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28 October 2021
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Results 1 to 12 of 12 for query "John B. Ketterson". (0.01 sec.)

All-electrical detection of spin dynamics in magnetic antidot lattices by the inverse spin Hall effect
Matthias B. Jungfleisch; Wei Zhang; Junjia Ding; Wanjun Jiang; Joseph Sklenar; John E. Pearson; John B. Ketterson; Axel Hoffmann;
6 Jan 2016
- - -
All electrical manipulation of magnetization dynamics in a ferromagnet by antiferromagnets with anisotropic spin Hall effects
Wei Zhang; Matthias B. Jungfleisch; Frank Freimuth; Wanjun Jiang; Joseph Sklenar; John E. Pearson; John B. Ketterson; Yuriy Mokrousov; Axel Hoffmann;
31 Aug 2015
- - -
Driving and detecting ferromagnetic resonance in insulators with the spin Hall effect
Joseph Sklenar; Wei Zhang; Matthias B. Jungfleisch; Wanjun Jiang; Houchen Chang; John E. Pearson; Mingzhong Wu; John B. Ketterson; Axel Hoffmann;
28 May 2015
- - -
Spin waves in micro-structured yttrium iron garnet nanometer-thick films
Matthias B. Jungfleisch; Wei Zhang; Wanjun Jiang; Houchen Chang; Joseph Sklenar; Stephen M. Wu; John E. Pearson; Anand Bhattacharya; John B. Ketterson; Mingzhong Wu; Axel Hoffmann;
12 Dec 2014
- - -
Vacancy Relaxation in Cuprous Oxide (Cu$_{2-x}$O$_{1-y}$)
Laszlo Frazer; Kelvin B. Chang; Kenneth R. Poepplemeier; John B. Ketterson;
27 Nov 2016
- - -
Evaluation of defects in cuprous oxide through exciton luminescence imaging
Laszlo Frazer; Erik J. Lenferink; Kelvin B. Chang; Kenneth R. Poeppelmeier; Nathaniel P. Stern; John B. Ketterson;
8 Dec 2014
- - -
Room-temperature ferromagnetism in (Zn1-xMnx)GeP2 semiconductors
Sunglae Cho; Sungyoul Choi; Gi-Beom Cha; Soon Cheol Hong; Yunki Kim; Yu-Jun Zhao; Arthur J Freeman; John B Ketterson; B J Kim; Y C Kim; Byung-Chun Choi;
24 Jun 2002   /  Phys Rev Lett, 88 (25 Pt 1), 257203
- - -
Ferromagnetic Resonance of a YIG film in the Low Frequency Regime
Seongjae Lee; Scott Grudichak; Joseph Sklenar; C. C. Tsai; Moongyu Jang; Qinghui Yang; Huaiwu Zhang; John B. Ketterson;
24 Nov 2015
- - -
Highly tunable ultra-narrow-resonances with optical nano-antenna phased arrays in the infrared
Shi-Qiang Li; Wei Zhou; Peijun Guo; D. Bruce Buchholz; Ziwei Qiu; John B. Ketterson; Leonidas E. Ocola; Kazuaki Sakoda; Robert P. H. Chang;
14 Nov 2014
- - -
Resonances and permittivity dispersion effects in ITO nanorod arrays
Shi-Qiang Li; Kazuaki Sakoda; John B. Ketterson; Robert P. H. Chang;
14 Nov 2014
- - -
Electrical Characteristics of Superconducting-Ferromagnetic Transistors
Ivan P. Nevirkovets; Oleksandr Chernyashevskyy; Georgy V. Prokopenko; Oleg A. Mukhanov; John B. Ketterson;
9 Oct 2014
- - -
Micromagnetic simulations of absoption spectra in magnetic nanodots, r.f. field perpendicular to the samples' plane
K.Rivkin; Lance DeLong; John B. Ketterson; PDF only;
21 Nov 2005
- - -
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