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22 October 2021
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Results 1 to 10 of 10 for query "New Horizons Science Team". (0.08 sec.)

Red, Rough, Fast, and Perturbed: New Horizons Observations of KBO (15810) 1994 JR1 from the Kuiper Belt
Simon B. Porter; John R. Spencer; Susan Benecchi; Anne Verbiscer; Amanda M. Zangari; H. A. Weaver; Tod R. Lauer; Alex H. Parker; Marc W. Buie; Andrew F. Cheng; Leslie A. Young; Cathy B. Olkin; Kimberly Ennico; S. Alan Stern; New Horizons Science Team;
17 May 2016
- - -
Constraints on the Microphysics of Pluto's Photochemical Haze from New Horizons Observations
Peter Gao; Siteng Fan; Michael L. Wong; Mao-Chang Liang; Run-Lie Shia; Joshua A. Kammer; Yuk L. Yung; Michael E. Summers; G. Randall Gladstone; Leslie A. Young; Catherine B. Olkin; Kimberly Ennico; Harold A. Weaver; S. Alan Stern; New Horizons Science Team;
6 Oct 2016
- - -
The Atmosphere of Pluto as Observed by New Horizons
G. Randall Gladstone; S. Alan Stern; Kimberly Ennico; Catherine B. Olkin; Harold A. Weaver; Leslie A. Young; Michael E. Summers; Darrell F. Strobel; David P. Hinson; Joshua A. Kammer; Alex H. Parker; Andrew J. Steffl; Ivan R. Linscott; Joel Wm. Parker; Andrew F. Cheng; David C. Slater; Maarten H. Versteeg; Thomas K. Greathouse; Kurt D. Retherford; Henry Throop; Nathaniel J. Cunningham; William W. Woods; Kelsi N. Singer; Constantine C. C. Tsang; Eric Schindhelm; Carey M. Lisse; Michael L. Wong; Yuk L. Yung; Xun Zhu; Werner Curdt; Panayotis Lavvas; Eliot F. Young; G. Leonard Tyler; New Horizons Science Team;
18 Apr 2016
- - -
Constraining the final merger of contact binary(486958) Arrokoth with soft-sphere discrete element simulations
J. C. Marohnic; D. C. Richardson; W. B. McKinnon; H. F. Agrusa; J. V. DeMartini; A. F. Cheng; S. A. Stern; C. B. Olkin; H. A. Weaver; J. R. Spencer; New Horizons Science team;
13 May 2020
- - -
The solar nebula origin of (486958) Arrokoth, a primordial contact binary in the Kuiper belt
W. B. McKinnon; D. C. Richardson; J. C. Marohnic; J. T. Keane; W. M. Grundy; D. P. Hamilton; D. Nesvorny; O. M. Umurhan; T. R. Lauer; K. N. Singer; S. A. Stern; H. A. Weaver; J. R. Spencer; M. W. Buie; J. M. Moore; J. J. Kavelaars; C. M. Lisse; X. Mao; A. H. Parker; S. B. Porter; M. R. Showalter; C. B. Olkin; D. P. Cruikshank; H. A. Elliott; G. R. Gladstone; J. W. Parker; A. J. Verbiscer; L. A. Young; New Horizons Science Team;
12 Mar 2020
- - -
Overview of initial results from the reconnaissance flyby of a Kuiper Belt planetesimal: 2014 MU69
S.A. Stern; J.R. Spencer; H.A. Weaver; C.B. Olkin; J.M. Moore; W. Grundy; R. Gladstone; W.B. McKinnon; D.P. Cruikshank; L.A. Young; H.A. Elliott; A.J. Verbiscer; J.Wm. Parker; New Horizons Team;
9 Jan 2019
- - -
The UIT Survey of the Ultraviolet Sky Background
William H. Waller; Theodore P. Stecher; Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope Science Team;
13 Dec 1996
- - -
OSIRIS-REx: Sample Return from Asteroid (101955) Bennu
D.S. Lauretta; S.S. Balram-Knutson; E. Beshore; W.V. Boynton; C. Drouet dAubigny; D.N. DellaGiustina; H.L. Enos; D.R. Gholish; C.W. Hergenrother; E.S. Howell; C.A. Johnson; E.T. Morton; M.C. Nolan; B. Rizk; H.L. Roper; A.E. Bartels; B.J. Bos; J.P. Dworkin; D.E. Highsmith; D.A. Lorenz; L.F. Lim; R. Mink; M.C. Moreau; J.A. Nuth; D.C. Reuter; A.A. Simon; E.B. Bierhaus; B.H. Bryan; R. Ballouz; O.S. Barnouin; R.P. Binzel; W.F. Bottke; V.E. Hamilton; K.J. Walsh; S.R. Chesley; P.R. Christensen; B.E. Clark; H.C. Connolly; M.K. Crombie; M.G. Daly; J.P. Emery; T.J. McCoy; J.W. McMahon; D.J. Scheeres; S. Messenger; K. Nakamura-Messenger; K. Righter; S.A. Sandford;
22 Feb 2017
- - -
Astrophysics Conducted by the Lunar University Network for Astrophysics Research (LUNAR) and the Center for Lunar Origins (CLOE)
Jack O. Burns; T. Joseph W. Lazio; William Bottke;
11 Sep 2012
- - -
Advancing the Scientific Frontier with Increasingly Autonomous Systems
Rashied Amini; Abigail Azari; Shyam Bhaskaran; Patricia Beauchamp; Julie Castillo-Rogez; Rebecca Castano; Seung Chung; John Day; Richard Doyle; Martin Feather; Lorraine Fesq; Jeremy Frank; P. Michael Furlong; Michel Ingham; Brian Kennedy; Ksenia Kolcio; Issa Nesnas; Robert Rasmussen; Glenn Reeves; Cristina Sorice; Bethany Theiling; Jay Wyatt;
15 Sep 2020
- - -
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