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08 December 2021
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Results 1 to 5 of 5 for query "Nic Ross". (0.02 sec.)

Near Infrared Photometric properties of 130,000 Quasars: An SDSS-UKIDSS matched catalog
Michael Peth; Nic Ross; Donald Schneider;
19 Dec 2010
- - -
Radio galaxies in the 2SLAQ Luminous Red Galaxy Survey: I. The evolution of low-power radio galaxies to z~0.7
Elaine M. Sadler; Russell D. Cannon; Tom Mauch; Paul J. Hancock; David A. Wake; Nic Ross; Scott M. Croom; Michael J. Drinkwater; Alastair C. Edge; Daniel Eisenstein; Andrew M. Hopkins; Helen Johnston; Robert Nichol; Kevin A. Pimbblet; Roberto De Propris; Isaac G. Roseboom; Donald P. Schneider; Tom Shanks;
1 Dec 2006
- - -
The 2dF-SDSS LRG and QSO Survey: The Star Formation Histories of Luminous Red Galaxies
Isaac G. Roseboom; Kevin A. Pimbblet; Michael J. Drinkwater; Russell D. Cannon; Roberto De Propris; Alastair C. Edge; Daniel J. Eisenstein; Robert C. Nichol; Ian Smail; David A. Wake; Joss Bland Hawthorn; Terry J. Bridges; Daniel Carson; Matthew Colless; Warrick J. Couch; Scott M. Croom; Simon P. Driver; Paul C. Hewett; Jon Loveday; Nic Ross; Donald P. Schneider; Tom Shanks; Robert G. Sharp; Peter Weilbacher;
7 Sep 2006
- - -
MegaZ-LRG: A photometric redshift catalogue of one million SDSS Luminous Red Galaxies
Adrian Collister; Ofer Lahav; Chris Blake; Russell Cannon; Scott Croom; Michael Drinkwater; Alastair Edge; Daniel Eisenstein; Jon Loveday; Robert Nichol; Kevin Pimbblet; Roberto De Propris; Isaac Roseboom; Nic Ross; Donald P. Schneider; Tom Shanks; David Wake;
27 Jul 2006
- - -
Design drivers for a wide-field multi-object spectrograph for the William Herschel Telescope
Marc Balcells; Chris R. Benn; David Carter; Gavin B. Dalton; Scott C. Trager; Sofia Feltzing; Marc A. W. Verheijen; Matt Jarvis; Will Percival; Don C. Abrams; Tibor Agocs; Anthony G. A. Brown; Diego Cano; Chris Evans; Amina Helmi; Ian J. Lewis; Ross McLure; Reynier F. Peletier; Ismael Perez-Fournon; Ray M. Sharples; Ian A. J. Tosh; Ignacio Trujillo; Nic Walton; Kyle B. Westfall;
3 Aug 2010
- - -
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