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02 July 2022
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ULTRACAM - an ultra-fast, triple-beam CCD camera
Vik Dhillon; Tom Marsh; the ULTRACAM team;
1 Oct 2001
- - -
On the mass of the white dwarf in UZ Fornacis
Axel D. Schwope; Sabine Mengel; Klaus Beuermann;
15 Dec 1996
- - -
High-resolution spectroscopy of the intermediate polar EX Hydrae. I. Kinematic study and Roche tomography
K. Beuermann; K. Reinsch;
18 Feb 2008
- - -
Barnes-Evans relations for dwarfs with an application to the determination of distances to cataclysmic variables
K. Beuermann;
19 Oct 2006
- - -
The secondary star and distance of the polar V1309 Ori
K. Reinsch; Y. Kim; K. Beuermann;
17 Jul 2006
- - -
Zeeman tomography of magnetic white dwarfs III. The 70-80 Megagauss magnetic field of PG 1015+014
F. Euchner; S. Jordan; K. Beuermann; K. Reinsch; B.T. Gaensicke;
6 Feb 2006
- - -
Zeeman tomography of magnetic white dwarfs II. The quadrupole-dominated magnetic field of HE 1045-0908
F. Euchner; K. Reinsch; S. Jordan; K. Beuermann; B.T. Gaensicke;
27 Jul 2005
- - -
Detection of spiral structure of the quiescent accretion disk of IP Pegasi
V.V. Neustroev; N.V. Borisov; H. Barwig; A. Bobinger; K.H. Mantel; D. Simic; S. Wolf;
4 Oct 2001
- - -
Outbursts of Classical Symbiotics: Multi-Wavelength Observations of the 2000-2001 Outburst of Z Andromedae
J. L. Sokoloski; S. J. Kenyon; A. K. H. Kong; P. A. Charles; C. R. Kaiser; N. Seymour; B. R. Espey; C. D. Keyes; S. R. McCandliss; A. V. Filippenko; W. Li; G. G. Pooley; C. Brocksopp; R. P. S. Stone;
2 Oct 2001
- - -
A white dwarf with a low magnetic field in the IP RXJ0028.8+5917/V709Cas
J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud; M. Mouchet; D. de Martino; G. Matt; C. Motch;
1 Oct 2001
- - -
The Evolution of Disks and Winds in Dwarf Novae Outbursts
C. S. Froning; K. S. Long; J. E. Drew; C. Knigge; D. Proga & J. A. Mattei;
26 Sep 2001
- - -
The Spectroscopic Orbital Period of HD 45166
Alexandre S. Oliveira; J. E. Steiner;
25 Sep 2001
- - -
Secondary stars in CVs - the observational picture
K. Beuermann;
8 Sep 1999
- - -
The Quiescence of Dwarf Novae and X-ray Transients
Kristen Menou;
18 Aug 2001
- - -
Polars -- multisite emission -- multiwavelength observation
Axel D. Schwope; K. Beuermann; D.A.H. Buckley; D. Ciardi; M. Cropper; K.Horne; S.Howell; K.-H. Mantel; A. Metzner; K. O'Brien; R. Schwarz; M. Sirk; D. Steeghs; M. Still; H.-C.Thomas;
25 Aug 1997
- - -
The quest for companions to post-common envelope binaries: I. Searching a sample of stars from the CSS and SDSS
U. Backhaus; S. Bauer; K. Beuermann; J. Diese; S. Dreizler; F. V. Hessman; T.-O. Husser; K.-H. Klapdohr; J. Moellmanns; R. Schuenecke; J. Dette; J. Dubbert; T. Miosga; A. L. Rochus Vogel; S. Simons; S. Biriuk; M. Debrah; M. Griemens; A. Hahn; T. Moeller; M. Pawlowski; M. Schweizer; A.-L. Speck; C. Zapros; T. Bollmann; F. N. Habermann; N. Haustovich; M. Lauser; F. Liebig; F. Niederstadt; K. Hoppen; D. Kindermann; F. Kueppers; B. Rauch; F. Althoff; M. Horstmann; J. N. Kellermann; R. Kietz; T. Nienaber; M. Sauer; A. Secci; L. Wuellner;
10 Jan 2012
- - -
Neglected X-ray discovered polars: III. RX J0154.0-5947, RX J0600.5-2709, RX J0859.1+0537, RX J0953.1+1458, and RX J1002.2-1925
K. Beuermann; V. Burwitz; K. Reinsch; A. Schwope; H.-C. Thomas;
19 Oct 2020
- - -
The high-field polar RX J1007.5-2017
H.-C. Thomas; K. Beuermann; K. Reinsch; A.D. Schwope; V. Burwitz;
13 Sep 2012
- - -
A new soft X-ray spectral model for polars with an application to AM Herculis
K. Beuermann; K. Reinsch; V. Burwitz;
8 May 2012
- - -
The giant planet orbiting the cataclysmic binary DP Leonis
K. Beuermann; J. Buhlmann; J. Diese; S. Dreizler; F.V. Hessman; T.-O. Husser; G.-F. Miller; N. Nickol; R. Pons; D. Ruhr; H. Schmuelling; A.D. Schwope; T. Sorge; L. Ulrichs; D.E. Winget; K.I. Winget;
17 Nov 2010
- - -

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