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02 July 2022
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TREK-1, a K+ channel involved in neuroprotection and general anesthesia
Heurteaux, C; Guy, N; Laigle, C; Blondeau, N; Duprat, F; Mazzuca, M; Lang-Lazdunski, L; Widmann, C; Zanzouri, M; Romey, G; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
The Na+-dependent regulation of the internal pH in chick skeletal muscle cells. The role of the Na+/H+ exchange system and its dependence on internal pH.
Vigne, P; Frelin, C; Lazdunski, M;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Reconstitution of highly purified saxitoxin-sensitive Na+-channels into planar lipid bilayers.
Hanke, W; Boheim, G; Barhanin, J; Pauron, D; Lazdunski, M;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Different types of K+ channel current are generated by different levels of a single mRNA.
Honoré, E; Attali, B; Romey, G; Lesage, F; Barhanin, J; Lazdunski, M;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Electrophysiological characterization, solubilization and purification of the Tityus gamma toxin receptor associated with the gating component of the Na+ channel from rat brain.
Barhanin, J; Pauron, D; Lombet, A; Norman, R I; Vijverberg, H P; Giglio, J R; Lazdunski, M;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Identification of the segment of the catalytic subunit of (Na+,K+)ATPase containing the digitalis binding site.
Rossi, B; Ponzio, G; Lazdunski, M;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Calcicludine, a venom peptide of the Kunitz-type protease inhibitor family, is a potent blocker of high-threshold Ca2+ channels with a high affinity for L-type channels in cerebellar granule neurons.
Schweitz, H; Heurteaux, C; Bois, P; Moinier, D; Romey, G; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Hormone-regulated K+ channels in follicle-enclosed oocytes are activated by vasorelaxing K+ channel openers and blocked by antidiabetic sulfonylureas.
Honoré, E; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Calciseptine, a peptide isolated from black mamba venom, is a specific blocker of the L-type calcium channel.
de Weille, J R; Schweitz, H; Maes, P; Tartar, A; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Opening of glibenclamide-sensitive K+ channels in follicular cells promotes Xenopus oocyte maturation.
Wibrand, F; Honoré, E; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
K+ channel openers prevent global ischemia-induced expression of c-fos, c-jun, heat shock protein, and amyloid beta-protein precursor genes and neuronal death in rat hippocampus.
Heurteaux, C; Bertaina, V; Widmann, C; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Cloning, expression, pharmacology and regulation of a delayed rectifier K+ channel in mouse heart.
Honoré, E; Attali, B; Romey, G; Heurteaux, C; Ricard, P; Lesage, F; Lazdunski, M; Barhanin, J;
- - -
External blockade of the major cardiac delayed-rectifier K+ channel (Kv1.5) by polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Honoré, E; Barhanin, J; Attali, B; Lesage, F; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Essential role of adenosine, adenosine A1 receptors, and ATP-sensitive K+ channels in cerebral ischemic preconditioning.
Heurteaux, C; Lauritzen, I; Widmann, C; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Diversity and novel pharmacological properties of Ca2+ channels in Drosophila brain membranes.
Pelzer, S; Barhanin, J; Pauron, D; Trautwein, W; Lazdunski, M; Pelzer, D;
- - -
A change in gating mode leading to increased intrinsic Cl- channel activity compensates for defective processing in a cystic fibrosis mutant corresponding to a mild form of the disease.
Champigny, G; Imler, J L; Puchelle, E; Dalemans, W; Gribkoff, V; Hinnrasky, J; Dott, K; Barbry, P; Pavirani, A; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
A monoclonal immunotoxin acting on the Na+ channel, with properties similar to those of a scorpion toxin.
Barhanin, J; Meiri, H; Romey, G; Pauron, D; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Regulation of expression of the lung amiloride-sensitive Na+ channel by steroid hormones.
Champigny, G; Voilley, N; Lingueglia, E; Friend, V; Barbry, P; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Purification of binding protein for Tityus gamma toxin identified with the gating component of the voltage-sensitive Na+ channel.
Norman, R I; Schmid, A; Lombet, A; Barhanin, J; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Mevinolin, an inhibitor of cholesterol biosynthesis, drastically depresses Ca2+ channel activity and uncouples excitation from contraction in cardiac cells in culture.
Renaud, J F; Schmid, A; Romey, G; Nano, J L; Lazdunski, M;
- - -

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