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04 December 2021
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A Synthesis of Data from Fundamental Plane and Surface Brightness Fluctuation Surveys
John P. Blakeslee; John R. Lucey; Brian J. Barris; Michael J. Hudson; John L. Tonry;
10 Aug 2001   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 327 (2001) 1004
- - -
Discovery of Strong Lensing by an Elliptical Galaxy at z=0.0345
Russell J. Smith; John P. Blakeslee; John R. Lucey; John Tonry;
21 Apr 2005   /  Astrophys.J. 625 (2005) L103-L106
- - -
Are Recent Peculiar Velocity Surveys Consistent?
Michael J. Hudson; Russell J. Smith; John R. Lucey; David J. Schlegel; Roger L. Davies;
17 Sep 1999
- - -
Bulk-flow and beta_I from the SMAC project
Russell J. Smith; Michael J. Hudson; John R. Lucey; David J. Schlegel; Roger L. Davies;
17 Sep 1999
- - -
Early-type Galaxy Distances from the Fundamental Plane and Surface Brightness Fluctuations
John P. Blakeslee; John R. Lucey; John L. Tonry; Michael J. Hudson; Vijay K. Narayanan; Brian J. Barris;
9 Nov 2001   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 330 (2002) 443
- - -
The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Final Redshift Release (DR3) and Southern Large-Scale Structures
D. Heath Jones; Mike A. Read; Will Saunders; Matthew Colless; Tom Jarrett; Quentin Parker; Anthony Fairall; Thomas Mauch; Elaine Sadler; Fred Watson; Donna Burton; Lachlan Campbell; Paul Cass; Scott Croom; John Dawe; Kristin Fiegert; Leela Frankcombe; Malcolm Hartley; John Huchra; Dionne James; Emma Kirby; Ofer Lahav; John Lucey; Gary Mamon; Lesa Moore; Bruce Peterson; Sayuri Prior; Dominique Proust; Ken Russell; Vicky Safouris; Ken-ichi Wakamatsu; Eduard Westra; Mary Williams;
31 Mar 2009
- - -
The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Samples, Observational Techniques and the First Data Release
D. Heath Jones; Will Saunders; Matthew Colless; Mike A. Read; Quentin A. Parker; Fred G. Watson; Lachlan A. Campbell; Daniel Burkey; Thomas Mauch; Malcolm Hartley; Paul Cass; Dionne James; Ken Russell; Kristin Fiegert; John Dawe; John Huchra; Tom Jarrett; Ofer Lahav; John Lucey; Gary A. Mamon; Dominique Proust; Elaine M. Sadler; Ken-ichi Wakamatsu;
21 Mar 2004
- - -
Preliminary Target Selection for the DESI Bright Galaxy Survey (BGS)
Omar Ruiz-Macias; Pauline Zarrouk; Shaun Cole; Peder Norberg; Carlton Baugh; David Brooks; Arjun Dey; Yutong Duan; Sarah Eftekharzadeh; Daniel J. Eisenstein; Jaime E. Forero-Romero; Enrique Gaztañaga; ChangHoon Hahn; Robert Kehoe; Martin Landriau; Dustin Lang; Michael E. Levi; John Lucey; Aaron M. Meisner; John Moustakas; Adam D. Myers; Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille; Claire Poppett; Francisco Prada; Anand Raichoor; David J. Schlegel; Michael Schubnell; Gregory Tarlé; David H. Weinberg; M. J. Wilson; Christophe Yèche;
21 Oct 2020
- - -
Characterising the target selection pipeline for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Bright Galaxy Survey
Omar Ruiz-Macias; Pauline Zarrouk; Shaun Cole; Carlton M. Baugh; Peder Norberg; John Lucey; Arjun Dey; Daniel J. Eisenstein; Peter Doel; Enrique Gaztañaga; ChangHoon Hahn; Robert Kehoe; Ellie Kitanidis; Martin Landriau; Dustin Lang; John Moustakas; Adam D. Myers; Francisco Prada; Michael Schubnell; David H. Weinberg; M. J. Wilson;
29 Jul 2020
- - -
Modified Gravity and Large Scale Flows
Jeremy Mould; Matthew Colless; Tamara Davis; Pirin Erdogdu; Heath Jones; John Lucey; Yin-Zhe Ma; Christina Magoulas; Chris Springob;
12 Apr 2015
- - -
The HST/ACS Coma Cluster Survey. X. Nuclear star clusters in low-mass early-type galaxies: scaling relations
Mark den Brok; Reynier F. Peletier; Anil Seth; Marc Balcells; Lilian Dominguez; Alister W. Graham; David Carter; Peter Erwin; Henry C. Ferguson; Paul Goudfrooij; Rafael Guzman; Carlos Hoyos; Shardha Jogee; John Lucey; Steven Phillipps; Thomas Puzia; Edwin Valentijn; Gijs Verdoes Kleijn; Tim Weinzirl;
16 Sep 2014
- - -
From Star-Forming Spirals to Passive Spheroids: Integral Field Spectroscopy of E+A Galaxies
Mark Swinbank; Michael Balogh; Richard Bower; Ann Zabludoff; John Lucey; Sean McGee; Chris Miller; Robert Nichol;
25 Oct 2011
- - -
The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Stellar Population Trends Across and Through the Fundamental Plane
Christopher M. Springob; Christina Magoulas; Rob Proctor; Matthew Colless; D. Heath Jones; Chiaki Kobayashi; Lachlan Campbell; John Lucey; Jeremy Mould;
10 Oct 2011
- - -
Beta, Local SNIa data and the Great Attractor
John Lucey; David Radburn-Smith; Mike Hudson;
14 Dec 2004
- - -
The 2MASS Tully-Fisher Relation and Local Peculiar Velocities
Steven P. Bamford;
10 Oct 2002
- - -
Joint analysis of 6dFGS and SDSS peculiar velocities for the growth rate of cosmic structure and tests of gravity
Khaled Said; Matthew Colless; Christina Magoulas; John R. Lucey; Michael J. Hudson;
9 Jul 2020
- - -
Subaru FOCAS IFU observations of two z=0.12 strong-lensing elliptical galaxies from SDSS MaNGA
Russell J. Smith; William P. Collier; Shinobu Ozaki; John R. Lucey;
14 Nov 2019
- - -
Argoverse: 3D Tracking and Forecasting with Rich Maps
Ming-Fang Chang; John Lambert; Patsorn Sangkloy; Jagjeet Singh; Slawomir Bak; Andrew Hartnett; De Wang; Peter Carr; Simon Lucey; Deva Ramanan; James Hays;
6 Nov 2019
- - -
The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Bulk Flows on $50-70 h^{-1}$ Mpc scales
Morag I. Scrimgeour; Tamara M. Davis; Chris Blake; Lister Staveley-Smith; Christina Magoulas; Christopher M. Springob; Florian Beutler; Matthew Colless; Andrew Johnson; D. Heath Jones; Jun Koda; John R. Lucey; Yin-Zhe Ma; Jeremy Mould; Gregory B. Poole;
21 Nov 2015
- - -
The IMF-sensitive 1.14-micron Na I doublet in early-type galaxies
Russell J. Smith; Padraig Alton; John R. Lucey; Charlie Conroy; David Carter;
3 Sep 2015
- - -

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