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27 June 2022
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Different Levels of T-Cell Receptor Triggering Induce Distinct Functions in Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus-Specific Human CD4+ T-Cell Clones
Diepolder, Helmut M.; Gruener, Norbert H.; Gerlach, J. Tilman; Jung, Maria-Christina; Wierenga, Eddy A.; Pape, Gerd R.;
- - -
Reduction of denervation supersensitivity of muscle by submechanical threshold stimulation
R Gruener; N Baumbach; D Coffee;
1 Mar 1974   /  Nature, 248 (443), 68-9
- - -
Optical response to magnetic ordering in PrMnO_3: the relevance of the double exchange interaction
R. Sopracase; G. Gruener; C. Autret-Lambert; V. Ta Phuoc; V. Brize; J.C. Soret;
19 Sep 2006
- - -
Halothane shortens acetylcholine receptor channel kinetics without affecting conductance.
Lechleiter, J; Gruener, R;
- - -
Sustained Dysfunction of Antiviral CD8+ T Lymphocytes after Infection with Hepatitis C Virus
Gruener, Norbert H.; Lechner, Franziska; Jung, Maria-Christina; Diepolder, Helmut; Gerlach, Tilman; Lauer, Georg; Walker, Bruce; Sullivan, John; Phillips, Rodney; Pape, Gerd R.; Klenerman, Paul;
- - -
Measurement of double polarisation asymmetries in $omega$-photoproduction
H. Eberhardt; T. C. Jude; H. Schmieden; A.V. Anisovich; B. Bantes; D. Bayadilov; R. Beck; Yu. Beloglazov; M. Bichow; S. Boese; K.-Th. Brinkmann; Th. Challand; V. Crede; F. Diez; P. Drexler; H. Dutz; D. Elsner; R. Ewald; K. Fornet-Ponse; St. Friedrich; F. Frommberger; Ch. Funke; M. Gottschall; A. Gridnev; M. Gruener; E. Gutz; Ch. Hammann; J. Hannappel; J. Hartmann; W. Hillert; Ph. Hoffmeister; Ch. Honisch; I. Jaegle; D. Kaiser; H. Kalinowsky; F. Kalischewski; S. Kammer; I. Keshelashvili; V. Kleber; F. Klein; E. Klempt; K. Koop; B. Krusche; M. Kube; M. Lang; I. Lopatin; Y. Maghrbi; K. Makonyi; V. Metag; W. Meyer; J. Mueller; M. Nanova; V. Nikonov; R. Novotny; D. Piontek; S. Reeve; G. Reicherz; T. Rostomyan; S. Runkel; A. Sarantsev; St. Schaepe; Ch. Schmidt; R. Schmitz; T. Seifen; V. Sokhoyan; V. Sumachev; A. Thiel; U. Thoma; M. Urban; H. van Pee; D. Walther; Ch. Wendel; U. Wiedner; A. Wilson; A. Winnebeck;
9 Apr 2015
- - -
Imaging spectroscopy of rubidium atoms attached to helium nanodroplets
L. Fechner; B. Gruener; A. Sieg; C. Callegari; F. Ancilotto; F. Stienkemeier; M. Mudrich;
11 Sep 2011
- - -
Formation and relaxation of RbHe exciplexes on He nanodroplets studied by femtosecond pump and picosecond probe spectroscopy
C. Giese; T. Mullins; B. Gruener; M. Weidemueller; F. Stienkemeier; M. Mudrich;
14 Sep 2012
- - -
Magnetism in Nb(1-y)Fe(2+y) - composition and magnetic field dependence
D. Moroni-Klementowicz; M. Brando; C. Albrecht; W. J. Duncan; F. M. Grosche; D. Gruener; G. Kreiner;
19 May 2009
- - -
Observation of charge-density-wave excitations in manganites
A. Nucara; P. Maselli; P. Calvani; R. Sopracase; M. Ortolani; U. Schade; G. Gruener; M. Cestelli Guidi; J. Garcia;
16 Jul 2008
- - -
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