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02 July 2022
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Stacking order dynamic in the quasi-two-dimensional dichalcogenide 1T-TaS$_2$ probed with MeV ultrafast electron diffraction
L. Le Guyader; T. Chase; A. Reid; R.K. Li; D. Svetin; X. Shen; T. Vecchione; X.J. Wang; D. Mihailovic; H.A. Dürr;
15 Mar 2017
- - -
Ultrafast X-Ray Induced Changes of the Electronic and Magnetic Response of Solids Due to Valence Electron Redistribution
Daniel J. Higley; Alex H. Reid; Zhao Chen; Loïc Le Guyader; Olav Hellwig; Alberto A. Lutman; Tianmin Liu; Padraic Shafer; Tyler Chase; Georgi L. Dakovski; Ankush Mitra; Edwin Yuan; Justine Schlappa; Hermann A. Dürr; William F. Schlotter; Joachim Stöhr;
12 Feb 2019
- - -
Femtosecond X-ray magnetic circular dichroism absorption spectroscopy at an X-ray free electron laser
Daniel J. Higley; Konstantin Hirsch; Georgi L. Dakovski; Emmanuelle Jal; Edwin Yuan; Tianmin Liu; Alberto A. Lutman; James P. MacArthur; Elke Arenholz; Zhao Chen; Giacomo Coslovich; Peter Denes; Patrick W. Granitzka; Philip Hart; Matthias C. Hoffmann; John Joseph; Loïc Le Guyader; Ankush Mitra; Stefan Moeller; Hendrik Ohldag; Matthew Seaberg; Padraic Shafer; Joachim Stöhr; Arata Tsukamoto; Heinz-Dieter Nuhn; Alex H. Reid; Hermann A. Dürr; William F. Schlotter;
23 Nov 2015
- - -
Spin configurations in Co2FeAl0.4Si0.6 Heusler alloy thin film elements
C. A. F. Vaz; J. Rhensius; J. Heidler; P. Wohlhueter; A. Bisig; H. S. Koerner; T. O. Mentes; A. Locatelli; L. Le Guyader; F. Nolting; T. Graf; C. Felser; L. J. Heyderman; M. Klaeui;
12 Sep 2012
- - -
In-Situ Contacting and Current-Injection into Samples in Photoemission Electron Microscopes
L. Heyne; M. Kläui; L. Le Guyader; F. Nolting;
28 Jul 2010
- - -
Detection of confinement and jumps in single-molecule membrane trajectories
N Meilhac; L Le Guyader; L Salomé; N Destainville;
31 Dec 2005   /  Phys Rev E, 73 (1 Pt 1), 011915
- - -
Detection of Norwalk virus and hepatitis A virus in shellfish tissues with the PCR.
Atmar, R L; Neill, F H; Romalde, J L; Le Guyader, F; Woodley, C M; Metcalf, T G; Estes, M K;
- - -
Detection of confinement and jumps in single molecule membrane trajectories
N. Meilhac; L. Le Guyader; L. Salome; N. Destainville;
20 Jul 2005
- - -
Variational Multi-Task MRI Reconstruction: Joint Reconstruction, Registration and Super-Resolution
Veronica Corona; Angelica I. Aviles-Rivero; Noémie Debroux; Carole Le Guyader; Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb;
16 Aug 2019
- - -
A Variational Model Dedicated to Joint Segmentation, Registration and Atlas Generation for Shape Analysis
Noémie Debroux; John Aston; Fabien Bonardi; Alistair Forbes; Carole Le Guyader; Marina Romanchikova; Carola Schönlieb;
3 Jul 2019
- - -
All-optical magnetization switching in ferrimagnetic alloys: deterministic vs thermally activated dynamics
L. Le Guyader; S. El Moussaoui; M. Buzzi; M. Savoini; A. Tsukamoto; A. Itoh; A. Kirilyuk; Th. Rasing; F. Nolting; A. V. Kimel;
1 Dec 2014
- - -
Imaging the antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic first order phase transition of FeRh
S. O. Mariager; L. Le Guyader; M. Buzzi; G. Ingold; C. Quitmann;
17 Jan 2013
- - -
Three-Year Study To Assess Human Enteric Viruses in Shellfish
Le Guyader, F.; Haugarreau, L.; Miossec, L.; Dubois, E.; Pommepuy, M.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Three-Year Study To Assess Human Enteric Viruses in Shellfish
Le Guyader, F.; Haugarreau, L.; Miossec, L.; Dubois, E.; Pommepuy, M.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Collaborative evaluation of a method for the detection of Norwalk virus in shellfish tissues by PCR.
Atmar, R L; Neill, F H; Woodley, C M; Manger, R; Fout, G S; Burkhardt, W; Leja, L; McGovern, E R; Le Guyader, F; Metcalf, T G; Estes, M K;
- - -
Development of a Reverse Transcription-PCR–DNA Enzyme Immunoassay for Detection of “Norwalk-Like” Viruses and Hepatitis A Virus in Stool and Shellfish
Schwab, Kellogg J.; Neill, Frederick H.; Le Guyader, Françoise; Estes, Mary K.; Atmar, Robert L.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Molecular epidemiological survey of rotaviruses in sewage by reverse transcriptase seminested PCR and restriction fragment length polymorphism assay.
Dubois, E; Le Guyader, F; Haugarreau, L; Kopecka, H; Cormier, M; Pommepuy, M;
- - -
Detection and analysis of a small round-structured virus strain in oysters implicated in an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis.
Le Guyader, F; Neill, F H; Estes, M K; Monroe, S S; Ando, T; Atmar, R L;
- - -
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