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03 August 2020
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Accuracy of Semiclassics: Comparative Analysis of WKB and Instanton Approaches
V.A.Benderskii; E.V.Vetoshkin; E. I. Kats;
1 Jun 2005
- - -
Semiclassical model of ultrafast photoisomerization reactions
V.A.Benderskii; E.V.Vetoshkin; E. I. Kats; H.P. Trommsdorff;
11 May 2005
- - -
Bridge-mediated Donor-Acceptor Effective Coupling: Exact theoretical description
D. J. Bicout; F. Varchon; E. Kats;
9 Feb 2005
- - -
Casimir forces in modulated systems
I.E.Dzyaloshinskii; E.I.Kats;
16 Aug 2004   /  J. of Phys.: Cond. Matter, v. 16, p. 5659 - 5667 (2004)
- - -
Landau-Zener problem for energies close to potential crossing points
V.A.Benderskii; E.V.Vetoshkin; E. I. Kats;
16 Aug 2004
- - -
Quasistationary states and coherent versus incoherent transitions for crossing diabatic potentials
V.A.Benderskii; E.V.Vetoshkin; E.I. Kats;
11 Aug 2004
- - -
Bubble Relaxation Dynamics in Double-Stranded DNA
D. J. Bicout; E. Kats;
1 Jun 2004
- - -
Semiclassical quantization of bound and quasi-stationary states beyond the adiabatic approximation
V.A.Benderskii; E.V.Vetoshkin; E. I. Kats;
9 May 2003
- - -
Instanton versus traditional WKB approach to Landau - Zener problem
V.A.Benderskii; E.V.Vetoshkin; E. I. Kats;
14 Mar 2003
- - -
Competing tunneling trajectories in a 2D potential with variable topology as a model for quantum bifurcations
V.A. Benderskii; E.V. Vetoshkin; E.I. Kats; L.D. Landau; H.P. Trommsdorff;
2 Sep 2002
- - -
Semiclassical approach to states near potential barrier top
V.A.Benderskii; E.V.Vetoshkin ; E. I. Kats;
25 Mar 2002
- - -
Sound modes in composite incommensurate crystals
R. Currat; E. I. Kats; I. Luk'yanchuk;
19 Mar 2002
- - -
Coherent oscillations and incoherent tunnelling in one - dimensional asymmetric double - well potential
V.A.Benderskii; E.I.Kats;
24 Jul 2001
- - -
Structures and orientational transitions in thin films of tilted hexatic smectics
P.V. Dolganov; K.I. Belov; V.K. Dolganov; E.I. Demikhov; B.M. Bolotin; E.I. Kats;
16 Sep 2005
- - -
Concerted motion of protons in hydrogen bonds of DNA-type molecules
V.L.Golo; E. I. Kats; M.Peyrard;
24 Dec 2000
- - -
A return to strong radio flaring by Circinus X-1 observed with the Karoo Array Telescope test array KAT-7
R. P. Armstrong; R.P. Fender; G.D. Nicolson; S. Ratcliffe; M. Linares; J.Horrell; L. Richter; M. P. E. Schurch; M. Coriat; P. Woudt; J. Jonas; R. Booth; B. Fanaroff;
15 May 2013
- - -
HI Observations of Galaxies in the Southern Filament of the Virgo Cluster with the SKA Pathfinder KAT-7 and the WSRT
Amidou Sorgho; Kelley M. Hess; Claude Carignan; Tom A. Oosterloo;
13 Sep 2016
- - -
KAT-7 detection of radio halo emission in the Triangulum Australis galaxy cluster
Anna M. M. Scaife; Nadeem Oozeer; Francesco de Gasperin; Marcus Brueggen; Cyril Tasse; Lindsay Magnus;
23 Apr 2015
- - -
Search for the Cryptoexotic Member of the Baryon Antidecuplet 1/2+ in the Reactions pi- p --> pi- p and pi- p --> K L
EPECUR collaboration: I. G. Alekseev; P. Ye. Budkovsky; V. P. Kanavets; M. M. Kats; L. I. Koroleva; V. V. Kulikov; B. V. Morozov; V. M. Nesterov; V. V. Ryltsov; V. A. Sakharov; A. D. Sulimov; D. N. Svirida; A. I. Kovalev; N. G. Kozlenko; V. S. Kozlov; A. G. Krivshich; D. V. Novinsky; V. V. Sumachev; V. Yu. Trautman; Ye. A. Filimonov;
22 Sep 2005
- - -
Cost Effective Electronics for Proportional and Drift Chambers of 'EPECUR' Experiment
EPECUR Collaboration; I. G. Alekseev; V. A. Andreev; P. E. Budkovsky; E. A. Filimonov; V. V. Golubev; V. P. Kanavets; M. M. Kats; L. I. Koroleva; A. I. Kovalev; N. G. Kozlenko; V. S. Kozlov; A. G. Krivshich; V. V. Kulikov; B. V. Morozov; V. M. Nesterov; D. V. Novinsky; V. V. Ryltsov; M. E. Sadler; V. A. Sakharov; D. Soboyede; A. D. Sulimov; V. V. Sumachev; D. N. Svirida; V. Yu. Trautman; E. Walker; S. Watson;
9 Jan 2007
- - -
KAT-7 observations of a mass-selected sample of galaxy clusters
G. Bernardi; T. Venturi; R. Cassano; D. Dallacasa; G. Brunetti; V. Cuciti; M. Jonhston-Hollitt; N. Oozeer; V. Parekh; O.M. Smirnov;
3 Nov 2015
- - -
Deviations from Matthiessen's Rule for ${ m SrRuO_3}$ and ${ m CaRuO_3}$
L. Klein; Y. Kats; N. Wiser; M. Konczykowski; J. W. Reiner; T. H. Geballe; M. R. Beasley; A. Kapitulnik;
22 Nov 2000
- - -
Observation of domain wall resistivity in $ m SrRuO_3$
L. Klein; Y. Kats; A. F. Marshall; J. W. Reiner; T. H. Geballe; M. R. Beasley; A. Kapitulnik;
22 Dec 1999
- - -
Cosmic Web Research with KAT-7, MeerKAT & FAST
Claude Carignan;
12 Oct 2015
- - -
KAT-7 Science Verification: Using HI Observations of NGC 3109 to Understand its Kinematics and Mass Distribution
C. Carignan; B. S. Frank; K. M. Hess; D. M. Lucero; T. H. Randriamampandry; S. Goedhart; S. S. Passmoor;
13 Jun 2013
- - -
Engineering and Science Highlights of the KAT-7 Radio Telescope
A. R. Foley; T. Alberts; R P. Armstrong; A. Barta; E. F. Bauermeister; H. Bester; S. Blose; R. S. Booth; D. H. Botha; S. J. Buchner; C. Carignan; T. Cheetham; K. Cloete; G. Coreejes; R. C. Crida; S. D. Cross; F. Curtolo; A. Dikgale; M. S. de Villiers; L. J. du Toit; S. W. P. Esterhuyse; B. Fanaroff; R. P. Fender; M. Fijalkowski; D. Fourie; B. Frank; D. George; P. Gibbs; S. Goedhart; J. Grobbelaar; S. C. Gumede; P. Herselman; K. M. Hess; N. Hoek; J. Horrell; J. L. Jonas; J. D. B. Jordaan; R. Julie; F. Kapp; P. Kotzé; T. Kusel; A. Langman; R. Lehmensiek; D. Liebenberg; I. J. V. Liebenberg; A. Loots; R. T. Lord; D. M. Lucero; J. Ludick; P. Macfarlane; M. Madlavana; L. Magnus; C. Magozore; J. A. Malan; J. R. Manley; L. Marais; N. Marais; S. J. Marais; M. Maree; A. Martens; O. Mokone; V. Moss; S. Mthembu; W. New; G. D. Nicholson; P. C. van Niekerk; N. Oozeer; S. S. Passmoor; A. Peens-Hough; A. B. Pińska; P. Prozesky; S. Rajan; S. Ratcliffe; R. Renil; L. L. Richter; D. Rosekrans; A. Rust; A. C. Schröder; L. C. Schwardt; S. Seranyane; M. Serylak; D. S. Shepherd; R. Siebrits; L. Sofeya; R. Spann; R. Springbok; P. S. Swart; Venkatasubramani L. Thondikulam; I. P. Theron; A. Tiplady; O. Toruvanda; S. Tshongweni; L. van den Heever; C. van der Merwe; R. van Rooyen; S. Wakhaba; A. L. Walker; M. Welz; L. Williams; M. Wolleben; P. A. Woudt; N. J. Young; J. T. L. Zwart;
9 Jun 2016
- - -
HI Observations of two New Dwarf Galaxies: Pisces A & B with the SKA Pathfinder KAT-7
C. Carignan; Y. Libert; D. M. Lucero; T. H. Randriamampandry; T. H. Jarrett; T. A. Oosterloo; E. J. Tollerud;
4 Jan 2016
- - -
KAT-7 Science Verification: Cold Gas, Star Formation, and Substructure in the Nearby Antlia Cluster
Kelley M. Hess; T. H. Jarrett; Claude Carignan; Sean S. Passmoor; Sharmila Goedhart;
19 Jun 2015
- - -
Comment on "Scaling of the anomalous Hall effect in Sr(1-x)Ca(x)RuO3"
Yevgeny Kats; Lior Klein;
20 Sep 2005
- - -
Sound modes broadening for Fibonacci one dimensional quasicrystals
E.I.Kats; A.R.Muratov;
28 Feb 2005
- - -

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