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05 July 2020
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Results 1 to 11 of 11 for query "I.A. Yazynin". (0.02 sec.)

Collimation of a Circulating Beam in the U_70 Synchrotron by Use of Reflections in Axially - Oriented Crystals
A. G. Afonin; V. T. Baranov; M. K. Bulgakov; I. S. Voinov; V. N. Gorlov; I. V. Ivanova; D. M. Krylov; A. N. Lunn'kov; V. A. Maisheev; S. F. Reshetnikov; D. A. Savin; E. A. Syshchikov; V. I. Terekhov; Yu. A. Chesnokov; P. N. Chirkov; I. A. Yazynin;
28 Mar 2011
- - -
Device on basis of a bent crystal with variable curvature for particle beams steering in accelerators
A. G. Afonin; V. T. Baranov; M. K. Bulgakov; Yu. A. Chesnokov; P. N. Chirkov; E. V. Lobanova; I. S. Lobanov; A. N. Lunkov; V. A. Maisheev; I. V. Poluektov; Yu. E. Sandomirskiy; I. A. Yazynin;
26 Mar 2012
- - -
Studies and application of bent crystals for beam steering at 70-GeV IHEP accelerator
A.G. Afonin; V.T. Baranov; G.I. Britvich; V.N. Chepegin; Yu.A. Chesnokov; V.I. Kotov; V.A. Maisheev; V.I.Terekhov; I.A. Yazynin;
24 Oct 2011
- - -
Radiation of photons in process of charge particle volume reflection in bent single crystal
Yu. A. Chesnokov; V.I. Kotov; V.A. Maisheev; I.A. Yazynin;
25 Sep 2007
- - -
Optimizing the Bent Crystal Parameters for High-Efficiency Beam Extraction and Collimation in Circular Accelerators
I. A. Yazynin; V. A. Maisheev; Yu. A. Chesnokov;
15 Aug 2011
- - -
Channeling Radiation of Positrons with Energy in the Region of 100 GeV in Single Crystals
V.A. Maisheev; Y.A. Chesnokov; P.N. Chirkov; I.A. Yazynin; D. Bolognini; S. Hasan; M. Prest; E. Vallazza;
18 Feb 2011
- - -
Volume capture and volume reflection of ultrarelativistic particles in bent single crystals
Yu.A. Chesnokov; V.A. Maisheev; I.A. Yazynin;
11 Aug 2008
- - -
The UA9 experimental layout
W. Scandale; G. Arduini; R. Assmann; C. Bracco; F. Cerutti; J. Christiansen; S. Gilardoni; E. Laface; R.Losito; A. Masi; E. Metral; D. Mirarchi; S. Montesano; V. Previtali; S. Redaelli; G. Valentino; P. Schoofs; G. Smirnov; L. Tlustos; E. Bagli; S. Baricordi; P. Dalpiaz; V. Guidi; A. Mazzolari; D. Vincenzi; S. Dabagov; F. Murtas; A. Carnera; G. Della Mea; D. De Salvador; A. Lombardi; O. Lytovchenko; M. Tonezzer; G. Cavoto; L. Ludovici; R. Santacesaria; P. Valente; F. Galluccio; A.G. Afonin; M.K. Bulgakov; Yu.A. Chesnokov; V.A. Maisheev; I.A. Yazynin; A.D. Kovalenko; A.M. Taratin; Yu.A. Gavrikov; Yu.M. Ivanov; L.P. Lapina; V.V. Skorobogatov; W. Ferguson; J. Fulcher; G. Hall; M. Pesaresi; M. Raymond; A. Rose; M. Ryan; O. Zorba; G. Robert-Demolaize; T. Markiewicz; M. Oriunno; U. Wienands;
29 Jun 2011
- - -
Study of 50 GeV proton beam focusing by novel crystal device
A.G.Afonin; V.I.Baranov; V.T.Baranov; G.I.Britvich; A.P.Bugorskiy; M.K.Bulgakov; Yu.A.Chesnokov; P.N.Chirkov; A.A.Durum; I.S.Lobanov; A.N.Lunkov; A.V.Lutchev; V.A.Maisheev; Yu.E.Sandomirskiy; A.V.Skleznev; A.A.Yanovich; I.A.Yazynin;
4 Oct 2012
- - -
Modern success in channeling study and applications at the U-70 accelerator of IHEP
Yu.A. Chesnokov; A.G. Afonin; V.T. Baranov; G.I. Britvich; P.N. Chirkov; V.A. Maisheev; V.I. Terekhov; I.A. Yazynin;
17 Oct 2011
- - -
Channeling and Volume Reflection Based Crystal Collimation of Tevatron Circulating Beam Halo (T-980)
V. Shiltsev; G. Annala; A. Drozhdin; T. Johnson; A. Legan; N. Mokhov; R. Reilly; D. Still; R. Tesarek; J. Zagel; S. Peggs; R. Assmann; V. Previtali; W. Scandale; Y. Chesnokov; I. Yazynin; V. Guidi; Y. Ivanov;
7 Feb 2012
- - -
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