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12 August 2022
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The program of research at hadronic beams of ITEP accelerator. (Collection of experimental proposals)
Editors: V.V. Vladimirski; V.P. Kanavets; V.T. Smolyankin. Proposals presented by: I.G. Alekseev; V.S. Borisov; L.S. Vorobiev; A.G. Dolgolenko; V.P. Kanavets; Yu.T. Kiselev; V.M. Kolybasov; M.V. Kosov; A.P. Krutenkova; V.V. Kulikov; G.A. Leksin; N.A. Pivnyuk; V.V. Ryltsov; D.N. Svirida; V.A. Smirnitski; V.T. Smolyankin; V.L. Stolin V.V. Sumachev; Yu.V. Trebuhovski; V.P. Chernyshev; V.A. Sheikman;
5 Feb 1999
- - -
Dithiocarbamate Anchoring in Molecular Wire Junctions: A First Principles Study
Zhenyu Li; D. S. Kosov;
27 Feb 2007   /  J. Phys. Chem. B, 110 (20), 9893-9898, 2006
- - -
Role of isospin dependent mean field in pion production in heavy ion reactions
V.S. Uma Maheswari; C. Fuchs; Amand Faessler; Z.S. Wang; D.S. Kosov;
27 Aug 1997   /  Phys.Rev. C57 (1998) 922-926
- - -
Role of the Coulomb interaction in the flow and the azimuthal distribution of kaons from heavy ion reactions
Z.S. Wang; Amand Faessler; C. Fuchs; V.S. Uma Maheswari; D.S. Kosov;
18 Jun 1997   /  Nucl.Phys. A628 (1998) 151-160
- - -
In-medium dependence and Coulomb effects of the pion production in heavy ion collisions
V.S. Uma Maheswari; C. Fuchs; Amand Faessler; L. Sehn; D.S. Kosov; Z. Wang;
2 Jun 1997   /  Nucl.Phys. A628 (1998) 669-685
- - -
Constraints on the relativistic mean field of $Delta$-isobar in nuclear matter
D.S. Kosov; C. Fuchs; B.V. Martemyanov; Amand Faessler;
9 Apr 1997   /  Phys. Lett. B421 (1998) 37-40
- - -
Treatment of baryonic resonances in the RQMD approach including scalar-vector mean fields
C. Fuchs; L. Sehn; Amand Faessler; D.S. Kosov; V.S. Uma Maheswari; Z. Wang;
12 Feb 1997
- - -
Origin of subthreshold K^+ production in heavy ion collisions
C. Fuchs; Z. Wang; L. Sehn; Amand Faessler; V.S. Uma Maheswari; D.S. Kosov;
30 Dec 1996   /  Phys.Rev. C56 (1997) 606-609
- - -
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