Filikhin; B. Vlahovic; I. Slaus;
9 Jun 2010
- - -
Elastic scattering of pions from 3H and 3He into the backward hemisphere
S K Matthews; W J Briscoe; C Bennhold; B L Berman; R W Caress; K S Dhuga; S N Dragic; S S Kamalov; N J Nicholas; M F Taragin; L Tiator; S J Greene; D B Barlow; B M Nefkens; C Pillai; J W Price; L D Isenhower; M E Sadler; I Slaus; I Supek;
30 Apr 1995   /  Phys Rev C, 51 (5), 2534-2541
- - -
Investigation of nuclear charge symmetry by pion elastic scattering from 3H and 3He
K S Dhuga; B L Berman; W J Briscoe; R W Caress; S K Matthews; D B Barlow; B M Nefkens; C Pillai; J W Price; S J Greene; I Slaus; I Supek;
30 Nov 1996   /  Phys Rev C, 54 (6), 2823-2830
- - -
Low-energy neutron-proton analyzing power and the new Bonn potential and Paris potential predictions
W Tornow; C R Howell; M L Roberts; P D Felsher; Z M Chen; R L Walter; G Mertens; I Slaus;
31 May 1988   /  Phys Rev C, 37 (6), 2326-2331
- - -
3He and 4He production by 800 MeV protons from 12C, Ti, and Pb at forward angles
D B Barlow; B M Nefkens; C Pillai; J W Price; I Slaus; M J Wang; J A Wightman; K W Jones; M J Leitch; C S Mishra; C L Morris; J C Peng; P K Teng; J M Tinsley;
31 Dec 1991   /  Phys Rev C, 45 (1), 293-298
- - -
Coulomb effects in three-nucleon scattering versus charge-symmetry breaking in the 3P nucleon-nucleon interactions
W Tornow; C R Howell; R L Walter; I Slaus;
31 Dec 1991   /  Phys Rev C, 45 (1), 459-462
- - -
Neutron-proton analyzing power data between 7.6 and 18.5 MeV
G J Weisel; W Tornow; C R Howell; P D Felsher; M AlOhali; Z P Chen; R L Walter; J M Lambert; P A Treado; I Slaus;
31 Oct 1992   /  Phys Rev C, 46 (5), 1599-1606
- - -
Novel probe of charge symmetry breaking: Deuteron-induced deuteron breakup
C R Howell; P D Felsher; W Tornow; M L Roberts; J M Hanly; G J Weisel; Al Ohali M; R L Walter; I Slaus; J M Lambert; P A Treado; G Mertens;
30 Nov 1993   /  Phys Rev C, 48 (6), 2855-2863
- - -
Effect of Coulomb interaction in quasifree scattering and quasifree reactions in three body breakup processes
B Vlahovic; Z Bajzer; I Slaus;
30 Apr 1994   /  Phys Rev C, 49 (5), 2643-2649
- - -
pi N--> eta N and eta N--> eta N partial-wave T matrices in a coupled, three-channel model
M Batinic; I Slaus; A Svarc; B M Nefkens;
30 Apr 1995   /  Phys Rev C, 51 (5), 2310-2325
- - -
eta N S-wave scattering length in a three-coupled-channel, multiresonance, unitary model
M Batinic; I Slaus; A Svarc;
30 Sep 1995   /  Phys Rev C, 52 (4), 2188-2194
- - -
Rigorous calculations and measurements of Ay( theta ) for n+d elastic-scattering and breakup processes
C R Howell; W Tornow; I Slaus; P D Felsher; M L Roberts; H G Pftzner; A Li; K Murphy; R L Walter; J M Lambert; P A Treado; H Witala; W Glckle; T Cornelius;
3 Oct 1988   /  Phys Rev Lett, 61 (14), 1565-1568
- - -
Comment on "Neutron-proton spin-correlation parameter Azz at 68 MeV"
R Machleidt; I Slaus;
18 Apr 1994   /  Phys Rev Lett, 72 (16), 2664
- - -
The nucleon-nucleon interaction
R. Machleidt; I. Slaus;
25 Dec 2000   /  J.Phys. G27 (2001) R69
- - -
A New Measurement of the 1S0 Neutron-Neutron Scattering Length using the Neutron-Proton Scattering Length as a Standard
D.E. Gonzalez Trotter; F. Salinas; Q. Chen; A.S. Crowell; W. Gloeckle; C.R. Howell; C.D. Roper; D. Schmidt; I. Slaus; H. Tang; W. Tornow; R.L. Walter; H. Witala; Z. Zhou;
28 Apr 1999
- - -
Update of the pi N --> eta N and eta N --> eta N partial-wave amplitudes
Mijo Batinic; Ivan Dadic; Ivo Slaus; Alfred Svarc; B.M.K. Nefkens; T.-S.H. Lee;
11 Mar 1997
- - -
Comment on Neutron-Proton Spin-Correlation Parameter A_{ZZ} at 68 Mev
R. Machleidt; I. Slaus;
27 Mar 1993
- - -
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