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31 March 2020
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Two-Loop Quantum Corrections of Scalar QED with Non-Minimal Chern-Simons Coupling
M.E. Carrington; W.F. Chen; G. Kunstatter; J. Mottershead;
24 May 1999   /  Phys.Rev. D60 (1999) 125018
- - -
Controlling the self-doping of YBa2C3O7-d polar surfaces: From Fermi surface to nodal Fermi arcs by ARPES
M.A. Hossain; J.D.F. Mottershead; A. Bostwick; J.L. McChesney; E. Rotenberg; R. Liang; W.N. Hardy; G.A. Sawatzky; I.S. Elfimov; D.A. Bonn; A. Damascelli;
22 Jan 2008
- - -
Tl2Ba2CuO6+d Brings Spectroscopic Probes Deep Into the Overdoped Regime of the High-Tc Cuprates
D.C. Peets; J.D.F. Mottershead; B. Wu; I.S. Elfimov; R. Liang; W.N. Hardy; D.A. Bonn; M. Raudsepp; N.J.C. Ingle; A Damascelli;
11 Sep 2006
- - -
Switched wave packets: a route to nonperturbative quantum control
Jonathan G Underwood; Michael Spanner; Misha Yu Ivanov; Jeff Mottershead; Benjamin J Sussman; Albert Stolow;
6 Jun 2003   /  Phys Rev Lett, 90 (22), 223001
- - -
Fermi surface and quasiparticle excitations of overdoped Tl2Ba2CuO6 + delta
M Platé; J D F Mottershead; I S Elfimov; D C Peets; Ruixing Liang; D A Bonn; W N Hardy; S Chiuzbaian; M Falub; M Shi; L Patthey; A Damascelli;
12 Aug 2005   /  Phys Rev Lett, 95 (7), 077001
- - -
Fermi Surface and Quasiparticle Excitations of overdoped Tl2Ba2CuO6+d by ARPES
M. Plate; J.D.F. Mottershead; I.S. Elfimov; D.C. Peets; Ruixing Liang; D.A. Bonn; W.N. Hardy; S. Chiuzbaian; M. Falub; M. Shi; L. Patthey; A. Damascelli;
5 Mar 2005   /  PRL 95, 077001 (2005)
- - -
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