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26 May 2022
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Field Theory Approach to Quantum Interference in Chaotic Systems
Jan Müller; Alexander Altland;
27 Nov 2004   /  J.Phys. A38 (2005) 3097-3114 DOI: 10.1088/0305-4470/38/14/003
- - -
Equations in finite semigroups: Explicit enumeration and asymptotics of solution numbers
Christian Krattenthaler; Thomas Müller;
3 Mar 2003   /  J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 105 (2004), 291-334.
- - -
Measurement of the Electric Form Factor of the Neutron at Q^2 = 0.3-0.8 (GeV/c)^2
D.I. Glazier; M. Seimetz; J.R.M. Annand; H. Arenhövel; M. Ases Antelo; C. Ayerbe; P. Bartsch; D. Baumann; J. Bermuth; R. Böhm; D. Bosnar; M. Ding; M.O. Distler; D. Elsner; J. Friedrich; S. Hedicke; P. Jennewein; G. Jover Ma~nas; F.H. Klein; F. Klein; M. Kohl; K.W. Krygier; K. Livingston; I.J.D. MacGregor; M. Makek; H. Merkel; P. Merle; D. Middleton; U. Müller; R. Neuhausen; L. Nungesser; M. Ostrick; R. Pérez Benito; J. Pochodzalla; Th. Pospischil; M. Potokar; A. Reiter; G. Rosner; J. Sanner; H. Schmieden; A. Süle; Th. Walcher; D. Watts; M. Weis;
18 Oct 2004   /  Eur.Phys.J. A24 (2005) 101-109
- - -
KLOE results at the Frascati $phi$-factory DA$Phi$NE
Stefan E. Müller;
26 Nov 2004   /  Int.J.Mod.Phys. A20 (2005) 1888-1892
- - -
The Two-dimensional Nonlinear Burridge-Knopoff Model of Earthquakes
Kwan-tai Leung; Judith Müller; JAbStRaCtrgen Vitting Andersen;
4 Oct 1995   /  J. Phys. I 7, 423 (1997)
- - -
Background Configurations, Confinement and Deconfinement on a Lattice with BPS Monopole Boundary Conditions
E.-M. Ilgenfritz; S. V. Molodtsov; M. Müller-Preussker; A. I. Veselov;
25 Nov 1998   /  Eur.Phys.J. C8 (1999) 335-342
- - -
Energy-Momentum Distribution: A Crucial Problem in General Relativity
M. Sharif; Tasnim Fatima;
1 Oct 2004   /  Int.J.Mod.Phys. A20 (2005) 4309
- - -
Diffusion of gelation clusters in the Zimm model
Matthias Küntzel; Henning Löwe; Peter Müller; Annette Zippelius;
27 Mar 2003   /  Eur. Phys. J. E 12, 325--331 (2003) DOI: 10.1140/epje/i2003-10066-x
- - -
Fermi and Non-Fermi Liquid Behavior of Quantum Impurity Models: A Diagrammatic Pseudo-particle Approach
J. Kroha; P. Wölfle;
25 May 2001   /  Invited article, in "Theoretical Methods for Strongly Correlated Electrons", D. Senechal, A.-M. Tremblay, and C. Bourbonnais Eds., CRM Series in Mathematical Physics (Springer, New York, 2003)
- - -
Two-Phase Equilibrium in Small Alloy Particles
J. Weissmüller; P. Bunzel; G. Wilde;
21 Jun 2004   /  J. Weissmüller, P.Bunzel, G. Wilde, Scripta Materialia 51 (2004) 813-818
- - -
Comparison of recoil polarization in the $^{12}{ m C}(vec{e},{e}'vec{p})$ process for protons extracted from $s$ and $p$ shell
T. Kolar; S. Paul; T. Brecelj; P. Achenbach; R. Böhm; D. Bosnar; E.O. Cohen; M.O. Distler; A. Esser; C. Giusti; M. Hoek; D. Izraeli; S. Kegel; Y. Kohl; I. Korover; J. Lichtenstadt; I. Mardor; H. Merkel; M. Mihovilovič; J. Müller; U. Müller; M. Olivenboim; E. Piasetzky; J. Pochodzalla; B.S. Schlimme; C. Sfienti; S. Širca; R. Spreckels; S. Štajner; M. Thiel; A. Weber; I. Yaron; A1 Collaboration;
29 Jul 2020
- - -
The Supercluster-Void Network. IV. The Shape and Orientation of Superclusters
J. Jaaniste; E. Tago; M. Einasto; J. Einasto; H. Andernach; V. Müller;
4 Jul 1998
- - -
Kleene algebra with domain
J. Desharnais; B. Möller; G. Struth;
28 Oct 2003
- - -
Fundamental Plane Distances to Early-type Field Galaxies in the South Equatorial Strip. I. The Spectroscopic Data
K. R. Müller; G. Wegner; W. Freudling;
21 Oct 1999
- - -
Subgap structures in the current-voltage characteristic of the intrinsic Josephson effect due to phonons
Ch. Helm; Ch. Preis; F. Forsthofer; J. Keller; K. Schlenga; R. Kleiner; P. Müller;
30 Dec 1996   /  Physica C 293 (1997),60-63.
- - -
The TeV spectrum of H1426+428
D. Petry; I.H. Bond; S.M. Bradbury; J.H. Buckley; D.A. Carter-Lewis; W. Cui; C. Duke; I. de la Calle Perez; A. Falcone; D.J. Fegan; S.J. Fegan; J.P. Finley; J.A. Gaidos; K. Gibbs; S. Gammell; J. Hall; T.A. Hall; A.M. Hillas; J. Holder; D. Horan; M. Jordan; M. Kertzman; D. Kieda; J. Kildea; J. Knapp; K. Kosack; F. Krennrich; S. LeBohec; P. Moriarty; D. Müller; T.N. Nagai; R. Ong; M. Page; R. Pallassini; B. Power-Mooney; J. Quinn; N.W. Reay; P.T. Reynolds; H.J. Rose; M. Schroedter; G.H. Sembroski; R. Sidwell; N. Stanton; S.P. Swordy; V.V. Vassiliev; S.P. Wakely; G. Walker; T.C. Weekes;
23 Jul 2002   /  Astrophys.J. 580 (2002) 104-109
- - -
The bright Gamma-Ray Burst of February 10, 2000: a case study of an optically dark GRB
L. Piro; D. A. Frail; J.Gorosabel; G. Garmire; P. Soffitta; L. Amati; M.I. Andersen; L. A. Antonelli; E.Berger; F. Frontera; J. Fynbo; G. Gandolfi; M.R. Garcia; J. Hjorth; J. in 't Zand; B.L. Jensen; N.Masetti; P. Möller; H. Pedersen; E. Pian; M. H. Wieringa;
17 Dec 2001   /  Astrophys.J. 577 (2002) 680-690
- - -
Cutoff in the TeV Energy Spectrum of Markarian 421 During Strong Flares in 2001
F. Krennrich; H.M. Badran; I.H. Bond; S.M. Bradbury; J.H. Buckley; D.A. Carter-Lewis; M. Catanese; W. Cui; S. Dunlea; D. Das; I. de la Calle Perez; D.J. Fegan; S.J. Fegan; J.P. Finley; J.A. Gaidos; K. Gibbs; G.H. Gillanders; T.A. Hall; A.M. Hillas; J. Holder; D. Horan; M. Jordan; M. Kertzman; D. Kieda; J. Kildea; J. Knapp; K. Kosack; M.J. Lang; S. LeBohec; B. McKernan; P. Moriarty; D. Müller; R. Ong; R. Pallassini; D. Petry; J. Quinn; N.W. Reay; P.T. Reynolds; H.J. Rose; G.H. Sembroski; R. Sidwell; N. Stanton; S.P. Swordy; V.V. Vassiliev; S.P. Wakely; T.C. Weekes;
6 Jul 2001   /  Astrophys.J. 560 (2001) L45-L48
- - -
Instanton-Sphaleron transition in the d = 2 Abelian-Higgs model on a Circle
D.K. Park; H. J. W. Müller-Kirsten; J.-Q. Liang; A. V. Shurgaia;
23 May 2000   /  Int.J.Mod.Phys. A16 (2001) 3951-3966
- - -
Macroscopic Quantum Phase Interference in Antiferromagnetic Particles
Yi-Hang Nie; Yan-Hong Jin; J.-Q.Liang; H.J.W.Müller-Kirsten; D.K.Park; F.-C.Pu;
11 Dec 1999   /  J. Phys.:Conds. Matter 12 (2000) L87
- - -

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