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08 August 2020
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The Clustering Properties of Lyman-Break Galaxies at Redshift z~3
Cristiano Porciani; Mauro Giavalisco;
24 Jul 2001
- - -
Rest-frame Ultraviolet-to-Optical Properties of Galaxies at z ~ 6 and 5 in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field: from Hubble to Spitzer
Haojing Yan; Mark Dickinson; Daniel Stern; Peter R. M. Eisenhardt; Ranga-Ram Chary; Mauro Giavalisco; Henry C. Ferguson; Stefano Casertano; Christopher J. Conselice; Casey Papovich; William T. Reach; Norman Grogin; Leonidas A. Moustakas; Masami Ouchi;
28 Jul 2005
- - -
The Evolution of the Optical and Near-Infrared Galaxy Luminosity Functions and Luminosity Densities to z~2
Tomas Dahlen; Bahram Mobasher; Rachel S. Somerville; Leonidas A. Moustakas; Mark Dickinson; Henry C. Ferguson; Mauro Giavalisco;
13 May 2005
- - -
The Assembly of Diversity in the Morphologies and Stellar Populations of High-Redshift Galaxies
Casey Papovich; Mark Dickinson; Mauro Giavalisco; Christopher J. Conselice; Henry C. Ferguson;
6 Dec 2004
- - -
Evolution in the Colors of Lyman-Break Galaxies from Z~4 to Z~3
Casey Papovich; Mark Dickinson; Henry C. Ferguson; Mauro Giavalisco; Jennifer Lotz; Piero Madau; Rafal Idzi; Claudia Kretchmer; Leonidas A. Moustakas; Duilia F. de Mello; Jonathan P. Gardner; Marcia J. Rieke; Rachel S. Somerville; Daniel Stern;
30 Oct 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 600 (2004) L111-L114
- - -
The Internal Ultraviolet-to-Optical Color Dispersion: Quantifying the Morphological K-Correction
Casey Papovich; Mauro Giavalisco; Mark Dickinson; Christopher J. Conselice; Henry C. Ferguson;
21 Aug 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 598 (2003) 827-847
- - -
Clustering Segregation With UV Luminosity in Lyman-Break Galaxies at z~3 and Its Implications
Mauro Giavalisco; Mark Dickinson;
12 Dec 2000
- - -
The Ultraviolet Spectrum of MS 1512-cB58: An Insight into Lyman Break Galaxies
Max Pettini Charles C. Steidel Kurt L. Adelberger Mark Dickinson Mauro Giavalisco;
2 Aug 1999
- - -
HST Observations of the Host Galaxies of BL Lacertae Objects
C. Megan Urry; Renato Falomo; Riccardo Scarpa; Joseph E. Pesce; Aldo Treves; Mauro Giavalisco;
5 Sep 1998
- - -
Infared Observations of Nebular Emission Lines from Galaxies at z = 3
Max Pettini Melinda Kellogg Charles C. Steidel Mark Dickinson Kurt L. Adelberger Mauro Giavalisco;
16 Jun 1998
- - -
The Angular Clustering of Lyman-Break Galaxies at Redshift z=3
Mauro Giavalisco; Charles C. Steidel; Kurt L. Adelberger; Mark E. Dickinson; Max Pettini; Melinda Kellogg;
25 Feb 1998   /  Astrophys.J. 503 (1998) 543
- - -
The Discovery of Primeval Galaxies and the Epoch of Galaxy Formation
Max Pettini; Charles C. Steidel; Kurt L. Adelberger . Melinda Kellogg; Mark Dickinson; Mauro Giavalisco;
12 Aug 1997
- - -
The Spectra of Star Forming Galaxies at High Redshift
Max Pettini; Charles C. Steidel; Mark Dickinson; Melinda Kellogg; Mauro Giavalisco; Kurt L. Adelberger;
18 Jul 1997
- - -
Spectroscopy of Lyman Break Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field
Charles C. Steidel; Mauro Giavalisco; Mark Dickinson; Kurt L. Adelberger;
23 Apr 1996
- - -
The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey: Initial Results From Optical and Near-Infrared Imaging
M. Giavalisco; the GOODS Team;
3 Sep 2003
- - -
The Rest-Frame UV Luminosity Density of Star-Forming Galaxies at Redshifts z>3.5
M. Giavalisco; M. Dickinson; H. C. Ferguson; S. Ravindranath; C. Kretchmer; L. A. Moustakas; P. Madau; S. M. Fall; Jonathan P. Gardner; M. Livio; C. Papovich; A. Renzini; H. Spinrad; D. Stern; A. Riess;
2 Sep 2003
- - -
The CANDELS/SHARDS multi-wavelength catalog in GOODS-N: Photometry, Photometric Redshifts, Stellar Masses, Emission line fluxes and Star Formation Rates
Guillermo Barro; Pablo G. Perez-Gonzalez; Antonio Cava; Gabriel Brammer; Viraj Pandya; Carmen Eliche Moral; Pilar Esquej; Helena Dominguez-Sanchez; Belen Alcalde Pampliega; Yicheng Guo; Anton M. Koekemoer; Jonathan R. Trump; Matthew L. N. Ashby; Nicolas Cardiel; Marco Castellano; Christopher J. Conselice; Mark E. Dickinson; Timothy Dolch; Jennifer L. Donley; Nestor Espino Briones; Sandra M. Faber; Giovanni G. Fazio; Henry Ferguson; Steve Finkelstein; Adriano Fontana; Audrey Galametz; Jonathan P. Gardner; Eric Gawiser; Mauro Giavalisco; Andrea Grazian; Norman A. Grogin; Nimish P. Hathi; Shoubaneh Hemmati; Antonio Hernan-Caballero; Dale Kocevski; David C. Koo; Dritan Kodra; Kyoung-Soo Lee; Lihwai Lin; Ray A. Lucas; Bahram Mobasher; Elizabeth J. McGrath; Kirpal Nandra; Hooshang Nayyeri; Jeffrey A. Newman; Janine Pforr; Michael Peth; Marc Rafelski; Lucia Rodriguez-Munoz; Mara Salvato; Mauro Stefanon; Arjen van der Wel; Steven P. Willner; Tommy Wiklind; Stijn Wuyts;
1 Aug 2019
- - -
Early forecasts of the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreaks and quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of countering measures
Emanuele Daddi; Mauro Giavalisco;
17 Apr 2020
- - -
Origin of Star-Forming Rings around Massive Centres in Massive Galaxies at $z!<!4$
Avishai Dekel; Sharon Lapiner; Omri Ginzburg; Jonathan Freundlich; Fangzhou Jiang; Doug Lin; Daniel Ceverino; Joel Primack; Mauro Giavalisco; Zhiyuan Ji;
19 Mar 2020
- - -
Another Servicing Mission to Extend Hubble Space Telescope's Science past the Next Decade
Mercedes López-Morales; Kevin France; Francesco R. Ferraro; Rupali Chandar; Steven Finkelstein; Stephane Charlot; Gilda Ballester; Melina. C. Bersten; José M. Diego; Gastón Folatelli; Domingo García-Senz; Mauro Giavalisco; Rolf A. Jansen; Patrick L. Kelly; Thomas Maccarone; Seth Redfield; Pilar Ruiz-Lapuente; Steve Shore; Nitya Kallivayalil; 229 co-signers;
10 Jul 2019
- - -

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