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01 October 2023
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Contextualist viewpoint to Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger paradox
Andrei Khrennikov;
8 Sep 2003   /  Physics Letters A, v. 278, p.307-314, 2001
- - -
Echoes from an Irradiated Disc in GRO J1655-40
R. I. Hynes; K. O'Brien; Keith Horne; W. Chen; C. A. Haswell;
2 Jun 1998   /  MNRAS, 299, L37
- - -
Photoproduction of meson pairs: First measurement of the polarization observable I^s
E. Gutz; V. Sokhoyan; H. van Pee; A.V. Anisovich; J.C.S. Bacelar; B. Bantes; O. Bartholomy; D. Bayadilov; R. Beck; Yu. Beloglazov; R. Castelijns; V. Crede; H. Dutz; D. Elsner; R. Ewald; F. Frommberger; M. Fuchs; Ch. Funke; R. Gregor; A. Gridnev; W. Hillert; Ph. Hoffmeister; I. Horn; I. Jaegle; J. Junkersfeld; H. Kalinowsky; S. Kammer; V. Kleber; Frank Klein; Friedrich Klein; E. Klempt; M. Kotulla; B. Krusche; M. Lang; H. Loehner; I. Lopatin; S. Lugert; D. Menze; T. Mertens; J.G. Messchendorp; V. Metag; M. Nanova; V. Nikonov; D. Novinski; R. Novotny; M. Ostrick; L. Pant; M. Pfeiffer; D. Piontek; W. Roberts; A. Roy; A. Sarantsev; S. Schadmand; Ch. Schmidt; H. Schmieden; B. Schoch; S. Shende; A. Suele; V. Sumachev; T. Szczepanek; A. Thiel; U. Thoma; D. Trnka; R. Varma; D. Walther; Ch. Weinheimer; Ch. Wendel;
14 Dec 2009
- - -
Some new formulas for the Horn's hypergeometric functions
Ayman Shehata; Shimaa I. Moustafa;
19 Apr 2021
- - -
On Horn's Problem and its Volume Function
Robert Coquereaux; Colin McSwiggen; Jean-Bernard Zuber;
1 Apr 2019
- - -
Probabilistic quantum cloning via Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states
Chuan-Wei Zhang; Chuan-Feng Li; Zi-Yang Wang; Guang-Can Guo;
21 Dec 1999   /  Phys. Rev. A 62 (2000) 042302
- - -
The phase transition in random Horn satisfiability and its algorithmic implications
Gabriel Istrate;
1 Dec 1999
- - -
The 1996 Outburst of GRO J1655-40
R.I. Hynes; C.A. Haswell; R.P. Fender; C.R. Shrader; W. Chen; K. Horne; E.T. Harlaftis; K. O'Brien; C. Hellier; J. Kemp;
18 Aug 1997
- - -
Pascal Pyramids, Pascal Hyper-Pyramids and a Bilateral Multinomial Theorem
Martin Erik Horn;
4 Nov 2003
- - -
Status and Prospects of Planetary Transit Searches: Hot Jupiters Galore
Keith Horne;
14 Dec 2002
- - -
Dynamics of entanglement and state-space trajectories followed by a system of four-qubit in the presence of random telegraph noise: common environment (CE) versus independent environments (IEs)
L.T. Kenfack; M. Tchoffo; M.N. Jipdi; G.C. Fuoukeng; L.C. Fai;
10 Jul 2017
- - -
Distance-Independent Entanglement Generation in a Quantum Network using Space-Time Multiplexed Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) Measurements
Ashlesha Patil; Joshua I. Jacobson; Emily van Milligen; Don Towsley; Saikat Guha;
20 Aug 2021
- - -
Identification of backgrounds in the EDELWEISS-I dark matter search experiment
S. Fiorucci; A. Benoit; L. Berge; J. Blumer; A. Broniatowski; B. Censier; A. Chantelauze; M. Chapellier; G. Chardin; S. Collin; X. Defay; M. De Jesus; H. Deschamps; P. Di Stefano; Y. Dolgorouky; L. Dumoulin; K. Eitel; M. Fesquet; J. Gascon; G. Gerbier; C. Goldbach; M. Gros; M. Horn; A. Juillard; R. Lemrani; A. De Lesquen; A. Lubashevskiy; M. Luca; S. Marnieros; L. Mosca; X.-F. Navick; G. Nollez; O. Olivieri; P. Pari; V. Sanglard; L. Schoeffel; F. Schwamm; M. Stern; E. Yakushev; PostScript; PDF; Other formats; SLAC-SPIRES HEP; to; by;
27 Oct 2006
- - -
Final results of the EDELWEISS-I dark matter search with cryogenic heat-and-ionization Ge detectors
V. Sanglard; A. Benoit; L. Berge; J. Blumer; A. Broniatowski; B. Censier; L. Chabert; M. Chapellier; G. Chardin; P. Charvin; S. Collin; M. De Jesus; H. Deschamps; P. Di Stefano; Y. Dolgorouky; D. Drain; L. Dumoulin; K. Eitel; M. Fesquet; S. Fiorucci; J. Gascon; G. Gerbier; E. Gerlic; C. Goldbach; M. Goyot; M. Gros; S. Herve; M. Horn; A. Juillard; M. Karolak; C. Kikuchi; A. de Lesquen; M. Luca; J. Mallet; S. Marnieros; L. Mosca; X.-F. Navick; G. Nollez; P. Pari; L. Schoeffel; M. Stern; L. Vagneron; V. Villar;
11 Mar 2005   /  Phys.Rev. D71 (2005) 122002 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.71.122002
- - -
High-speed Keck II and RXTE spectroscopy of Cygnus X-2: (I) Three X-ray components revealed by correlated variability
K. O'Brien; Keith Horne; Richard Gomer; J. B. Oke; M. van der Klis;
28 Dec 2003   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 350 (2004) 587
- - -
The Horn Non-Clausal Class and its Polynomiality
Gonzalo E. Imaz;
31 Aug 2021
- - -
Angular momentum and Horn's problem
Alain Chenciner; Hugo Jimenez Perez;
23 Oct 2011
- - -
Proving Properties of Sorting Programs: A Case Study in Horn Clause Verification
Emanuele De Angelis; Fabio Fioravanti; Alberto Pettorossi; Maurizio Proietti;
9 Jul 2019
- - -
The joy of implications, aka pure Horn functions: mainly a survey
Marcel Wild;
24 Nov 2014
- - -
The Schur-Horn theorem in von Neumann algebras
Mohan Ravichandran;
5 Sep 2012
- - -

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