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03 July 2020
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Infrared photo-response of Fe-shunted Ba-122 thin film microstructures
L. Rehm; D. Henrich; M. Hofherr; S. Wuensch; P. Thoma; A. Scheuring; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; S. Haindl; K. Iida; F Kurth; B. Holzapfel; L. Schultz;
13 Oct 2012
- - -
Enhancement of superconductivity in NbN nanowires by negative electron-beam lithography with positive resist
I. Charaev; T. Silbernagel; B. Bachowsky; A. Kuzmin; S. Doerner; K. Ilin; A. Semenov; D. Roditchev; D. Yu. Vodolazov; M. Siegel;
5 Jun 2017
- - -
NbN/AlN/NbN Josephson junctions on sapphire for receiver applications
M. Merker; C. Bohn; M. Völlinger; K. Ilin; M. Siegel;
8 Dec 2016
- - -
Detection Efficiency of a Spiral-Nanowire Superconducting Single-Photon Detector
D. Henrich; L. Rehm; S. Dörner; M. Hofherr; K. Ilin; A. Semenov; M. Siegel;
15 Oct 2012
- - -
Sub-mu m Josephson Junctions for Superconducting Quantum Devices
J. M. Meckbach; M. Merker; S. J. Buehler; K. Ilin; B. Neumeier; U. Kienzle; E. Goldobin; R. Kleiner; D. Koelle; M. Siegel;
3 Oct 2012
- - -
Direct current superconducting quantum interferometers with asymmetric shunt resistors
M. Rudolph; J. Nagel; J.M. Meckbach; M. Kemmler; M. Siegel; K. Ilin; D. Koelle; R. Kleiner;
30 Jun 2012
- - -
High-Quality Submicron Nb/Al-AlOx/Nb Josephson Junctions for Quantum Devices
Christoph Kaiser; J. M. Meckbach; K. Ilin; J. Lisenfeld; R. Schäfer; A. V. Ustinov; M. Siegel;
1 Sep 2010
- - -
Superconducting hot-electron nanobolometer with microwave bias and readout
A. A. Kuzmin; M. Merker; S. V. Shitov; N. N. Abramov; A. B. Ermakov; M. Arndt; S.H. Wuensch; K. S. Ilin; A. V.Ustinov; M Siegel;
15 Dec 2014
- - -
Wide-Range Bolometer with RF Readout TES
S.V. Shitov; N. N. Abramov; A. A. Kuzmin; M. Merker; M. Arndt; S. H. Wuensch; K. S. Ilin; E. Erhan; A. Ustinov; M. Siegel;
17 Dec 2014
- - -
Asymmetry in the effect of magnetic field on photon detection and dark counts in bended nanostrips
A. Semenov; I. Charaev; R. Lusche; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; H.-W. Hubers; N. Bralovic; K. Dopf; D.Yu. Vodolazov;
14 Aug 2015
- - -
Spectroscopy of a fractional Josephson vortex molecule
U. Kienzle; J. M. Meckbach; K. Buckenmaier; T. Gaber; H. Sickinger; Ch. Kaiser; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; D. Koelle; R. Kleiner; E. Goldobin;
19 Oct 2011
- - -
Trapped electron coupled to superconducting devices
P. Bushev; D. Bothner; J. Nagel; M. Kemmler; K. B. Konovalenko; A. Loerincz; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; D. Koelle; R. Kleiner; F. Schmidt-Kaler;
17 Sep 2010
- - -
Thermal escape of fractional vortices in long Josephson junctions
U. Kienzle; T. Gaber; K. Buckenmaier; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; D. Koelle; R. Kleiner; E. Goldobin;
19 Mar 2009
- - -
AlN-buffered superconducting NbN nanowire single-photon detector on GaAs
E. Schmidt; K. Ilin; M. Siegel;
30 Sep 2016
- - -
Current dependence of the hot-spot response spectrum of superconducting single-photon detectors with different layouts
I.Charaev; A. Semenov; S. Doerner; G. Gomard; K. Ilin; M. Siegel;
22 Aug 2016
- - -
Characteristics of superconducting tungsten silicide WxSi1-x for single photon detection
X. Zhang; A. Engel; Q. Wang; A. Schilling; A. Semenov; M. Sidorova; I. Charaev; K. Ilin; M. Siegel;
26 Jul 2016
- - -
Confinement of superconducting fluctuations due to emergent electronic inhomogeneities
C. Carbillet; S. Caprara; M. Grilli; C. Brun; T. Cren; F. Debontridder; B. Vignolle; W. Tabis; D. Demaille; L. Largeau; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; D. Roditchev; B. Leridon;
31 Jul 2015
- - -
Defect controlled vortex generation in current-carrying narrow superconducting strips
D.Yu. Vodolazov; K. Ilin; M. Merker; M. Siegel;
8 Jul 2015
- - -
Robustness of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition in Ultrathin NbN Films near the Superconductor-Insulator Transition
Jie Yong; T. Lemberger; L. Benfatto; K. Ilin; M. Siegel;
19 Apr 2013
- - -
Effect of the wire width on the intrinsic detection efficiency of superconducting-nanowire single-photon detectors
R. Lusche; A. Semenov; H.-W. Huebers; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; Y. Korneeva; A. Trifonov; A. Korneev; G. Goltsman; D. Vodolazov;
19 Mar 2013
- - -
Highly responsive Y-Ba-Cu-O thin film THz detectors with picosecond time resolution
P. Thoma; J. Raasch; A. Scheuring; M. Hofherr; K. Ilin; S. Wünsch; A. Semenov; H.-W. Hübers; V. Judin; A.-S. Müller; N. Smale; J. Hänisch; B. Holzapfel; M. Siegel;
18 Oct 2012
- - -
Break-up of long-range coherence due to phase fluctuations in ultrathin superconducting NbN films
Y. Noat; T. Cren; C. Brun; F. Debontridder; V. Cherkez; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; A. Semenov; H.-W. Hübers; D. Roditchev;
15 May 2012
- - -
Edge superconductivity in Nb thin film microbridges revealed by integral and spatially resolved electric transport
R. Werner; A. Yu. Aladyshkin; I. M. Nefedov; A. V. Putilov; M. Kemmler; D. Bothner; A. Loerincz; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; R. Kleiner; D. Koelle;
10 Dec 2011
- - -
Deterministic Josephson Vortex Ratchet with a load
M. Knufinke; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; D. Koelle; R. Kleiner; E. Goldobin;
29 Sep 2011
- - -
Steady viscous flows in an annulus between two cylinders produced by vibrations of the inner cylinder
K. Ilin; M. A. Sadiq;
27 Aug 2010
- - -
Suppression of dissipation in Nb thin films with triangular antidot arrays by random removal of pinning sites
M. Kemmler; D. Bothner; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; R. Kleiner; D. Koelle;
10 Sep 2008
- - -
Observation of negative absolute resistance in a Josephson junction
J. Nagel; D. Speer; T. Gaber; A. Sterck; R. Eichhorn; P. Reimann; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; D. Koelle; R. Kleiner;
28 Jan 2008
- - -

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