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05 June 2020
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Swift-UVOT detection of GRB 050318
M. Still; P.W.A. Roming; K.O. Mason; A. Blustin; P. Boyd; A. Breeveld; P. Brown; M. De Pasquale; C. Gronwall; S.T. Holland; S. Hunsberger; M. Ivanushkina; C. James; W. Landsman; K. McGowan; A. Morgan; T. Poole; S. Rosen; P. Schady; B. Zhang; H. Krimm; T. Sakamoto; P. Giommi; M.R. Goad; V. Mangano; K. Page; M. Perri; D.N. Burrows; N. Gehrels; J. Nousek;
2 Sep 2005
- - -
First simultaneous multiwavelength observations of the BL Lac object 1ES1959+650 in a steady state with MAGIC and Suzaku/Swift
M. Hayashida; C. Bigongiari; D. Kranich; A. Moralejo; G. Tagliaferri; F. Tavecchio; L. Foschini; G. Ghisellin; L. Maraschi; G. Tosti;
14 Sep 2007
- - -
Swift-XRT observation of 34 new INTEGRAL/IBIS AGNs: discovery of Compton thick and other peculiar sources
A. Malizia; R. Landi; L. Bassani; A.J. Bird; M. Molina; A. De Rosa; M. Fiocchi; N. Gehrels; J.Kennea; M. Perri;
18 Jun 2007
- - -
Swift GRBs: the early afterglow spectral energy distribution
G.Tagliaferri; D.Malesani; S.D.Vergani; S.Campana; G.Chincarini; S.Covino; C.Guidorzi; A.Moretti; P.Romano; L.A.Antonelli; M.Capalbi; M.L.Conciatore; G.Cusumano; P.Giommi; V.La Parola; V.Mangano; T.Mineo; M.Perri; E.Troja;
20 Jan 2007
- - -
Swift-UVOT Observations of the X-Ray Flash 050406
P. Schady; K. O. Mason; J. P. Osborne; M. J. Page; P. W. A. Roming; M. Still; B. Zhang; A. J. Blustin; P. Boyd; A. Cucchiara; N. Gehrels; C. Gronwall; M. De Pasquale; S. T. Holland; F. E. Marshall; K. E. McGowan; J. A. Nousek;
9 Jan 2006
- - -
Swift-Hohenberg model for magnetoconvection
S M Cox; P C Matthews; S L Pollicott;
31 May 2004   /  Phys Rev E, 69 (6 Pt 2), 066314
- - -
Swift/XRT monitoring of five orbital cycles of LSI +61 303
P. Esposito; P. A. Caraveo; A. Pellizzoni; A. De Luca; N. Gehrels; M. A. Marelli;
24 Aug 2007
- - -
Milagro Search for VHE Emission from GRBs in the Swift Era
P. M. Saz Parkinson;
14 Nov 2006
- - -
The short GRB 051210 observed by Swift
V. La Parola; V. Mangano; B. Zhang; G. Cusumano; T. Mineo; E. Troja; D.N. Burrows; S. Campana; M. Capalbi; G.Chincarini; P.Giommi; A. Moretti; M. Perri; P. Romano; G. Tagliaferri;
29 Jan 2007
- - -
Pile-up correction for the Swift-XRT observations in WT mode
T. Mineo; P. Romano; V. Mangano; A. Moretti; G. Cusumano; V. La Parola; E. Troja; S.Campana; G. Chincarini; G. Tagliaferri; M. Capalbi; M. Perri; P. Giommi; D. Burrows;
29 Jan 2007
- - -
Rest frame light curves of Swift GRBs
V. Mangano; V. La Parola; E. Troja; G. Cusumano; T. Mineo; D. Burrows; S. Campana; M.Capalbi; G. Chincarini; N.Gehrels; P. Giommi; A. Moretti; M. Perri; P. Romano;
29 Jan 2007
- - -
A Review of Early-Time Optical Follow-ups with 2-m Robotic Telescopes
A. Gomboc; C. Guidorzi; C.G. Mundell; A. Melandri; A. Monfardini; D. Bersier; M.F. Bode; D. Carter; S. Kobayashi; C.J. Mottram; R.J. Smith; I.A. Steele;
28 Dec 2006
- - -
GRB optical and IR rapid follow-up with the 2 m Liverpool Robotic Telescope
A. Gomboc; M. F. Bode; D. Carter; C. G. Mundell; A. M. Newsam; R. J. Smith; I. A. Steele;
6 Oct 2003
- - -
The Afterglows, Redshifts, and Properties of Swift Gamma-Ray Bursts
E. Berger; S. R. Kulkarni; D. B. Fox; A. M. Soderberg; F. A. Harrison; E. Nakar; D. D. Kelson; M. D. Gladders; J. S. Mulchaey; A. Oemler; A. Dressler; S. B. Cenko; P. A. Price; B. P. Schmidt; D. A. Frail; N. Morrell; S. Gonzalez; W. Krzeminski; R. Sari; A. Gal-Yam; D.-S. Moon; B. E. Penprase; R. Jayawardhana; A. Scholz; J. Rich; B. A. Peterson; G. Anderson; R. McNaught; T. Minezaki; Y. Yoshii; L. L. Cowie; K. Pimbblet;
6 May 2005
- - -
Swift/XRT observations of newly discovered INTEGRAL sources
R. Landi; L. Bassani; A. Bazzano; M. Fiocchi; A. J. Bird;
16 Apr 2013
- - -
Swift's Ability to Detect Gamma-Ray Bursts
E. E. Fenimore; K. McLean; D. Palmer; S. Barthelemy; N. Gehrels; H. Krimm; C. Markwardt; A. Parsons; M. Stephens; J. Tueller;
26 Aug 2004
- - -
The Swift/Fermi GRB 080928 from 1 eV to 150 keV
A. Rossi; S. Schulze; S. Klose; D. A. Kann; A. Rau; H. A. Krimm; G. Jóhannesson; A. Panaitescu; F. Yuan; P. Ferrero; T. Krühler; J. Greiner; P. Schady; S. B. Pandey; L. Amati; P. M. J. Afonso; C. W. Akerlof; L. Arnold; C. Clemens; R. Filgas; D. H. Hartmann; A. Küpcü Yoldaş; S. McBreen; T. A. McKay; A. Nicuesa Guelbenzu; F. Olivares E.; B. Paciesas; E. S. Rykoff; G. Szokoly; A. C. Updike; A. Yoldaş;
2 Jul 2010
- - -
Possible evidence of a ground level enhancement of muons in association with a SWIFT Trigger
C. R. A. Augusto; C. E. Navia; M. B. Robba; K. H. Tsui;
24 Aug 2007
- - -
Swift/XRT observes the fifth outburst of the periodic Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient IGR J11215-5952
P. Romano; L. Sidoli; V. Mangano; S. Mereghetti; G. Cusumano;
4 Apr 2007
- - -
INTEGRAL and Swift observations of the supergiant fast X-ray transient AXJ1845.0-0433=IGRJ18450-0435
V. Sguera; A. J. Bird; A. J. Dean; A. Bazzano; P. Ubertini; R. Landi; A. Malizia; E. J. Barlow; D. J. Clark; A. B. Hill; M. Molina;
30 Oct 2006
- - -
Swift, RXTE, and INTEGRAL observation of Swift J1922.7-1716
M. Falanga; T. Belloni; S. Campana;
11 Jul 2006
- - -
The Swift satellite and redshifts of long gamma-ray bursts
Z. Bagoly; A. Mészáros; L.G. Balázs; I. Horváth; S. Klose; S. Larsson; P. Mészáros; F. Ryde; G. Tusnády;
14 Apr 2006
- - -
Discovery of the accretion-powered millisecond pulsar SWIFT J1756.9-2508 with a low-mass companion
H. A. Krimm; C. B. Markwardt; C. J. Deloye; P. Romano; D. Chakrabarty; S. Campana; J. R. Cummings; D. K. Galloway; N. Gehrels; J. M. Hartman; P. Kaaret; E. H. Morgan; J. Tueller;
11 Sep 2007
- - -
GRB060602B = Swift J1749.4-2807: an unusual transiently accreting neutron-star X-ray binary
Rudy Wijnands; Evert Rol; Ed M. Cackett; Rhaana L.C. Starling; Ron A. Remillard;
1 Sep 2007
- - -
An online repository of Swift/XRT light curves of GRBs
P.A. Evans; A.P. Beardmore; K.L. Page; L.G. Tyler; J.P. Osborne; M.R. Goad; P.T. O'Brien; L. Vetere; J. Racusin; D. Morris; D.N. Burrows; M. Capalbi; M. Perri; N. Gehrels; P. Romano;
2 Apr 2007
- - -
The redshift distribution of SWIFT Gamma-Ray Bursts: evidence for evolution
F. Daigne; E.M. Rossi; R. Mochkovitch;
27 Jul 2006
- - -
Swift/BAT monitoring of Fermi/LAT sources
Hans A. Krimm; Scott D. Barthelmy; Neil Gehrels; Jack Tueller; Wayne H. Baumgartner; Jay R. Cummings; Taka Sakamoto; Edward E. Fenimore; David M. Palmer; Craig B. Markwardt; Gerald K. Skinner; Michael Stamatikos;
17 Dec 2009
- - -
An Update on the X-ray transient Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxy WPVS 007: Swift observations of UV variability and persistence of X-ray faintness
Dirk Grupe; Patricia Schady; Karen M. Leighly; Stefanie Komossa; Paul O'Brien; John A. Nousek;
19 Jan 2007
- - -
Simultaneous multiwavelength observations of the Low/Hard State of the X-ray transient source SWIFT J1753.5-0127
M. Cadolle Bel; M. Ribo; J. Rodriguez; S. Chaty; S. Corbel; A. Goldwurm; F. Frontera; R. Farinelli; P. D'Avanzo; A. Tarana; P. Ubertini; P. Laurent; P. Goldoni; I. F. Mirabel;
20 Dec 2006
- - -
The flat decay phase in the early X-ray afterglows of Swift GRBs
Jonathan Granot;
18 Dec 2006
- - -

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