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23 September 2021
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Energy Diagnoses of Nine Infrared Luminous Galaxies Based on 3--4 Micron Spectra
Masatoshi Imanishi; C. C. Dudley;
5 Aug 2000
- - -
8--13 micron spectroscopy of luminous and ultraluminous infrared galaxies
C. C. Dudley;
17 Mar 1999
- - -
8-13 micron spectroscopy of NGC 253: a spatially resolved starburst
C. C. Dudley; C. G. Wynn-Williams;
16 Dec 1998
- - -
The Deep Silicate Absorption Feature in IRAS 08572+3915 and Other Infrared Galaxies
C. C. Dudley; C. G. Wynn-Williams;
30 May 1997
- - -
The 8-13 Micron Spectrum of Arp 299C
C. C. Dudley; C. G. Wynn-Williams;
19 Feb 1993   /  Astrophys.J. 407 (1993) L65
- - -
The [CII] 158 um Line Deficit in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies Revisited
M. L. Luhman; S. Satyapal; J. Fischer; M. G. Wolfire; E. Sturm; C. C. Dudley; D. Lutz; R. Genzel;
28 May 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 594 (2003) 758-775
- - -
Fundamental noise limitations to supercontinuum generation in microstructure fiber
K. L. Corwin; N. R. Newbury; J. M. Dudley; S. Coen; S. A. Diddams; K. Weber; R. S. Windeler;
6 Dec 2002
- - -
The Chlamydomonas genome reveals the evolution of key animal and plant functions
Sabeeha S Merchant; Simon E Prochnik; Olivier Vallon; Elizabeth H Harris; Steven J Karpowicz; George B Witman; Astrid Terry; Asaf Salamov; Lillian K Fritz-Laylin; Laurence Maréchal-Drouard; Wallace F Marshall; Liang-Hu Qu; David R Nelson; Anton A Sanderfoot; Martin H Spalding; Vladimir V Kapitonov; Qinghu Ren; Patrick Ferris; Erika Lindquist; Harris Shapiro; Susan M Lucas; Jane Grimwood; Jeremy Schmutz; Pierre Cardol; Heriberto Cerutti; Guillaume Chanfreau; Chun-Long Chen; Valérie Cognat; Martin T Croft; Rachel Dent; Susan Dutcher; Emilio Fernández; Hideya Fukuzawa; David González-Ballester; Diego González-Halphen; Armin Hallmann; Marc Hanikenne; Michael Hippler; William Inwood; Kamel Jabbari; Ming Kalanon; Richard Kuras; Paul A Lefebvre; Stéphane D Lemaire; Alexey V Lobanov; Martin Lohr; Andrea Manuell; Iris Meier; Laurens Mets; Maria Mittag; Telsa Mittelmeier; James V Moroney; Jeffrey Moseley; Carolyn Napoli; Aurora M Nedelcu; Krishna Niyogi; Sergey V Novoselov; Ian T Paulsen; Greg Pazour; Saul Purton; Jean-Philippe Ral; Diego Mauricio Riaño-Pachón; Wayne Riekhof; Linda Rymarquis; Michael Schroda; David Stern; James Umen; Robert Willows; Nedra Wilson; Sara Lana Zimmer; Jens Allmer; Janneke Balk; Katerina Bisova; Chong-Jian Chen; Marek Elias; Karla Gendler; Charles Hauser; Mary Rose Lamb; Heidi Ledford; Joanne C Long; Jun Minagawa; M Dudley Page; Junmin Pan; Wirulda Pootakham; Sanja Roje; Annkatrin Rose; Eric Stahlberg; Aimee M Terauchi; Pinfen Yang; Steven Ball; Chris Bowler; Carol L Dieckmann; Vadim N Gladyshev; Pamela Green; Richard Jorgensen; Stephen Mayfield; Bernd Mueller-Roeber; Sathish Rajamani; Richard T Sayre; Peter Brokstein; Inna Dubchak; David Goodstein; Leila Hornick; Y Wayne Huang; Jinal Jhaveri; Yigong Luo; Diego Martínez; Wing Chi Abby Ngau; Bobby Otillar; Alexander Poliakov; Aaron Porter; Lukasz Szajkowski; Gregory Werner; Kemin Zhou; Igor V Grigoriev; Daniel S Rokhsar; Arthur R Grossman;
12 Oct 2007   /  Science, 318 (5848), 245-50
- - -
Strong Evidence for a Buried AGN in UGC 5101: Implications for LINER-Type Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Masatoshi Imanishi; C. C. Dudley; Philip R. Maloney;
9 Aug 2001
- - -
Meinardus' theorem on weighted partitions: extensions and a probabilistic proof
Boris L. Granovsky; Dudley Stark; Michael Erlihson;
Rating  5/5
21 Jan 2007
- - -
Bohr's 1913 molecular model revisited
Anatoly A. Svidzinsky; Marlan O. Scully; Dudley R. Herschbach;
22 Aug 2005   /  PNAS v. 102, 11985-11988 (2005)
- - -
A simple and surprisingly accurate approach to the chemical bond obtained from dimensional scaling
Anatoly A. Svidzinsky; Marlan O. Scully; Dudley R. Herschbach;
13 Aug 2005   /  Physical Review Letters, v. 95, 080401 (2005)
- - -
Quasinormal modes of Kerr-Newman black holes: coupling of electromagnetic and gravitational perturbations
Emanuele Berti; Kostas D. Kokkotas;
14 Feb 2005   /  Phys.Rev. D71 (2005) 124008
- - -
Infrared 3-4 Micron Spectroscopic Investigations of a Large Sample of Nearby Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
Masatoshi Imanishi; C. C. Dudley; Philip R. Maloney;
29 Sep 2005
- - -
Asymptotic enumeration and logical limit laws for expansive multisets and selections
Boris L. Granovsky; Dudley Stark;
19 Jul 2004
- - -
Some extensions of an inequality of Vapnik and Chervonenkis
Dmitry Panchenko;
18 May 2004   /  2002 Elect. Comm. in Probab. 7 55-65
- - -
A spaceship with a thruster - one body, one force
Scott C. Dudley; Mario A. Serna;
29 Jun 2004
- - -
Molecular Genetics of the Genus Paracoccus: Metabolically Versatile Bacteria with Bioenergetic Flexibility
Baker, Simon C.; Ferguson, Stuart J.; Ludwig, Bernd; Page, M. Dudley; Richter, Oliver-Matthias H.; van Spanning, Rob J. M.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
A Mutant of Paracoccus denitrificans with Disrupted Genes Coding for Cytochrome c550 and Pseudoazurin Establishes These Two Proteins as the In Vivo Electron Donors to Cytochrome cd1 Nitrite Reductase
Pearson, Isobel V.; Page, M. Dudley; van Spanning, Rob J. M.; Ferguson, Stuart J.;
- - -
Reciprocal Expression of Two Candidate Di-Iron Enzymes Affecting Photosystem I and Light-Harvesting Complex Accumulation
Moseley, Jeffrey L.; Page, M. Dudley; Alder, Nancy P.; Eriksson, Mats; Quinn, Jeanette; Soto, Feiris; Theg, Steven M.; Hippler, Michael; Merchant, Sabeeha;
- - -

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