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02 July 2022
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Endogenous MHC class II processing of a viral nuclear antigen after autophagy
Casper Paludan; Dorothee Schmid; Markus Landthaler; Martina Vockerodt; Dieter Kube; Thomas Tuschl; Christian Münz;
28 Jan 2005   /  Science, 307 (5709), 593-6
- - -
Group I Intron Homing in Bacillus Phages SPO1 and SP82: a Gene Conversion Event Initiated by a Nicking Homing Endonuclease
Landthaler, Markus; Lau, Nelson C.; Shub, David. A.;
- - -
Unexpected abundance of self-splicing introns in the genome of bacteriophage Twort: Introns in multiple genes, a single gene with three introns, and exon skipping by group I ribozymes
Landthaler, Markus; Shub, David A.;
- - -
The nicking homing endonuclease I-BasI is encoded by a group I intron in the DNA polymerase gene of the Bacillus thuringiensis phage Bastille
Landthaler, Markus; Shub, David A.;
- - -
Intronless homing: site-specific endonuclease SegF of bacteriophage T4 mediates localized marker exclusion analogous to homing endonucleases of group I introns
Belle, Archana; Landthaler, Markus; Shub, David A.;
- - -
Two self-splicing group I introns in the ribonucleotide reductase large subunit gene of Staphylococcus aureus phage Twort
Landthaler, Markus; Begley, Ulrike; Lau, Nelson C.; Shub, David A.;
- - -
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