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11 August 2020
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Results 1 to 12 of 12 for query "Jaehyon Rhee". (0.03 sec.)

A Two Micron All-Sky Survey View of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy: II. Swope Telescope Spectroscopy of M Giant Stars in the Dynamically Cold Sagittarius Tidal Stream
Steven R. Majewski; William E. Kunkel; David R. Law; Richard J. Patterson; Allyson A. Polak; Helio J. Rocha-Pinto; Jeffrey D. Crane; Peter M. Frinchaboy; Cameron B. Hummels; Kathryn V. Johnston; Jaehyon Rhee; Michael F. Skrutskie; Martin Weinberg;
31 Mar 2004   /  Astrophys.J. 619 (2005) 800-806; Astrophys.J. 619 (2005) 807-823
- - -
Metal Abundances and Kinematics of Bright Metal-Poor Giants Selected from the LSE Survey: Implications for the Metal-Weak Thick Disk
Timothy C. Beers; John S. Drilling; Silvia Rossi; Masashi Chiba; Jaehyon Rhee; Birgit Fuhrmeister; John E. Norris; Ted von Hippel;
19 Apr 2002
- - -
The Look-back Time Evolution of Far-Ultraviolet Flux from the Brightest Cluster Elliptical Galaxies at z < 0.2
Chang H. Ree; Young-Wook Lee; Sukyoung K. Yi; Suk-Jin Yoon; R. Michael Rich; Jean-Michel Deharveng; Young-Jong Sohn; Sugata Kaviraj; Jonghwan Rhee; Yun-Kyeong Sheen; Kevin Schawinski; Soo-Chang Rey; Alessandro Boselli; Jaehyon Rhee; Jose Donas; Mark Seibert; Ted K. Wyder; Tom A. Barlow; Luciana Bianchi; Karl Forster; Peter G. Friedman; Timothy M. Heckman; Barry F. Madore; D. Christopher Martin; Bruno Milliard; Patrick Morrissey; Susan G. Neff; David Schiminovich; Todd Small; Alex S. Szalay; Barry Y. Welsh;
19 Mar 2007
- - -
Mapping the Stellar Halo with the H3 Spectroscopic Survey
Charlie Conroy; Ana Bonaca; Phillip Cargile; Benjamin D. Johnson; Nelson Caldwell; Rohan P. Naidu; Dennis Zaritsky; Daniel Fabricant; Sean Moran; Jaehyon Rhee; Andrew Szentgyorgyi;
17 Jul 2019
- - -
Medium-resolution Spectroscopy of Red Giant Branch Stars in $omega$ Centauri
Deokkeun An; Young Sun Lee; Jae In Jung; Soo-Chang Rey; Jaehyon Rhee; Jae-Woo Lee; Young-Wook Lee; Young Hoon Joe;
12 Sep 2017
- - -
GRACES: Gemini remote access to CFHT ESPaDOnS Spectrograph through the longest astronomical fiber ever made (Experimental phase completed.)
André-Nicolas Chené; John Pazder; Gregory Barrick; Andre Anthony; Tom Benedict; David Duncan; Pedro Gigoux; Scot Kleinman; Lison Malo; Eder Martioli; Claire Moutou; Vinicius Placco; Vlad Reshetovand; Jaehyon Rhee; Katherine Roth; Ricardo P. Schiavon; Eric Tollestrup; Tom Vermeulen; John White; Robert Wooff;
26 Sep 2014
- - -
UV Properties of Galactic Globular Clusters with GALEX I. The Color-Magnitude Diagrams
Ricardo P. Schiavon; Emanuele Dalessandro; Sangmo T. Sohn; Robert T. Rood; Robert W. O'Connell; Francesco R. Ferraro; Barbara Lanzoni; Giacomo Beccari; Soo-Chang Rey; Jaehyon Rhee; R. Michael Rich; Suk-Jin Yoon; Young-Wook Lee;
25 Jan 2012
- - -
The Hobby-Eberly Telescope "Chemical Abundances of Stars in the Halo" (CASH) Project. I. The Lithium-, s-, and r-Enhanced Metal-Poor Giant HKII 17435-00532
Ian U. Roederer; Anna Frebel; Matthew D. Shetrone; Carlos Allende Prieto; Jaehyon Rhee; Roberto Gallino; Sara Bisterzo; Christopher Sneden; Timothy C. Beers; John J. Cowan;
25 Feb 2008
- - -
Discovery of HE 1523-0901, a Strongly r-Process Enhanced Metal-Poor Star with Detected Uranium
Anna Frebel; Norbert Christlieb; John E. Norris; Christopher Thom; Timothy C. Beers; Jaehyon Rhee;
15 Mar 2007
- - -
GALEX Ultraviolet Photometry of Globular Clusters in M31: Three Year Results and a Catalog
Soo-Chang Rey; R. Michael Rich; Sangmo T. Sohn; Suk-Jin Yoon; Chul Chung; Sukyoung K. Yi; Young-Wook Lee; Jaehyon Rhee; Luciana Bianchi; Barry F. Madore; Kyungsook Lee; Tom A. Barlow; Karl Forster; Peter G. Friedman; D. Christopher Martin; Patrick Morrissey; Susan G. Neff; David Schiminovich; Mark Seibert; Todd Small; Ted K. Wyder; Jose Donas; Timothy M. Heckman; Bruno Milliard; Alex S. Szalay; Barry Y. Welsh;
8 Dec 2006
- - -
Estimation of Carbon Abundances in Metal-Poor Stars. I. Application to the "Strong G-band" stars of Beers, Preston, & Shectman
Silvia Rossi; Timothy C. Beers; Chris Sneden; Tatiana Sevastyanenko; Jaehyon Rhee; Brian Marsteller;
9 Aug 2005
- - -
The Metallicity Distribution Function of Omega Centauri
Peter M. Frinchaboy; Jaehyon Rhee; James C. Ostheimer; Steven R. Majewski; Richard J. Patterson; Winfrey Y. Johnson; Dana Dinescu; Christopher Palma; Kyle B. Westfall; William B. Kunkel;
7 Dec 2001
- - -
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