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06 August 2020
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Large restriction fragments containing poly-TG are highly polymorphic in a variety of vertebrates.
Kashi, Y; Tikochinsky, Y; Genislav, E; Iraqi, F; Nave, A; Beckmann, J S; Gruenbaum, Y; Soller, M;
- - -
A new minisatellite probe shows highly polymorphic hybridization pattern in human
Kashi, Y.; Tikochinski, Y.; Nave, A.; Beckmann, J.S.; Soller, M.; Gruenbaum, Y.;
- - -
Primary structure and function of a second essential member of the heterooligomeric TCP1 chaperonin complex of yeast, TCP1 beta.
Miklos, D; Caplan, S; Mertens, D; Hynes, G; Pitluk, Z; Kashi, Y; Harrison-Lavoie, K; Stevenson, S; Brown, C; Barrell, B;
- - -
Particle stability of the isotopes 26O and 32Ne in the reaction 44 MeV/nucleon 48Ca+Ta
D Guillemaud-Mueller; J C Jacmart; E Kashy; A Latimier; A C Mueller; F Pougheon; A Richard; Y E Penionzhkevich; A G Artuhk; A V Belozyorov; S M Lukyanov; R Anne; P Bricault; C Détraz; M Lewitowicz; Y Zhang; Y S Lyutostansky; M V Zverev; D Bazin; W D Schmidt-Ott;
28 Feb 1990   /  Phys Rev C, 41 (3), 937-941
- - -
A New Measurement of the $pi^0$ Radiative Decay Width
I. Larin; D. McNulty; E. Clinton; P. Ambrozewicz; D. Lawrence; I. Nakagawa; Y. Prok; A. Teymurazyan; A. Ahmidouch; A. Asratyan; K. Baker; L. Benton; A. M. Bernstein; V. Burkert; P. Cole; P. Collins; D. Dale; S. Danagoulian; G. Davidenko; R. Demirchyan; A. Deur; A. Dolgolenko; G. Dzyubenko; R. Ent; A. Evdokimov; J. Feng; M. Gabrielyan; L. Gan; A. Gasparian; S. Gevorkyan; A. Glamazdin; V. Goryachev; V. Gyurjyan; K. Hardy; J. He; M. Ito; L. Jiang; D. Kashy; M. Khandaker; P. Kingsberry; A. Kolarkar; M. Konchatnyi; A. Korchin; W. Korsch; S. Kowalski; M. Kubantsev; V. Kubarovsky; X. Li; P. Martel; V. Matveev; B. Mecking; B. Milbrath; R. Minehart; R. Miskimen; V. Mochalov; S. Mtingwa; S. Overby; E. Pasyuk; M. Payen; R. Pedroni; B. Ritchie; T. E. Rodrigues; C. Salgado; A. Shahinyan; A. Sitnikov; D. Sober; S. Stepanyan; W. Stephens; J. Underwood; A. Vasiliev; V. Vishnyakov; M. Wood; S. Zhou;
9 Sep 2010
- - -
Search for the exotic nucleus 10He
J Stevenson; B A Brown; Y Chen; J Clayton; E Kashy; D Mikolas; J Nolen; M Samuel; B Sherrill; J S Winfield; Z Q Xie; R E Julies; W A Richter;
30 Apr 1988   /  Phys Rev C, 37 (5), 2220-2223
- - -
Correlations between high energy gamma rays and light fragments in heavy ion collisions
A R Lampis; J Stevenson; W Benenson; J Clayton; D Cebra; Y Chen; D Fox; E Kashy; D J Morrissey; M Samuel; R Smith; C L Tam; G D Westfall; K Wilson; J S Winfield;
30 Sep 1988   /  Phys Rev C, 38 (4), 1961-1964
- - -
High-energy gamma-ray production in light-ion induced reactions
C L Tam; J Stevenson; W Benenson; J Clayton; Y Chen; E Kashy; A R Lampis; D J Morrissey; M Samuel; T K Murakami; J S Winfield;
30 Nov 1988   /  Phys Rev C, 38 (6), 2526-2530
- - -
Mass dependence of high-energy gamma-ray production in heavy-ion reactions
C L Tam; J Stevenson; W Benenson; J Clayton; Y Chen; E Kashy; A R Lampis; D J Morrissey; M Samuel; T K Murakami; J S Winfield;
31 Mar 1989   /  Phys Rev C, 39 (4), 1371-1376
- - -
Search for neutron emission from deuterium-loaded palladium
E Kashy; W Bauer; Y Chen; A Galonsky; J Gaudiello; M Maier; D J Morrissey; R A Pelak; M B Tsang; J Yurkon;
30 Jun 1989   /  Phys Rev C, 40 (1), 1-2
- - -
High-energy gamma-ray production in the heavy-ion reaction 136Xe + Sn at E/A=89 and 124 MeV
J Clayton; J Stevenson; W Benenson; Y Chen; E Kashy; A R Lampis; M Samuel; C L Tam; M F Mohar; D J Morrissey; T K Murakami; B Sherrill; J S Winfield;
31 Aug 1989   /  Phys Rev C, 40 (3), 1207-1212
- - -
High-energy gamma rays from reactions induced by E/A=15 MeV heavy-ion beams
T K Murakami; W Benenson; Y Chen; J Clayton; E Kashy; J Stevenson; C L Tam; K Hanold; M Mohar;
31 Oct 1989   /  Phys Rev C, 40 (5), 2079-2083
- - -
New test of the excited state population method for measurements of nuclear temperatures
J H Lee; W Benenson; C Bloch; Y Chen; R J Radtke; E Kashy; M F Mohar; D J Morrissey; R Blue; R M Ronningen;
30 Apr 1990   /  Phys Rev C, 41 (5), 2406-2409
- - -
Half-life of 32Si
Y Chen; E Kashy; D Bazin; W Benenson; D J Morrissey; N A Orr; B M Sherrill; J A Winger; B Young; J Yurkon;
31 Mar 1993   /  Phys Rev C, 47 (4), 1462-1465
- - -
Differential cross sections of projectilelike fragments from 18O and 40Ar at E/A=80 MeV
G A Souliotis; R Harkewicz; K N McDonald; D J Morrissey; Y Chen; E Kashy; B M Sherrill; N A Orr; J A Winger;
31 May 1994   /  Phys Rev C, 49 (6), 3301-3304
- - -
Residues in chaperonin GroEL required for polypeptide binding and release
W A Fenton; Y Kashi; K Furtak; A L Horwich;
13 Oct 1994   /  Nature, 371 (6498), 614-9
- - -
Chemotherapy by intravenous administration of conjugates of daunomycin with monoclonal and conventional anti-rat alpha-fetoprotein antibodies.
Tsukada, Y; Hurwitz, E; Kashi, R; Sela, M; Hibi, N; Hara, A; Hirai, H;
- - -
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