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03 July 2022
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Warm Spitzer Occultation Photometry of WASP-26b at 3.6{mu}m and 4.5{mu}m
D.P. Mahtani P.F.L. Maxted; D.R. Anderson; A.M.S. Smith; B. Smalley; J. Tregloan-Reed; J. Southworth; N. Madhusudhan; A. Collier Cameron; M. Gillon; J. Harrington; C. Hellier; D. Pollacco; D. Queloz; A.H.M.J. Triaud; R.G. West;
19 Mar 2013
- - -
The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets. X. A m sin i = 11 Mearth planet around the nearby spotted M dwarf GJ 674
X. Bonfils; M. Mayor; X. Delfosse; T. Forveille; M. Gillon; C. Perrier; S. Udry; F. Bouchy; C. Lovis; F. Pepe; D. Queloz; N. C. Santos; J.-L. Bertaux;
2 Apr 2007
- - -
On the potential of extrasolar planet transit surveys
M. Gillon; F. Courbin; P. Magain; B. Borguet;
3 Aug 2005
- - -
Educated search for transiting habitable planets. Targetting M dwarfs with known transiting planets
M. Gillon; X. Bonfils; B.-O. Demory; S. Seager; D. Deming;
25 Feb 2010
- - -
Accurate Spitzer infrared radius measurement for the hot Neptune GJ 436b
M. Gillon; B.-O. Demory; T. Barman; X. Bonfils; T. Mazeh; F. Pont; S. Udry; M. Mayor; D. Queloz;
17 Jul 2007
- - -
Detection of transits of the nearby hot Neptune GJ 436 b
M. Gillon; F. Pont; B.-O. Demory; F. Mallmann; M. Mayor; T. Mazeh; D. Queloz; A. Shporer; S. Udry; C. Vuissoz;
16 May 2007
- - -
The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets XXXV. Planetary systems and stellar activity of the M dwarfs GJ 3293, GJ 3341, and GJ 3543
N. Astudillo-Defru; X. Bonfils; X. Delfosse; D. Segransan; T. Forveille; F. Bouchy; M. Gillon; C. Lovis; M. Mayor; V. Neves; F. Pepe; C. Perrier; D. Queloz; P. Rojo; N. C. Santos; S. Udry;
25 Nov 2014
- - -
The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets XXXV. Super-Earths around the M-dwarf neighbors Gl433 and Gl667C
X. Delfosse; X. Bonfils; T. Forveille; S. Udry; M. Mayor; F. Bouchy; M. Gillon; C. Lovis; V. Neves; F. Pepe; C. Perrier; D. Queloz; N. C. Santos; D. Ségransan;
11 Feb 2012
- - -
The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets XXXI. The M-dwarf sample
X. Bonfils; X. Delfosse; S. Udry; T. Forveille; M. Mayor; C. Perrier; F. Bouchy; M. Gillon; C. Lovis; F. Pepe; D. Queloz; N. C. Santos; D. Ségransan; J.-L. Bertaux;
21 Nov 2011
- - -
The Masses and Radii of HD186753B and TYC7096-222-1B: The First M-dwarfs known to Eclipse A-type Stars
S. J. Bentley; B. Smalley; P. F. L. Maxted; C. Hellier; D. M. Wilson; D. R. Anderson; A. Collier Cameron; M. Gillon; L. Hebb; D. L. Pollacco; D. Queloz; A. H. M. J. Triaud; R. G. West;
8 Oct 2009
- - -
Spitzer Observations of GJ3470b: a Very Low-density Neptune-size Planet Orbiting a Metal-rich M dwarf
Brice-Olivier Demory; Guillermo Torres; Vasco Neves; Leslie Rogers; Michael Gillon; Elliott Horch; Peter Sullivan; Xavier Bonfils; Xavier Delfosse; Thierry Forveille; Christophe Lovis; Michel Mayor; Nuno Santos; Sara Seager; Barry Smalley; Stephane Udry;
28 Jan 2013
- - -
Ground-based photometry of space-based transit detections: Photometric follow-up of the CoRoT mission
H.J. Deeg; M. Gillon; A. Shporer; D. Rouan; B. Stecklum;
15 Jul 2009
- - -
On the influence of blends on the potential of ground-based transit surveys
M. Gillon; P. Magain;
22 Jan 2007
- - -
DECPHOT: an optimal deconvolution-based photometric reduction method
M. Gillon; P. Magain; V. Chantry; G. Letawe; S. Sohy; F. Courbin; F. Pont; C. Moutou;
22 Jan 2007
- - -
A deconvolution-based algorithm for crowded field photometry with unknown Point Spread Function
P. Magain; F. Courbin; M. Gillon; S. Sohy; G. Letawe; V. Chantry; Y. Letawe;
21 Sep 2006
- - -
High accuracy transit photometry of the planet OGLE-TR-113b with a new deconvolution-based method
M. Gillon; F. Pont; C. Moutou; F. Bouchy; F. Courbin; S. Sohy; P. Magain;
16 Jun 2006
- - -
High precision determination of the atmospheric parameters and abundances of the COROT main targets
M. Gillon; P. Magain;
3 Nov 2005
- - -
Latex agglutination method for IgA deficiency used for large scale screening of blood donor sera.
Barclay, G R; Gall, J M; Gillon, J; Yap, P L;
- - -
Abundance analysis of targets for the COROT / MONS asteroseismology missions II. Abundance analysis of the COROT main targets
H. Bruntt; I. F. Bikmaev; C. Catala; E. Solano; M. Gillon; P. Magain; C. Van't Veer-Menneret; Ch. Stuetz; W. W. Weiss; D. Ballereau; J.C. Bouret; S. Charpinet; T. Hua; D. Katz; F. Lignieres; T. Lueftinger;
18 Mar 2004
- - -
Characterization of the hot Neptune GJ 436b with Spitzer and ground-based observations
B.-O. Demory; M. Gillon; T. Barman; X. Bonfils; M. Mayor; T. Mazeh; F. Pont; D. Queloz; S. Udry; F. Bouchy; X. Delfosse; T. Forveille; F. Mallmann; F. Pepe; C. Perrier;
25 Jul 2007
- - -

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