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29 November 2020
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Synthesis and Sintering of MgB2 Under High Pressure
T. A. Prikhna; Ya. M. Savchuk; N. V. Sergienko; V.E. Moshchil; S. N. Dub; P. A. Nagorny; W. Gawalek; T. Habisreuther; M. Wendt; A. B. Surzhenko; D. Litzkendorf; Ch. Schmidt; J. Dellith; V. S. Melnikov;
3 Apr 2002
- - -
A study of iterative type II polyketide synthases, using bacterial genes cloned from soil DNA: a means to access and use genes from uncultured microorganisms.
Seow, K T; Meurer, G; Gerlitz, M; Wendt-Pienkowski, E; Hutchinson, C R; Davies, J;
- - -
Rapid PCR amplification of minimal enediyne polyketide synthase cassettes leads to a predictive familial classification model
Liu, Wen; Ahlert, Joachim; Gao, Qunjie; Wendt-Pienkowski, Evelyn; Shen, Ben; Thorson, Jon S.;
- - -
Anthracycline metabolites of tetracenomycin C-nonproducing Streptomyces glaucescens mutants.
Yue, S; Motamedi, H; Wendt-Pienkowski, E; Hutchinson, C R;
- - -
Isolation of tetracenomycin C-nonproducing Streptomyces glaucescens mutants.
Motamedi, H; Wendt-Pienkowski, E; Hutchinson, C R;
- - -
The tcmVI region of the tetracenomycin C biosynthetic gene cluster of Streptomyces glaucescens encodes the tetracenomycin F1 monooxygenase, tetracenomycin F2 cyclase, and, most likely, a second cyclase.
Summers, R G; Wendt-Pienkowski, E; Motamedi, H; Hutchinson, C R;
- - -
Nucleotide sequence of the tcmII-tcmIV region of the tetracenomycin C biosynthetic gene cluster of Streptomyces glaucescens and evidence that the tcmN gene encodes a multifunctional cyclase-dehydratase-O-methyl transferase.
Summers, R G; Wendt-Pienkowski, E; Motamedi, H; Hutchinson, C R;
- - -
The Streptomyces peucetius dpsC Gene Determines the Choice of Starter Unit in Biosynthesis of the Daunorubicin Polyketide
Bao, Wuli; Sheldon, Paul J.; Wendt-Pienkowski, Evelyn; Hutchinson, C. Richard;
- - -
Twisted conjugacy classes, coadjoint orbits of loop groups and D-branes in the WZW-model
Stephan Mohrdieck; Robert Wendt;
10 Mar 2003   /  manuscripta math., 114, 531-547 (2004)
- - -
A character formula for certain representations of loop groups based on non-simply connected Lie groups
Robert Wendt;
6 Nov 2002   /  Math.Z. 247, 549-580 (2004)
- - -
Generalized Hantzsche-Wendt Flat Manifolds
Juan Pablo Rossetti; Andrzej Szczepanski;
27 Aug 2002
- - -
Weyl's character formula for non-connected Lie groups and orbital theory for twisted affine Lie algebras
Robert Wendt;
10 Sep 1999   /  J. Funct. Anal. 180 (2001), 31-65
- - -
A Fast Algorithm for High-Dimensional Markov Processes with Finite Sets of Transition Rates
Hans E. Plesser; Dietmar Wendt;
28 Oct 1996   /  Proceedings of "1996 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications (NOLTA '96)", Katsurahama-so, Kochi, Japan, 1996, pp. 249--252
- - -
Intrasarcomere [Ca2+] gradients in ventricular myocytes revealed by high speed digital imaging microscopy.
Isenberg, G; Etter, E F; Wendt-Gallitelli, M F; Schiefer, A; Carrington, W A; Tuft, R A; Fay, F S;
- - -
A Wire Position Monitor System for the 1.3 GHZ Tesla-Style Cryomodule at the Fermilab New-Muon-Lab Accelerator
N. Eddy; B. Fellenz; P. Prieto; A. Semenov; D.C. Voy; M. Wendt;
21 Sep 2012
- - -
Cloning, sequencing, and mutational analysis of the hyb operon encoding Escherichia coli hydrogenase 2.
Menon, N K; Chatelus, C Y; Dervartanian, M; Wendt, J C; Shanmugam, K T; Peck, H D; Przybyla, A E;
- - -
Soldering of MT-YBCO: method to produce superconductive junctions
T. Prikhna; W. Gawalek; N. Novikov; V. Moshchil; V. Sverdun; N. Sergienko; A. Surzhenko; M. Wendt; T. Habisreuther; D. Litzkendorf; S. Dub; R. Mueller; A. Kordyuk; S. Kracunovska; L. Alexandrova;
17 Apr 2002
- - -
Positive influence of ta addition on superconductive properties of high pressure synthesized MgB_2
T. Prikhna; W. Gawalek; N. Novikov; Ya. Savchuk; V. Moshchil; N. Sergienko; M. Wendt; S. Dub; V. Melnikov; A. Surzhenko; D. Litzkendorf; P. Nagorny; C. Schmidt;
17 Apr 2002
- - -
A MUSE map of the central Orion Nebula (M 42)
Peter M. Weilbacher; Ana Monreal-Ibero; Wolfram Kollatschny; Adam Ginsburg; Anna F. McLeod; Sebastian Kamann; Christer Sandin; Ralf Palsa; Lutz Wisotzki; Roland Bacon; Fernando Selman; Jarle Brinchmann; Joseph Caruana; Andreas Kelz; Thomas Martinsson; Arlette Pécontal-Rousset; Johan Richard; Martin Wendt;
30 Jun 2015
- - -
A Study of Beam Position Diagnostics with Beam-excited Dipole Higher Order Modes using a Downconverter Test Electronics in Third Harmonic 3.9 GHz Superconducting Accelerating Cavities at FLASH
P. Zhang; N. Baboi; N. Eddy; B. Fellenz; R.M. Jones; B. Lorbeer; T. Wamsat; M. Wendt;
10 Aug 2012
- - -

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