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24 October 2021
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Conductance oscillations in a single superconducting junction to a three-dimensional $Bi_2Te_3$ topological insulator
O.O. Shvetsov; V.A. Kostarev; A. Kononov; V.A. Golyashov; K.A. Kokh; O.E. Tereshchenko; E.V. Deviatov;
2 Jun 2017
- - -
Topological Surface States with Persistent High Spin Polarization across Dirac Point in Bi$_{2}$Te$_{2}$Se and Bi$_{2}$Se$_{2}$Te
K. Miyamoto; A. Kimura; T. Okuda; H. Miyahara; K. Kuroda; H. Namatame; M. Taniguchi; S. V. Eremeev; T. V. Menshchikova; E. V. Chulkov; K. A. Kokh; O. E. Tereshchenko;
20 Mar 2012
- - -
Systematics of electronic and magnetic properties in the transition metal doped Sb$_2$Te$_3$ quantum anomalous Hall platform
M F. Islam; C.M. Canali; A. Pertsova; A. Balatsky; S. K. Mahatha; C. Carbone; A. Barla; K. A. Kokh; O. E. Tereshchenk; E. Jiménez; N. B. Brookes; P. Gargiani; M. Valvidares; S. Schatz; T. R. F. Peixoto; H. Bentmann; F. Reinert; J. Jung; T. Bathon; K. Fauth; M. Bod; P. Sessi;
14 Feb 2018
- - -
Mesoscopic electron focusing in topological insulators
P. Sessi; P. Rüßmann; T. Bathon; A. Barla; K.A. Kokh; O.E. Tereshchenko; K. Fauth; S.K. Mahatha; M.A. Valbuena; S. Godey; A. Mugarza; P. Gargiani; M. Valvidares; N.H. Long; C. Carbone; P. Mavropoulos; S. Blügel; M. Bode;
11 Feb 2016
- - -
Spin current and magnetization induced by circularly polarized synchrotron radiation in magnetically-doped topological insulator Bi$_{1.37}$V$_{0.03}$Sb$_{0.6}$Te$_2$Se
A.M. Shikin; A.A. Rybkina; I.I. Klimovskikh; M.V. Filianina; K.A. Kokh; O.E. Tereshchenko; P.N. Skirdkov; K.A. Zvezdin; A.K. Zvezdin;
18 Nov 2015
- - -
Unoccupied topological surface state in Bi$_{2}$Te$_{2}$Se
Munisa Nurmamat; E. E. Krasovskii; K. Kuroda; M. Ye; K. Miyamoto; M. Nakatake; T. Okuda; H. Namatame; H. Namatame; M. Taniguchi; E. V. Chulkov; K. A. Kokh; O. E. Tereshchenko; A. Kimura;
9 May 2013
- - -
Electronic correlation determining correlated plasmons in Sb-doped Bi$_2$Se$_3$
P. K. Das; T. J. Whitcher; M. Yang; X. Chi; Y. P. Feng; W. Lin; J. S. Chen; I. Vobornik; J. Fujii; K. A. Kokh; O.E. Tereshchenko; C. Z. Diao; Jisoo Moon; Seongshik Oh; A. H. Castro-Neto; M. B. H Breese; A. T. S. Wee; A. Rusydi;
6 Sep 2019
- - -
Scattering properties of the three-dimensional topological insulator Sb2Te3: Coexistence of topologically trivial and non-trivial surface states with opposite spin-momentum helicity
P.Sessi; O.Storz; T.Bathon; S.Wilfert; K.A.Kokh; O. E. Tereshchenko; G. Bihlmayer; M. Bode;
12 Dec 2015
- - -
Unoccupied Topological States on Bismuth Chalcogenides
D. Niesner; Th. Fauster; S. V. Ereemev; T. V. Menshchikova; Y. M. Koroteev; A. P. Protogenov; E. V. Chulkov; O. E. Tereshchenko; K. A. Kokh; O. Alekperov; A. Nadjafov; N. Mamedov;
11 Oct 2012
- - -
Probing the Electronic Properties of Individual MnPc Molecules Coupled to Topological States
Paolo Sessi; Thomas Bathon; Konstantin K. Kokh; Oleg E. Tereshchenko; Matthias Bode;
27 Oct 2014
- - -
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