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14 July 2020
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Magnetostrictive Neel ordering of the spin-5/2 ladder compound BaMn2O3: distortion-induced lifting of geometrical frustration
M. Valldor; O. Heyer; A.C. Komarek; A. Senyshyn; M. Braden; T. Lorenz;
6 Oct 2010
- - -
Phase diagram and isotope effect in (PrEu)_0.7Ca_0.3CoO_3 cobaltites exhibiting spin-state transitions
A. V. Kalinov; O. Yu. Gorbenko; A. N. Taldenkov; J. Rohrkamp; O. Heyer; S. Jodlauk; N. A. Babushkina; L. M. Fisher; A. R. Kaul; D. I. Khomskii; K. I. Kugel; T. Lorenz;
16 Sep 2009
- - -
A large-scale CO survey of the Rosette Molecular Cloud: assessing the effects of O stars on surrounding molecular gas
W. R. F. Dent; G. Hovey; P. E. Dewdney; T. Burgess; A. G. Willis; J. F. Lightfoot; T. Jenness; J. Leech; H. E. Matthews; M. Heyer; C. Poulton;
24 Feb 2009
- - -
Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg S=5/2 spin chain compound SrMn$_2$V$_2$O$_8$
Sandra K. Niesen; Oliver Heyer; Thomas Lorenz; Martin Valldor;
9 Mar 2011
- - -
Measurements of thermodynamic and transport properties of EuC$_2$: a low-temperature analogue of EuO
O. Heyer; P. Link; D. Wandner; U. Ruschewitz; T. Lorenz;
4 Mar 2011
- - -
Intrinsic scattering in pnictides: transport properties of LiFeAs single crystals
O. Heyer; T. Lorenz; V.B. Zabolotnyy; D.V. Evtushinsky; S.V. Borisenko; I. Morozov; L. Harnagea; S. Wurmehl; C. Hess; B. Buechner;
14 Oct 2010
- - -
Superconductivity in SnO: a Nonmagnetic Analog to Fe-based Superconductors?
M. K. Forthaus; K. Sengupta; O. Heyer; N. E. Christensen; A. Svane; K. Syassen; D. I. Khomskii; T. Lorenz; M. M. Abd-Elmeguid;
20 Sep 2010
- - -
Diverging thermal expansion of the spin-ladder system (C$_5$H$_{12}$N)$_2$CuBr$_4$
T. Lorenz; O. Heyer; M. Garst; F. Anfuso; A. Rosch; Ch. Ruegg; K. Kramer;
9 Nov 2007
- - -
Thermal expansion of the magnetically ordering intermetallics RTMg (R = Eu, Gd and T = Ag, Au)
J. Rohrkamp; O. Heyer; T. Fickenscher; R. Poettgen; S. Jodlauk; H. Hartmann; T. Lorenz; J.A. Mydosh;
21 Aug 2007
- - -
Thermodynamic properties of the field-induced Neel order of TlCuCl3
S. Stark; O. Heyer; A. Vasiliev; A. Oosawa; H. Tanaka; T. Lorenz;
17 Oct 2006
- - -
Thermodynamics of the coupled spin-dimer system TlCuCl3 close to a quantum phase transition
T. Lorenz; S. Stark; O. Heyer; N. Hollmann; A. Vasiliev; A. Oosawa; H. Tanaka;
14 Sep 2006
- - -
A New Multiferroic Material: MnWO4
O. Heyer; N. Hollmann; I. Klassen; S. Jodlauk; L. Bohaty; P. Becker; J. A. Mydosh; T. Lorenz; D. Khomskii;
23 Aug 2006
- - -
THOR - The HI, OH, Recombination Line Survey of the Milky Way - The pilot study: HI observations of the giant molecular cloud W43
S. Bihr; H. Beuther; J. Ott; K.G. Johnston; A. Brunthaler; L. D. Anderson; F. Bigiel; P. Carlhoff; E. Churchwell; S.C.O. Glover; P.F. Goldsmith; F. Heitsch; T. Henning; M.H. Heyer; T. Hill; A. Hughes; R.S. Klessen; H. Linz; S.N. Longmore; N.M. McClure-Griffiths; K.M. Menten; F. Motte; Q. Nguyen-Lu'o'ng; R. Plume; S.E. Ragan; N. Roy; P. Schilke; N. Schneider; R.J. Smith; J.M. Stil; J.S. Urquhart; A.J. Walsh; F. Walter;
19 May 2015
- - -
Continuum sources from the THOR survey between 1 and 2 GHz
S. Bihr; K.G. Johnston; H. Beuther; L.D. Anderson; J. Ott; M. Rugel; F. Bigiel; A. Brunthaler; S.C.O. Glover; T. Henning; M.H. Heyer; R.S. Klessen; H. Linz; S.N. Longmore; N.M. McClure-Griffiths; K.M. Menten; R. Plume; T. Schierhuber; R. Shanahan; J.M. Stil; J.S. Urquhart; A.J. Walsh;
13 Jan 2016
- - -
Early Science with the Large Millimeter Telescope: CO and [C II] Emission in the z=4.3 AzTEC J095942.9+022938 (COSMOS AzTEC-1)
Min S. Yun; I. Aretxaga; M. A. Gurwell; D. H. Hughes; A. Montaña; G. Narayanan; D. Rosa González; D. Sánchez-Argüelles; F. P. Schloerb; R. L. Snell; O. Vega; G. W. Wilson; M. Zeballos; M. Chavez; J. R. Cybulski; T. Díaz-Santos; V. De la Luz; N. Erickson; D. Ferrusca; H. B. Gim; M. H. Heyer; D. Iono; A. Pope; S. M. Rogstad; K. S. Scott; K. Souccar; E. Terlevich; R. Terlevich; D. Wilner; J. A. Zavala;
22 Aug 2015
- - -
The COMPLETE Survey of Star-Forming Regions: Phase I Data
Naomi A. Ridge; James Di Francesco; Helen Kirk; Di Li; Alyssa A. Goodman; João F. Alves; Héctor G. Arce; Michelle A. Borkin; Paola Caselli; Jonathan B. Foster; Mark H. Heyer; Doug Johnstone; David A. Kosslyn; Marco Lombardi; Jaime E. Pineda; Scott L. Schnee; Mario Tafalla;
24 Feb 2006
- - -
High-affinity neuropeptide Y receptor antagonists.
Daniels, A J; Matthews, J E; Slepetis, R J; Jansen, M; Viveros, O H; Tadepalli, A; Harrington, W; Heyer, D; Landavazo, A; Leban, J J;
- - -
Identification of a chicken RAD52 homologue suggests conservation of the RAD52 recombination pathway throughout the evolution of higher eukaryotes.
Bezzubova, O Y; Schmidt, H; Ostermann, K; Heyer, W D; Buerstedde, J M;
- - -
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