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03 December 2021
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Quenching of the Haldane gap in LiVSi2O6 and related compounds
B. Pedrini; S. Wessel; J. L. Gavilano; H. R. Ott; S. M. Kazakov; J. Karpinski;
6 Jun 2006
- - -
Torque magnetometry on single-crystal high temperature superconductors near the critical temperature: a scaling approach
J. Hofer; T. Schneider; J.M. Singer; M. Willemin; H. Keller; T. Sasagawa; K. Kishio; K. Conder; J. Karpinski;
3 Dec 1999
- - -
Intrinsic thermodynamic properties of the pyrochlore superconductor RbOs2O6 extracted by condensation energy analysis
M. Brühwiler; S.M. Kazakov; J. Karpinski; B. Batlogg;
4 Feb 2005   /  Phys. Rev. B 71, 214517 (2005) []
- - -
MgB2 and Mg1-xAlxB2 single crystals: high-pressure growth and physical properties
J.Karpinski; S.M.Kazakov; J.Jun; N.D.Zhigadlo; M.Angst; R.Puzniak; A.Wisniewski;
29 Apr 2003   /  Physica C 408-410, 81 (2004) DOI: 10.1016/j.physc.2004.02.051
- - -
Single crystal growth and properties of MgB2 and Mg(B1-xCx)2
S.M. Kazakov; J. Karpinski; J. Jun; P. Geiser; N.D. Zhigadlo; R. Puzniak; A.V. Mironov;
29 Apr 2003   /  Physica C 408-410, 123 (2004) DOI: 10.1016/j.physc.2004.02.061
- - -
Effect of doping on irreversible Campbell length in MgB$_2$ single crystals
C. Martin; M. D. Vannette; R. T. Gordon; R. Prozorov; J. Karpinski; N. D. Zhigadlo;
19 Jul 2008
- - -
de Haas-van Alphen effect investigation of the electronic structure of Al substituted MgB_2
A. Carrington; J.D. Fletcher; J.R. Cooper; O.J. Taylor; L. Balicas; N.D. Zhigadlo; S.M. Kazakov; J. Karpinski; J.P.H. Charmant; J. Kortus;
26 Apr 2005
- - -
The electronic specific heat of Ba1-xKxFe2As2 (x=0 to 1.0) from 2K to 380K
J. G. Storey; J. W. Loram; J. R. Cooper; Z. Bukowski; J. Karpinski;
7 Aug 2013
- - -
Anomalies in the Fermi surface and band dispersion of quasi-one-dimensional CuO chains in the high-temperature superconductor YBa2Cu4O8
Takeshi Kondo; R. Khasanov; J. Karpinski; S. M. Kazakov; N. D. Zhigadlo; Z. Bukowski; M. Shi; A. Bendounan; Y. Sassa; J. Chang; S. Pailhés; J. Mesot; J. Schmalian; H. Keller; A. Kaminski;
8 Dec 2010
- - -
The electronic specific heat of Ba1-xKxFe2As2 from 2K to 380K
J. G. Storey; J. W. Loram; J. R. Cooper; Z. Bukowski; J. Karpinski;
4 Jan 2010
- - -
Hole states in CuO2 planes and Cu-O chains of YBa2Cu3O7 and YBa2Cu4O8 probed by soft-x-ray absorption spectroscopy
A Krol; Z H Ming; Y H Kao; N Nücker; G Roth; J Fink; G C Smith; K T Park; J Yu; A J Freeman; A Erb; G Müller-Vogt; J Karpinski; E Kaldis; K Schönmann;
1 Feb 1992   /  Phys Rev B, 45 (5), 2581-2584
- - -
Effects of proton irradiation and ageing on the superconducting properties of single crystalline and polycrystalline MgB2
G. K. Perkins; Y. Bugoslavsky; A . D. Caplin; J.Moore; T. J. Tate; R. Gwilliam; J.Jun; S.M.Kazakov; J. Karpinski; L. F. Cohen;
12 May 2003
- - -
Vortex Lattice Jamming and Metastability Studies by Small Angle Neutron Scattering
C. Rastovski; K. J. Schlesinger; W. J. Gannon; C. D. Dewhurst; L.DeBeer-Schmitt; N. D. Zhigadlo; J. Karpinski; M. R. Eskildsen;
2 May 2013
- - -
The Magnetic Structure of Individual Flux Vortices in Superconducting MgB2 Derived using Transmission Electron Microscopy
J.C. Loudon; C.J. Bowell; N.D. Zhigadlo; J. Karpinski; P.A. Midgley;
22 Mar 2013
- - -
Imaging Flux Vortices in MgB2 using Transmission Electron Microscopy
J.C. Loudon; C.J. Bowell; N.D. Zhigadlo; J. Karpinski; P.A. Midgley;
9 Sep 2011
- - -
Interplay of composition, structure, magnetism, and superconductivity in SmFeAs1-xPxO1-y
N. D. Zhigadlo; S. Katrych; M. Bendele; P. J. W. Moll; M. Tortello; S. Weyeneth; V. Yu. Pomjakushin; J. Kanter; R. Puzniak; Z. Bukowski; H. Keller; R. S. Gonnelli; R. Khasanov; J. Karpinski; B. Batlogg;
28 Jul 2011
- - -
Interplay between magnetism and superconductivity in EuFe(2-x)Co(x)As2 studied by 57Fe and 151Eu M"{o}ssbauer spectroscopy
A. Blachowski; K. Ruebenbauer; J. Zukrowski; Z. Bukowski; K. Rogacki; P. J. W. Moll; J. Karpinski;
26 Jul 2011
- - -
Inelastic x-ray scattering investigations of lattice dynamics in SmFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_y$ superconductors
M. Le Tacon; T. R. Forrest; Ch. Rüegg; A. Bosak; J. Noffsinger; A. C. Walters; P. Toulemonde; A. Palenzona; N. D. Zhigadlo; J. Karpinski; J. P. Hill; M. Krisch; D.F. McMorrow;
23 May 2010
- - -
Disorder effects and current percolation in FeAs based superconductors
M. Eisterer; M. Zehetmayer; H. W. Weber; J. Jiang; J. D. Weiss; A. Yamamoto; E. E. Hellstrom; D. C. Larbalestier; N. D. Zhigadlo; J. Karpinski;
29 Jan 2010
- - -
Anomalous asymmetry of the Fermi surface in the YBa2Cu4O8 high temperature superconductor revealed by Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
Takeshi Kondo; R. Khasanov; Y. Sassa; A. Bendounan; S. Pailhes; J. Chang; J. Mesot; H. Keller; N. D. Zhigadlo; M. Shi; S. M. Kazakov; J. Karpinski; A. Kaminski;
13 Mar 2009
- - -

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