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11 August 2020
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Compton Scattering off Relativistic Bound States: Two-Photon Vertices, Ward-Takahashi Identities, Gauge Invariance and Low-Energy Limit
Matthias Koll; Ralf Ricken;
16 Mar 2001
- - -
The upGREAT 1.9 THz multi-pixel high resolution spectrometer for the SOFIA Observatory
C. Risacher; R. Guesten; J. Stutzki; H.-W. Huebers; A. Bell; C. Buchbender; D. Buechel; T. Csengeri; U. U. Graf; S. Heyminck; R. D. Higgins; C. E. Honingh; K. Jacobs; B. Klein; Y. Okada; A. Parikka; P. Puetz; N. Reyes; O. Ricken; D. Riquelme; R. Simon; H. Wiesemeyer;
14 Jul 2016
- - -
L1599B: Cloud Envelope and C+ Emission in a Region of Moderately Enhanced Radiation Field
Paul F. Goldsmith; Jorge L. Pineda; William D. Langer; Tie Liu; Miguel Requena-Torres; Oliver Ricken; Denise Riquelme;
8 Apr 2016
- - -
Spectroscopically resolved far-IR observations of the massive star-forming region G5.89--0.39
S. Leurini; F. Wyrowski; H. Wiesemeyer; A. Gusdorf; R. Guesten; K.M. Menten; M. Gerin; F. Levrier; H.W. Huebers; K. Jacobs; O. Ricken; H. Richter;
1 Oct 2015
- - -
The ionized and hot gas in M17 SW: SOFIA/GREAT THz observations of [C II] and 12CO J=13-12
H. Wiesemeyer; V. Ossenkopf; J. Stutzki; R. Guesten; R. Simon; H.-W. Huebers; O. Ricken; G. Sandell;
7 Mar 2012
- - -
The structure of hot gas in Cepheus B
B. Mookerjea; V. Ossenkopf; O. Ricken; R. Guesten; U. U. Graf; K. Jacobs; C. Kramer; R. Simon; J. Stutzki;
5 Mar 2012
- - -
Discovery of interstellar mercapto radicals (SH) with the GREAT instrument on SOFIA
D. A. Neufeld; E. Falgarone; M. Gerin; B. Godard; E. Herbst; G. Pineau des Forêts; A. I. Vasyunin; R. Güsten; H. Wiesemeyer; O. Ricken;
14 Feb 2012
- - -
Spiral Growth and Step Edge Barrier
A. Redinger; O. Ricken; P. Kuhn; A. Raetz; A. Voigt; J. Krug; T. Michely;
14 Sep 2007
- - -
A Relativistic Quark Model for Mesons with an Instanton-Induced Interaction
Matthias Koll; Ralf Ricken; Dirk Merten; Bernard Metsch; Herbert Petry;
21 Aug 2000   /  Eur.Phys.J. A9 (2000) 73-94
- - -
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