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23 May 2022
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Dynamics and Coalitions in Sequential Games
Thomas Brihaye; Gilles Geeraerts; Marion Hallet; Stéphane Le Roux;
7 Sep 2017
- - -
NIBLES - an HI census of stellar mass selected SDSS galaxies: I. The Nanc{c}ay HI survey
W. van Driel; Z. Butcher; S. Schneider; M.D. Lehnert; R. Minchin; S-L. Blyth; L. Chemin; N. Hallet; T. Joseph; P. Kotze; R.C. Kraan-Korteweg; A.O.H. Olofsson; M. Ramatsoku;
10 Jul 2016
- - -
Acute graft versus host disease due to T lymphocytes recognizing a single HLA-DPB1*0501 mismatch.
Gaschet, J; Lim, A; Liem, L; Vivien, R; Hallet, M M; Harousseau, J L; Even, J; Goulmy, E; Bonneville, M; Milpied, N; Vié, H;
- - -
A rapid miniprep method for the preparation of yeast mitochondrial DNA.
Defontaine, A; Lecocq, F M; Hallet, J N;
- - -
Specificity of T cells invading the skin during acute graft-vs.-host disease after semiallogeneic bone marrow transplantation.
Gaschet, J; Mahé, B; Milpied, N; Devilder, M C; Dréno, B; Bignon, J D; Davodeau, F; Hallet, M M; Bonneville, M; Vié, H;
- - -
Genetic diversity and geographical distribution of wild Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains from the wine-producing area of Charentes, France.
Versavaud, A; Courcoux, P; Roulland, C; Dulau, L; Hallet, J N;
- - -
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