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07 July 2020
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Crystal-field and Kondo scale investigation of CeMIn5 (M=Co, Ir and Rh): a combined x-ray absorption and inelastic neutron study
T. Willers; Z. Hu; N. Hollmann; P. O. Korner; J. Gegner; T. Burnus; H. Fujiwara; A. Tanaka; D. Schmitz; H. H. Hsieh; H.-J. Lin; C. T. Chen; E.D. Bauer; J.L.Sarrao; E. Goremychkin; M. Koza; L. H. Tjeng; A. Severing;
1 Mar 2010
- - -
In vitro adhesion and invasion inhibition of Shigella dysenteriae, Shigella flexneri and Shigella sonnei clinical strains by human milk proteins
Willer, Emerson da Motta; Lima, Renato de Lourenço; Giugliano, Loreny Gimenes;
- - -
Deconvolution in white noise with a random blurring function
Thomas Willer;
9 May 2005
- - -
XML for Domain Viewpoints
F. van Lingen; R. McClatchey; P. v/d Stok; I. Willers;
30 Jul 2001
- - -
Design Patterns for Description-Driven Systems
J.-M. Le Goff; I. Willers; Z. Kovacs & R. McClatchey;
21 Jul 1999
- - -
Getting Physics Data From the CMS ECAL Construction Database
J.-M. Le Goff; I. Willers; R. McClatchey; Z. Kovacs; F. Martin; F. Zach; L. Dobrzynski;
2 Feb 1999
- - -
Database independent Migration of Objects into an Object-Relational Database
Kamran Munir; Arshad Ali; M. Waseem Hassan; R. McClatchey; I. Willers;
15 Aug 2002   /  Proc. of the 2th International Workshop on Autonomous Decentralized Systems(IWADS'02) Beijing, China NOvember 2002
- - -
Killed Listeria monocytogenes vaccine becomes protective on addition of polyanions
C Van Der Meer; F M Hofhuis; J M Willers;
13 Oct 1977   /  Nature, 269 (5629), 594-5
- - -
Interactions of killed Listeria monocytogenes with the mouse complement system.
van Kessel, K P; Antonissen, A C; van Dijk, H; Rademaker, P M; Willers, J M;
- - -
Immunogenic properties of octasaccharide-protein conjugates derived from Klebsiella serotype 11 capsular polysaccharide.
Zigterman, J W; van Dam, J E; Snippe, H; Rotteveel, F T; Jansze, M; Willers, J M; Kamerling, J P; Vliegenthart, J F;
- - -
Killed Listeria monocytogenes vaccine is protective in C3H/HeJ mice without addition of adjuvants
H van Dijk; F M Hofhuis; E M Berns; C van der Meer; J M Willers;
14 Aug 1980   /  Nature, 286 (5774), 713-4
- - -
Immunogenic properties in mice of hexasaccharide from the capsular polysaccharide of Streptococcus pneumoniae type 3.
Snippe, H; van Houte, A J; van Dam, J E; De Reuver, M J; Jansze, M; Willers, J M;
- - -
Electron/gamma and alpha backgrounds in CRESST-II Phase 2
R. Strauss; G. Angloher; A. Bento; C. Bucci; L. Canonica; A. Erb; F.v. Feilitzsch; N. Ferreiro Iachellini; P. Gorla; A. Gütlein; D. Hauff; J. Jochum; M. Kiefer; H. Kluck; H. Kraus; J.-C. Lanfranchi; J. Loebell; A. Münster; F. Petricca; W. Potzel; F. Pröbst; F. Reindl; S. Roth; K. Rottler; C. Sailer; K. Schäffner; J. Schieck; S. Scholl; S. Schönert; W. Seidel; M.v. Sivers; L. Stodolsky; C. Strandhagen; A. Tanzke; M. Uffinger; A. Ulrich; I. Usherov; S. Wawoczny; M. Willers; M. Wüstrich; A. Zöller;
15 Oct 2014
- - -
Silicon PIN diodes as Neganov-Trofimov-Luke cryogenic light detectors
X. Defay; E. Mondragon; J.-C. Lanfranchi; A. Langenkamper; A. Munster; C. Oppenheimer; W. Potzel; S. Schonert; H. Steiger; S. Wawoczny; M. Willers; A. Zoller; E. Olivieri;
17 Jul 2017
- - -
Stress-induced analgesia in humans: endogenous opioids and naloxone-reversible depression of pain reflexes
J C Willer; H Dehen; J Cambier;
8 May 1981   /  Science, 212 (4495), 689-91
- - -
Comment on "Tumor response to radiotherapy regulated by endothelial cell apoptosis" (I)
Herman D Suit; Henning Willers;
12 Dec 2003   /  Science, 302 (5652), 1894; author reply 1894
- - -
Scheduling in Data Intensive and Network Aware (DIANA) Grid Environments
Richard McClatchey; Ashiq Anjum; Heinz Stockinger; Arshad Ali; Ian Willers; Michael Thomas;
5 Jul 2007
- - -
Pion form factor in the Kroll-Lee-Zumino model
Cesareo A. Dominguez; Juan I. Jottar; Marcelo Loewe; Bernard Willers;
14 May 2007
- - -
Needlet algorithms for estimation in inverse problems
Grard Kerkyacharian; Pencho Petrushev; Dominique Picard; Thomas Willer;
2 May 2007   /  Electronic Journal of Statistics 2007, Vol. 1, 30-76
- - -
Bulk Scheduling with the DIANA Scheduler
Ashiq Anjum; Richard McClatchey; Arshad Ali; Ian Willers;
8 Aug 2006
- - -
Bulk Scheduling with DIANA Scheduler
Ashiq Anjum; Richard McClatchey; Arshad Ali; Ian Willers;
7 Feb 2006
- - -
Interaction between Host Complement and Mosquito-Midgut-Stage Plasmodium berghei
Margos, Gabriele; Navarette, Sandra; Butcher, Geoff; Davies, Alex; Willers, Christine; Sinden, Robert E.; Lachmann, Peter J.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Establishment and Maintenance of Long-Term Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 Latency in B Cells in the Absence of CD40
Willer, David O.; Speck, Samuel H.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Deficiency of human BRCA2 leads to impaired homologous recombination but maintains normal nonhomologous end joining
Xia, Fen; Taghian, Danielle G.; DeFrank, Jeffrey S.; Zeng, Zhao-Chong; Willers, Henning; Iliakis, George; Powell, Simon N.;
- - -
Chk2 Phosphorylation of BRCA1 Regulates DNA Double-Strand Break Repair
Zhang, Junran; Willers, Henning; Feng, Zhihui; Ghosh, Jagadish C.; Kim, Sang; Weaver, David T.; Chung, Jay H.; Powell, Simon N.; Xia, Fen;
- - -
Adhesion to fibronectin stimulates proliferation of wild-type and bcr/abl-transfected murine hematopoietic cells
Krämer, Alwin; Hörner, Susanne; Willer, Andreas; Fruehauf, Stefan; Hochhaus, Andreas; Hallek, Michael; Hehlmann, Rüdiger;
- - -
Aneuploidy correlated 100% with chemical transformation of Chinese hamster cells
Li, Ruhong; Yerganian, George; Duesberg, Peter; Kraemer, Alwin; Willer, Andreas; Rausch, Charlotte; Hehlmann, Ruediger;
- - -
Twin concordance and sibling recurrence rates in multiple sclerosis
Willer, C. J.; Dyment, D. A.; Risch, N. J.; Sadovnick, A. D.; Ebers, G. C.;
- - -
The Gammaherpesvirus 68 Latency-Associated Nuclear Antigen Homolog Is Critical for the Establishment of Splenic Latency
Moorman, Nathaniel J.; Willer, David O.; Speck, Samuel H.;
- - -
Long-Term Latent Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 Infection Is Preferentially Found within the Surface Immunoglobulin D-Negative Subset of Splenic B Cells In Vivo
Willer, David O.; Speck, Samuel H.;
- - -

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