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19 January 2022
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Results 1 to 12 of 12 for query "P A Bretscher". (0.01 sec.)

A strategy for prophylactic vaccination against HIV
J Salk; P A Bretscher; P L Salk; M Clerici; G M Shearer;
28 May 1993   /  Science, 260 (5112), 1270-2
- - -
Establishment of stable, cell-mediated immunity that makes "susceptible" mice resistant to Leishmania major
P A Bretscher; G Wei; J N Menon; H Bielefeldt-Ohmann;
24 Jul 1992   /  Science, 257 (5069), 539-42
- - -
Models for haem-haem interaction
P A Bretscher;
10 Aug 1968   /  Nature, 219 (5154), 606-7
- - -
Minimal model for the mechanism of antibody induction and paralysis by antigen
P A Bretscher; M Cohn;
2 Nov 1968   /  Nature, 220 (5166), 444-8
- - -
A theory of self-nonself discrimination
P Bretscher; M Cohn;
11 Sep 1970   /  Science, 169 (950), 1042-9
- - -
Low-energy modes in quasicrystalline and glassy Pd58.8Si20.6U20.6: A comparative study by neutron inelastic scattering
J Suck; H Bretscher; H Rudin; P Grütter; H Güntherodt;
6 Jul 1987   /  Phys Rev Lett, 59 (1), 102-105
- - -
Insight into the molecular basis of pathogen abundance: Group A Streptococcus inhibitor of complement inhibits bacterial adherence and internalization into human cells
Hoe, Nancy P.; Ireland, Robin M.; DeLeo, Frank R.; Gowen, Brian B.; Dorward, David W.; Voyich, Jovanka M.; Liu, Mengyao; Burns, Eugene H.; Culnan, Derek M.; Bretscher, Anthony; Musser, James M.;
- - -
The secretion-stimulated 80K phosphoprotein of parietal cells is ezrin, and has properties of a membrane cytoskeletal linker in the induced apical microvilli.
Hanzel, D; Reggio, H; Bretscher, A; Forte, J G; Mangeat, P;
- - -
Nutrition of Myxococcus xanthus, a fruiting myxobacterium.
Bretscher, A P; Kaiser, D;
- - -
Ultrafast Tracking of Exciton and Charge Carrier Transport in Optoelectronic Materials on the Nanometer Scale
Christoph Schnedermann; Jooyoung Sung; Raj Pandya; Sachin Dev Verma; Richard Y. S. Chen; Nicolas Gauriot; Hope M. Bretscher; Philipp Kukura; Akshay Rao;
11 Dec 2019
- - -
Global mapping of the yeast genetic interaction network
Amy Hin Yan Tong; Guillaume Lesage; Gary D Bader; Huiming Ding; Hong Xu; Xiaofeng Xin; James Young; Gabriel F Berriz; Renee L Brost; Michael Chang; YiQun Chen; Xin Cheng; Gordon Chua; Helena Friesen; Debra S Goldberg; Jennifer Haynes; Christine Humphries; Grace He; Shamiza Hussein; Lizhu Ke; Nevan Krogan; Zhijian Li; Joshua N Levinson; Hong Lu; Patrice Ménard; Christella Munyana; Ainslie B Parsons; Owen Ryan; Raffi Tonikian; Tania Roberts; Anne-Marie Sdicu; Jesse Shapiro; Bilal Sheikh; Bernhard Suter; Sharyl L Wong; Lan V Zhang; Hongwei Zhu; Christopher G Burd; Sean Munro; Chris Sander; Jasper Rine; Jack Greenblatt; Matthias Peter; Anthony Bretscher; Graham Bell; Frederick P Roth; Grant W Brown; Brenda Andrews; Howard Bussey; Charles Boone;
6 Feb 2004   /  Science, 303 (5659), 808-13
- - -
Purification of tropomyosin from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and identification of related proteins in Schizosaccharomyces and Physarum.
Liu, H P; Bretscher, A;
- - -
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