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19 January 2022
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Results 1 to 7 of 7 for query "L. S. Sharath Chandra". (0.03 sec.)

Enhanced Critical parameters of nano-Carbon doped MgB2 Superconductor
Monika Mudgel; L. S. Sharath Chandra; V. Ganesan; G. L. Bhalla; H. Kishan; V. P. S. Awana;
13 Jul 2009
- - -
Synthesis and physical characterization of superconductivity-magnetism crossover compound RuSr2EuCeCu2O10
V.P.S. Awana; S. Balamurugan; Akshay Deshpande; L. S. Sharath Chandra; V. Ganesan; H. Kishan; E. Takayama-Muromachi; A.V. Narlikar;
26 Apr 2006
- - -
Vortex-glass transformation within the surface superconducting state of $eta$-phase Mo$_{1-x}$Re$_x$ alloys
Shyam Sundar; M. K. Chattopadhyay; L. S. Sharath Chandra; R. Rawat; S. B. Roy;
16 Jan 2018
- - -
Anomalous lattice expansion of RuSr2Eu1.5Ce0.5Cu2O10(Ru-1222) magneto superconductor: A low temperature X-ray diffraction study
V.P.S. Awana; Rajeev Ranjan; Rajeev Rawat; L. S. Sharath Chandra; M. Peurla; V. Ganesan; H. Kishan; D. Pandey; R. Laiho; E. Takayama-Muromachi; A.V. Narlikar;
26 Apr 2006
- - -
Field induced first order antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic transition in Al-doped CeFe$_2$: a calorimetric investigation
L.S. Sharath Chandra; Kaustav Mukherjee; V. Ganesan; A. Banerjee; P. Chaddah; M.K. Chattopadhyay; S.B. Roy;
30 Aug 2005
- - -
Superconductivity in V$_{1-x}$Zr$_x$ alloys]{Evolution of high field superconductivity and high critical current density in the as-cast V$_{1-x}$Zr$_x$ alloys
L. S. Sharath Chandra; Sabyasachi Paul; Ashish Khandelwal; Archna Sagdeo; R. Venkatesh; Kranti Kumar; A. Banerjee; M. K. Chattopadhyay;
20 Aug 2019
- - -
Electrical and magnetic transport properties of Fe3O4 thin films on GaAs (100) substrate
Ram Prakash; R. J. Choudhary; L. S. Sharath Chandra; N. Lakshmi; D. M. Phase;
5 Dec 2009
- - -
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