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27 June 2022
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Detailed Studies of IPHAS sources. II. Sab 19, a true planetary nebula and its mimic crossing the Perseus Arm
Martin A Guerrero; Roberto Ortiz; Laurence Sabin; Gerardo Ramos-Larios; Emilio J Alfaro;
12 Oct 2020
- - -
Discovery of a new classical nova shell around a nova-like cataclysmic variable
Martin A. Guerrero; Laurence Sabin; Gagik Tovmassian; Edgar Santamaria; Raul Michel; Gerardo Ramos-Larios; Alexandre Alarie; Christophe Morisset; Luis C. Bermudez Bustamante; Chantal P. Gonzalez; Nick J. Wright;
14 Mar 2018
- - -
Discovery of an eclipsing dwarf nova in the ancient nova shell Te 11
Brent Miszalski; Patrick A. Woudt; Stuart P. Littlefair; Brian Warner; Henri M. J. Boffin; Romano L. M. Corradi; David Jones; Mokhine Motsoaledi; Pablo Rodríguez-Gil; Laurence Sabin; Miguel Santander-García;
13 Nov 2015
- - -
Spatio-kinematic modelling of Abell 65, a double-shelled planetary nebula with a binary central star
Leo Huckvale; Barnabas Prouse; David Jones; Myfanwy Lloyd; Don Pollacco; José Alberto López; Timothy O'Brien; Laurence Sabin; Neil Vaytet;
18 Jun 2013
- - -
Discovery of planetary nebulae using predictive mid-infrared diagnostics
Quentin A. Parker; Martin Cohen; Milorad Stupar; David J. Frew; Anne J. Green; Ivan Bojicic; Lizette Guzman-Ramirez; Laurence Sabin; Frederic Vogt;
21 Aug 2012
- - -
Discovery of New Faint Northern Galactic Planetary Nebulae
Agnes Acker; Henri M. J. Boffin; Nicolas Outters; Brent Miszalski; Laurence Sabin; Pascal Le Du; Filipe Alves;
12 Jun 2012
- - -
New candidate Planetary Nebulae in the IPHAS survey: the case of PNe with ISM interaction
Laurence Sabin; Albert A. Zijlstra; Christopher Wareing; Romano L.M. Corradi; Antonio Mampaso; Kerttu Viironen; Nicholas J. Wright; Quentin A. Parker;
30 Dec 2009
- - -
Competence Regulation by Oxygen Availability and by Nox Is Not Related to Specific Adjustment of Central Metabolism in Streptococcus pneumoniae
Chapuy-Regaud, Sabine; Duthoit, Frédérique; Malfroy-Mastrorillo, Laurence; Gourdon, Pierre; Lindley, Nic D.; Trombe, Marie-Claude;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Misfolded proteinase K–resistant hyperphosphorylated α-synuclein in aged transgenic mice with locomotor deterioration and in human α-synucleinopathies
Neumann, Manuela; Kahle, Philipp J.; Giasson, Benoit I.; Ozmen, Laurence; Borroni, Edilio; Spooren, Will; Müller, Veronika; Odoy, Sabine; Fujiwara, Hideo; Hasegawa, Masato; Iwatsubo, Takeshi; Trojanowski, John Q.; Kretzschmar, Hans A.; Haass, Christian;
- - -
Markedly Increased Susceptibility to Natural Sheep Scrapie of Transgenic Mice Expressing Ovine PrP
Vilotte, Jean-Luc; Soulier, Solange; Essalmani, Rachid; Stinnakre, Marie-George; Vaiman, Daniel; Lepourry, Laurence; Da Silva, Jose Costa; Besnard, Nathalie; Dawson, Mike; Buschmann, Anne; Groschup, Martin; Petit, Stephanie; Madelaine, Marie-Francoise; Rakatobe, Sabine; Le Dur, Annick; Vilette, Didier; Laude, Hubert;
- - -
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