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06 August 2020
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Results 1 to 5 of 5 for query "N. Balucani". (0.02 sec.)

SOLIS II. Carbon-chain growth in the Solar-type protocluster OMC2-FIR4
F. Fontani; C. Ceccarelli; C. Favre; P. Caselli; R. Neri; I.R. Sims; C. Kahane; F. Alves; N. Balucani; E. Bianchi; E. Caux; A. Jaber Al-Edhari; A. Lopez-Sepulcre; J.E. Pineda; R. Bachiller; L. Bizzocchi; S. Bottinelli; A. Chacon-Tanarro; R. Choudhury; C. Codella; A. Coutens; F. Dulieu; S. Feng; A. Rimola; P. Hily-Blant; J. Holdship; I. Jimenez-Serra; J. Laas; B. Lefloch; Y. Oya; L. Podio; A. Pon; A. Punanova; D. Quenard; N. Sakai; S. Spezzano; V. Taquet; L. Testi; P. Theulé; P. Ugliengo; C. Vastel; A.I. Vasyunin; S. Viti; S. Yamamoto; L. Wiesenfeld;
5 Jul 2017
- - -
Silicon-bearing molecules in the shock L1157-B1: first detection of SiS around a Sun-like protostar
L. Podio; C. Codella; B. Lefloch; N. Balucani; C. Ceccarelli; R. Bachiller; M. Benedettini; J. Cernicharo; N. Faginas-Lago; F. Fontani; A. Gusdorf; M. Rosi;
4 May 2017
- - -
Quantum effects in the differential cross Ssctions for the insertion reaction N(2D) + H2
Nadia Balucani; Laura Cartechini; Giovanni Capozza; Enrico Segoloni; Piergiorgio Casavecchia; Gian Gualberto Volpi; F Javier Aoiz; Luis Baņares; Pascal Honvault; Jean-Michel Launay;
1 Jul 2002   /  Phys Rev Lett, 89 (1), 013201
- - -
Differential cross sections from quantum calculations on coupled Ab initio potential energy surfaces and scattering experiments for Cl(2P)+H2 reactions
N Balucani; D Skouteris; L Cartechini; G Capozza; E Segoloni; P Casavecchia; M H Alexander; G Capecchi; H-J Werner;
4 Jul 2003   /  Phys Rev Lett, 91 (1), 013201
- - -
Infrared emission spectra of candidate interstellar aromatic molecules
Cook DJ; S Schlemmer; N Balucani; D R Wagner; B Steiner; R J Saykally;
21 Mar 1996   /  Nature, 380 (6571), 227-9
- - -
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