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16 September 2021
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Stellar Occultation Observations of Saturn's North-Polar Temperature Structure
Asantha R. Cooray; James L. Elliot; Amanda S. Bosh; Leslie A. Young; Mark A. Shure;
9 Dec 1997   /  Icarus 132 (1998) 298
- - -
Ralph: A Visible/Infrared Imager for the New Horizons Pluto/Kuiper Belt Mission
Dennis C. Reuter; S. Alan Stern; John Scherrer; Donald E. Jennings; James Baer; John Hanley; Lisa Hardaway; Allen Lunsford; Stuart McMuldroch; Jeffrey Moore; Cathy Olkin; Robert Parizek; Harold Reitsma; Derek Sabatke; John Spencer; John Stone; Henry Throop; Jeffrey Van Cleve; Gerald E. Weigle; Leslie A.Young;
27 Sep 2007
- - -
Planet Hunters VII. Discovery of a New Low-Mass, Low-Density Planet (PH3 c) Orbiting Kepler-289 with Mass Measurements of Two Additional Planets (PH3 b and d)
Joseph R. Schmitt; Eric Agol; Katherine M. Deck; Leslie A. Rogers; J. Zachary Gazak; Debra A. Fischer; Ji Wang; Matthew J. Holman; Kian J. Jek; Charles Margossian; Mark R. Omohundro; Troy Winarski; John M. Brewer; Matthew J. Giguere; Chris Lintott; Stuart Lynn; Michael Parrish; Kevin Schawinski; Megan E. Schwamb; Robert Simpson; Arfon M. Smith;
29 Oct 2014
- - -
Volatile transport on inhomogeneous surfaces: II. Numerical calculations (VT3D)
Leslie A. Young;
18 Nov 2015
- - -
High Resolution $lambda$ = 2.7 mm Observations of L1551 IRS5: A Protobinary System?
Leslie W. Looney; Lee G. Mundy; W. J. Welch;
28 May 1997
- - -
The Monitor project: Searching for occultations in young open clusters
Suzanne Aigrain; Simon Hodgkin; Jonathan Irwin; Leslie Hebb; Mike Irwin; Fabio Favata; Estelle Moraux; Frederic Pont;
14 Nov 2006
- - -
Envelope Emission in Young Stellar Systems: A Sub-Arcsecond Survey of Circumstellar Structure
Leslie Looney; Lee Mundy; & Jack Welch;
28 Mar 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 592 (2003) 255-265
- - -
The Metallicity and Reddening of Stars in the Inner Galactic Bulge
Jay A. Frogel; Glenn P. Tiede; Leslie E. Kuchinski;
22 Dec 1998
- - -
Modeling Pluto's Minimum Pressure: Implications for Haze Production
Perianne E. Johnson; Leslie A. Young; Silvia Protopapa; Bernard Schmitt; Leila R. Gabasova; Briley L. Lewis; John A. Stansberry; Kathy E. Mandt; Oliver L. White;
24 Aug 2020
- - -
The Atmosphere of Pluto as Observed by New Horizons
G. Randall Gladstone; S. Alan Stern; Kimberly Ennico; Catherine B. Olkin; Harold A. Weaver; Leslie A. Young; Michael E. Summers; Darrell F. Strobel; David P. Hinson; Joshua A. Kammer; Alex H. Parker; Andrew J. Steffl; Ivan R. Linscott; Joel Wm. Parker; Andrew F. Cheng; David C. Slater; Maarten H. Versteeg; Thomas K. Greathouse; Kurt D. Retherford; Henry Throop; Nathaniel J. Cunningham; William W. Woods; Kelsi N. Singer; Constantine C. C. Tsang; Eric Schindhelm; Carey M. Lisse; Michael L. Wong; Yuk L. Yung; Xun Zhu; Werner Curdt; Panayotis Lavvas; Eliot F. Young; G. Leonard Tyler; New Horizons Science Team;
18 Apr 2016
- - -
Dense Molecular Gas In A Young Cluster Around MWC 1080 -- Rule Of The Massive Star
Shiya Wang; Leslie W. Looney; Wolfgang Brandner; Laird M. Close;
24 Sep 2007
- - -
Surface Ices and the Atmospheric Composition of Pluto
Tobias C Owen; Ted L Roush; Dale P Cruikshank; James L Elliot; Leslie A Young; Catherine de Bergh; Bernard Schmitt; Thomas R Geballe; Robert H Brown; Mary Jane Bartholomew;
6 Aug 1993   /  Science, 261 (5122), 745-748
- - -
Volatile evolution and atmospheres of Trans-Neptunian Objects
Leslie A. Young; Felipe Braga-Ribas; Robert E. Johnson;
10 Mar 2020
- - -
Volatile transport on inhomogeneous surfaces: I. Analytic expressions, with application to Pluto's day
Leslie A. Young;
7 May 2012
- - -
New Horizons: Anticipated Scientific Investigations at the Pluto System
Leslie A. Young; S. Alan Stern; Harold A. Weaver; Fran Bagenal; Richard P. Binzel; Bonnie Buratti; Andrew F. Cheng; Dale Cruikshank; G. Randall Gladstone; William M. Grundy; David P. Hinson; Mihaly Horanyi; Donald E. Jennings; Ivan R. Linscott; David J. McComas; William B. McKinnon; Ralph McNutt; Jeffery M. Moore; Scott Murchie; Carolyn C. Porco; Harold Reitsema; Dennis C. Reuter; John R. Spencer; David C. Slater; Darrell Strobel; Michael E. Summers; G. Leonard Tyler;
26 Sep 2007
- - -
Constraints on the Microphysics of Pluto's Photochemical Haze from New Horizons Observations
Peter Gao; Siteng Fan; Michael L. Wong; Mao-Chang Liang; Run-Lie Shia; Joshua A. Kammer; Yuk L. Yung; Michael E. Summers; G. Randall Gladstone; Leslie A. Young; Catherine B. Olkin; Kimberly Ennico; Harold A. Weaver; S. Alan Stern; New Horizons Science Team;
6 Oct 2016
- - -
Jupiter's nightside airglow and aurora
G Randall Gladstone; S Alan Stern; David C Slater; Maarten Versteeg; Michael W Davis; Kurt D Retherford; Leslie A Young; Andrew J Steffl; Henry Throop; Joel Wm Parker; Harold A Weaver; Andrew F Cheng; Glenn S Orton; John T Clarke; Jonathan D Nichols;
12 Oct 2007   /  Science, 318 (5848), 229-31
- - -
ALICE: The Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph aboard the New Horizons Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission
S. Alan Stern; David C. Slater; John Scherrer; John Stone; Greg Dirks; Maarten Versteeg; Michael Davis; G. R. Gladstone; Joel Wm. Parker; Leslie A. Young; O. H. W. Siegmund;
27 Sep 2007
- - -
The mass and density of the dwarf planet (225088) 2007 OR10
Csaba Kiss; Gabor Marton; Alex H. Parker; Will Grundy; Aniko Farkas-Takacs; John Stansberry; Andras Pal; Thomas Muller; Keith S. Noll; Megan E. Schwamb; Amy C. Barr; Leslie A. Young; Jozsef Vinko;
13 Mar 2019
- - -
Ongoing Resurfacing of KBO Eris by Volatile Transport in Local, Collisional, Sublimation Atmosphere Regime
Jason D. Hofgartner; Bonnie J. Buratti; Paul O. Hayne; Leslie A. Young;
6 Nov 2018
- - -

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