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03 December 2021
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Results 1 to 20 of 342 for query "Mathis, D". (0.01 sec.)

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Correction to: Effect of the rotation and tidal dissipation history of stars on the evolution of close-in planets
Emeline Bolmont; Stéphane Mathis;
4 Feb 2019
- - -
Multi-Scale Codes in the Nervous System: The Problem of Noise Correlations and the Ambiguity of Periodic Scales
Alexander Mathis; Andreas V.M. Herz; Martin B. Stemmler;
7 May 2013
- - -
The Effects of Clumping on Derived Abundances in H II Regions
John S. Mathis; Kenneth Wood;
26 Mar 2005   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 360 (2005) 227-235
- - -
Test of spin dependence in charm-quark fragmentation to D*
H Aihara; M Alston-Garnjost; R E Avery; A R Barker; D A Bauer; A Bay; R Belcinski; H H Bingham; E D Bloom; C D Buchanan; D O Caldwell; H Y Chao; S B Chun; A R Clark; G D Cowan; D A Crane; O I Dahl; M Daoudi; K A Derby; J J Eastman; P H Eberhard; T K Edberg; A M Eisner; F C Erné; K H Fairfield; A Fridman; G Godfrey; J M Hauptman; C Ho; W Hofmann; T Kamae; R W Kenney; S Khacheryan; R R Kofler; D J Lambert; W G Langeveld; J G Layter; W T Lin; F L Linde; S C Loken; A Lu; G R Lynch; J E Lys; R J Madaras; B D Magnuson; H Marsiske; G E Masek; L G Mathis; S J Maxfield; E S Miller; N A Nicol; D R Nygren; P J Oddone; H Oh; Y T Oyang; H P Paar; A P Palounek; S K Park; D E Pellett; M Pripstein; M T Ronan; R R Ross; F R Rouse; K A Schwitkis;
1 Jan 1991   /  Phys Rev D, 43 (1), 29-33
- - -
Multisite spectroscopic seismic study of the beta Cep star V2052 Oph: inhibition of mixing by its magnetic field
M. Briquet; C. Neiner; C. Aerts; T. Morel; S. Mathis; D.R. Reese; H. Lehmann; R. Costero; J. Echevarria; G. Handler; E. Kambe; R. Hirata; S. Masuda; D. Wright; S. Yang; O. Pintado; D. Mkrtichian; B.-C. Lee; I. Han; A. Bruch; P. De Cat; K. Uytterhoeven; K. Lefever; J. Vanautgaerden; B. de Batz; Y. Frémat; H. Henrichs; V.C. Geers; C. Martayan; A.M. Hubert; O. Thizy; A. Tijani;
21 Aug 2012
- - -
Tidal inertial waves in the differentially rotating convective envelopes of low-mass stars - I. Free oscillation modes
M. Guenel; C. Baruteau; S. Mathis; M. Rieutord;
18 Jan 2016
- - -
A 3-D study of the photosphere of HD99563: I. Pulsation analysis
L. M. Freyhammer; D. W. Kurtz; V. G. Elkin; G. Mathys; I. Savanov; W. Zima; H. Shibahashi; K. Sekiguchi;
22 Apr 2009
- - -
Non-Uniform Outflow Observed around Infrared Object NML Cygni
J. D. Monnier; M. Bester; W. C. Danchi; M. A. Johnson; E. A. Lipman; C. H. Townes; P. G. Tuthill; T. R. Geballe; D. Nishimoto; P. W. Kervin;
12 Feb 1997
- - -
Fast and robust detection of solar modules in electroluminescence images
Mathis Hoffmann; Bernd Doll; Florian Talkenberg; Christoph J. Brabec; Andreas K. Maier; Vincent Christlein;
19 Jul 2019
- - -
Einstein gravity from ANEC correlators
Alexandre Belin; Diego M. Hofman; Gregoire Mathys;
11 Apr 2019
- - -
Grain coarsening in two-dimensional phase-field models with an orientation field
Balint Korbuly; Tamas Pusztai; Herve Henry; Mathis Plapp; Markus Apel; Laszlo Granasy;
13 Apr 2017
- - -
The impact of rotation on turbulent tidal friction in stellar and planetary convective regions
Stéphane Mathis; Pierre Auclair-Desrotour; Mathieu Guenel; Florian Gallet; Christophe Le Poncin-Lafitte;
28 Apr 2016
- - -
Inhomogeneous self-similar sets with overlaps
Simon Baker; Jonathan M. Fraser; András Máthé;
11 Sep 2015
- - -
The Boundary Forest Algorithm for Online Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Charles Mathy; Nate Derbinsky; José Bento; Jonathan Rosenthal; Jonathan Yedidia;
12 May 2015
- - -
Horizon effects with surface waves on moving water
Germain Rousseaux; Philippe Maissa; Christian Mathis; Pierre Coullet; Thomas G. Philbin; Ulf Leonhardt;
30 Apr 2010
- - -
A rival for Babcock's star: the extreme 30-kG variable magnetic field in the Ap star HD 75049
V.G.Elkin; G.Mathys; D.W.Kurtz; S. Hubrig; L.M.Freyhammer;
6 Aug 2009
- - -
Diagnoses to unravel secular hydrodynamical processes in rotating main sequence stars
T. Decressin; S. Mathis; A. Palacios; L. Siess; S. Talon; C. Charbonnel; J.-P. Zahn;
1 Dec 2008
- - -
pi +d--> pi
W Gyles; E T Boschitz; H Garcilazo; W List; E L Mathie; C R Ottermann; G R Smith; R Tacik; R R Johnson;
31 Jan 1986   /  Phys Rev C, 33 (2), 583-594
- - -
pi +d--> pi
W Gyles; E T Boschitz; H Garcilazo; E L Mathie; C R Ottermann; G R Smith; S Mango; J A Konter; R R Johnson;
31 Jan 1986   /  Phys Rev C, 33 (2), 595-604
- - -
STIS Near Ultraviolet Time-Tagged Spectra of the Crab Pulsar
Theodore R. Gull; Don J. Lindler; D. Michael Crenshaw; Joseph F. Dolan; Stephen J. Hulbert; Steven B. Kraemer; Peter Lundqvist; Kailash C. Sahu; Jesper Sollerman; George Sonneborn; Bruce E. Woodgate;
31 Dec 1997
- - -

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