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28 October 2021
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Spectroscopic Redshifts to z > 2 for Optically Obscured Sources Discovered with the Spitzer Space Telescope
J. R. Houck; B. T. Soifer; D. Weedman; S. J. U. Higdon; J. L. Higdon; T. Herter; M. J. I. Brown; A. Dey; B. T. Jannuzi; E. Le Floc'h; M. Rieke; L. Armus; V. Charmandaris; B. R. Brandl; H. I. Tepliitz;
10 Feb 2005   /  Astrophys.J. 622 (2005) L105-L108
- - -
The gamma-ray burst of 980425 and its association with the extraordinary radio emission from a most unusual supernova
S. R. Kulkarni; D. A. Frail; M. H. Wieringa; R. D. Ekers; E. M. Sadler; R. M. Wark; J. L. Higdon; E. S. Phinney; J. S. Bloom;
1 Jul 1998
- - -
Spitzer Observations of Optically "Invisible" Radio and X-Ray Sources: High Redshift AGN
J. L. Higdon; S. J. U. Higdon; D. W. Weedman; J. R. Houck; E. Le Floc'h; M. J. I. Brown; A. Dey; B. T. Jannuzi; B. T. Soifer; M. J. Rieke;
7 Feb 2005   /  Astrophys.J. 626 (2005) 58-69
- - -
The Detection of Massive Molecular Complexes in the Ring Galaxy System Arp 143
J. L. Higdon; R. J. Rand; S. D. Lord;
15 Sep 1997
- - -
CO (J=7->6) Observations of NGC 253: Cosmic Ray Heated Warm Molecular Gas
C.M. Bradford; T. Nikola; G.J. Stacey; A.D. Bolatto; J.M. Jackson; M.L. Savage; J.A. Davidson; S.J. Higdon;
11 Dec 2002   /  Astrophys.J. 586 (2003) 891-901
- - -
The Eastern Arm of M83 Revisited: High-Resolution Mapping of 12CO 1-0 Emission
R. J. Rand; S. D. Lord; J. L. Higdon;
15 Oct 1998
- - -
The SMART Data Analysis Package for the Infrared Spectrograph on the Spitzer Space Telescope
S. J. U. Higdon; D. Devost; J. L. Higdon; B. R. Brandl; J. R. Houck; P. Hall; D. Barry; V. Charmandaris; J. D. T. Smith; G. C. Sloan; & J. Green;
16 Aug 2004
- - -
Redshifts from Spitzer Spectra for Optically Faint, Radio Selected Infrared Sources
D. W. Weedman; E. Le Floc'h; S. J. U. Higdon; J. L. Higdon; J. R. Houck;
20 Oct 2005
- - -
First Detection of PAHs and Warm Molecular Hydrogen in Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
S. J. U. Higdon; J. L. Higdon; J. Marshall;
15 Nov 2005
- - -
First mid-infrared spectrum of a faint high-z galaxy: Observations of CFRS 14.1157 with the Infrared Spectrograph on the Spitzer Space Telescope
S. J. U. Higdon; D. Weedman; J. L. Higdon; T. Herter; V. Charmandaris; J. R. Houck; B. T. Soifer; B. R. Brandl; L. Armus; L. Hao;
9 Jun 2004
- - -
Spitzer IRS Spectra of Optically Faint Infrared Sources with Weak Spectral Features
D. W. Weedman; B. T. Soifer; Lei Hao; J. L. Higdon; S. J. U. Higdon; J. R. Houck; E. LeFloc'h; M. J. I. Brown; A. Dey; B. T. Jannuzi; M. Rieke; V. Desai; C. Bian; D. Thompson; L. Armus; H. Teplitz; P. Eisenhardt; S.P. Willner;
29 Jun 2006
- - -
Spitzer/IRS Observations of the Redshift 3.91 quasar APM 08279+5255
B.T. Soifer; V. Charmandaris; B.R. Brandl; L. Armus; P.N. Appleton; M.J Burgdorf; D. Devost; T. Herter; S.J.U. Higdon; J.L. Higdon; J.R. Houck; C.R. Lawrence; P.W. Morris; H.I. Teplitz; K. I. Uchida; J. van Cleve; D. Weedman;
7 Jun 2004
- - -
Imaging of High Redshift Submillimeter Galaxies at 16 and 22microns with the Spitzer/IRS: Revealing a population at z>2.5
V. Charmandaris; K. I. Uchida; D. Weedman; T. Herter; J.R. Houck; H.I. Teplitz; L. Armus; B.R. Brandl; S.J.U. Higdon; B.T. Soifer; P.N. Appleton; J. van Cleve; J.L. Higdon;
7 Jun 2004
- - -
A Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph Survey of Warm Molecular Hydrogen in Ultra-luminous Infrared Galaxies
S. J. U. Higdon; L. Armus; J. L. Higdon; B. T. Soifer; H. W. W. Spoon;
15 May 2006
- - -
Molecular Gas and Star Formation in the Cartwheel
James L. Higdon; Sarah J. U. Higdon; Sergio Martin Ruiz; Richard J. Rand;
23 Nov 2015
- - -
Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium in Nearby Tidal Streams (SAINTS)
S. J. U. Higdon; J. L. Higdon; B. J. Smith; M. Hancock; C. Struck;
4 Dec 2009
- - -
Radio and Infrared Selected Optically Invisible Sources in the Bo"otes NDWFS
J. L. Higdon; S. J. U. Higdon; S. P. Willner; M. J. Brown; D. Stern; E. Le Floc'h; P. Eisenhardt;
12 Jun 2008
- - -
The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey: The alpha.40 HI Source Catalog, its Characteristics and their Impact on the Derivation of the HI Mass Function
Martha P. Haynes; Riccardo Giovanelli; Ann M. Martin; Kelley M. Hess; Amelie Saintonge; Elizabeth A. K. Adams; Gregory Hallenbeck; G. Lyle Hoffman; Shan Huang; Brian R. Kent; Rebecca A. Koopmann; Emmanouil Papastergis; Sabrina Stierwalt; Thomas J. Balonek; David W. Craig; Sarah J.U. Higdon; David A. Kornreich; Jeffrey R. Miller; Aileen A. O'Donoghue; Ronald P. Olowin; Jessica L. Rosenberg; Kristine Spekkens; Parker Troischt; Eric M. Wilcots;
31 Aug 2011
- - -
The Energetics of Molecular Gas in NGC 891 from H2 and FIR Spectroscopy
G.J. Stacey; V. Charmandaris; F. Boulanger; Yanling Wu; F. Combes; S.J.U. Higdon; J.D.T. Smith; T. Nikola;
27 Jul 2010
- - -
A 500 kpc HI Extension of the Virgo Pair NGC4532/DDO137 Detected by the Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA (ALFALFA) Survey
R. A. Koopmann; R. Giovanelli; M. P. Haynes; B. R. Kent; T. J. Balonek; N. Brosch; J. L. Higdon; J. J. Salzer; O. Spector;
18 Jun 2008
- - -

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