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26 January 2021
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Can crack front waves explain the roughness of cracks ?
E. Bouchaud; J-P Bouchaud; D.S. Fisher; S. Ramananthan; J.R. Rice;
16 Aug 2001
- - -
Two-Level Atom in an Optical Parametric Oscillator: Spectra of Transmitted and Fluorescent Fields in the Weak Driving Field Limit
J. P. Clemens; P. R. Rice; P. K. Rungta; R. J. Brecha;
28 Jul 1999
- - -
Output Spectrum of Single-Atom Lasers
J. P. Clemens; P. R. Rice; L. M. Pedrotti;
26 Jul 1999
- - -
Nonclassical effects in a driven atoms/cavity system in the presence of arbitrary driving field and dephasing
J. P. Clemens; P. R. Rice;
22 Jul 1999
- - -
A P-type ATPase required for rice blast disease and induction of host resistance
Martin J Gilbert; Christopher R Thornton; Gavin E Wakley; Nicholas J Talbot;
23 Mar 2006   /  Nature, 440 (7083), 535-9
- - -
Fractional non-Brownian motion and trapping-time distributions of grains in rice piles
K I Hopcraft; R M Tanner; E Jakeman; J P Graves;
31 Jul 2001   /  Phys Rev E, 64 (2 Pt 2), 026121
- - -
Performance of QAM Schemes with Dual-Hop DF Relaying Systems over Mixed $eta$-$mu$ and $kappa$-$mu$ Fading Channels
Dharmendra Dixit; P. R. Sahu;
9 Sep 2015
- - -
Effects of non-nucleonic degrees of freedom in the D(p
G J Schmid; M Viviani; B J Rice; R M Chasteler; M A Godwin; G C Kiang; L L Kiang; A Kievsky; C M Laymon; R M Prior; R Schiavilla; D R Tilley; H R Weller;
22 Apr 1996   /  Phys Rev Lett, 76 (17), 3088-3091
- - -
Approaching the precursor nuclei of the third r-process peak with RIBs
C. Domingo-Pardo; R. Caballero-Folch; J. Agramunt; A. Algora; A. Arcones; F. Ameil; Y. Ayyad; J. Benlliure; M. Bowry; F. Calviño; D. Cano-Ott; G. Cortés; T. Davinson; I. Dillmann; A. Estrade; A. Evdokimov; T. Faestermann; F. Farinon; D. Galaviz; A. García-Rios; H. Geissel; W. Gelletly; R. Gernhäuser; M.B. Gómez-Hornillos; C. Guerrero; M. Heil; C. Hinke; R. Knöbel; I. Kojouharov; J. Kurcewicz; N. Kurz; Y. Litvinov; L. Maier; J. Marganiec; M. Marta; T. Martínez; G. Martínez-Pinedo; B.S. Meyer; F. Montes; I. Mukha; D.R. Napoli; Ch. Nociforo; C. Paradela; S. Pietri; Z. Podolyák; A. Prochazka; S. Rice; A. Riego; B. Rubio; H. Schaffner; Ch. Scheidenberger; K. Smith; E. Sokol; K. Steiger; B. Sun; J.L. Taín; M. Takechi; D. Testov; H. Weick; E. Wilson; J.S. Winfield; R. Wood; P. Woods; A. Yeremin;
12 Sep 2013
- - -
Practical long-distance quantum key distribution system using decoy levels
D. Rosenberg; C. G. Peterson; J. W. Harrington; P. R. Rice; N. Dallmann; K. T. Tyagi; K. P. McCabe; S. Nam; B. Baek; R. H. Hadfield; R. J. Hughes; J. E. Nordholt;
18 Jun 2008
- - -
Enhanced Spontaneous Emission Into The Mode Of A Cavity QED System
M. L. Terraciano; R. Olson Knell; D. L. Freimund; L. A. Orozco; J. P. Clemens; P. R. Rice;
16 Feb 2007
- - -
Photoelectron waiting times and atomic state reduction in resonance fluorescence
H J Carmichael; S Singh; R Vyas; P R Rice;
1 Feb 1989   /  Phys Rev A, 39 (3), 1200-1218
- - -
Subnatural linewidth averaging for coupled atomic and cavity-mode oscillators
H J Carmichael; R J Brecha; M G Raizen; H J Kimble; P R Rice;
15 Nov 1989   /  Phys Rev A, 40 (10), 5516-5519
- - -
Spectrum of spontaneous emission into the mode of a cavity QED system
M. L. Terraciano; R. Olson; D. L. Freimund; L. A. Orozco; P. R. Rice;
10 Jan 2006
- - -
Some comments on the note "Some comments on the paper 'Filter design for the detection of compact sources based on the Neyman-Pearson detector' by M. Lopez-Caniego et. al (2005, MNRAS 359, 993)" by R. Vio and P. Andreani (astroph/0509394)
M. Lopez-Caniego; D. Herranz; R.B. Barreiro; J.L. Sanz;
23 Sep 2005
- - -
Accurate Internal Proper Motions of Globular Clusters
L. R. Bedin; G. Piotto; J. Anderson; I. R. King;
13 Mar 2003
- - -
Time evolution and squeezing of the field amplitude in cavity QED
J.E. Reiner; W.P. Smith; L.A. Orozco; H.J. Carmichael; P.R. Rice;
18 Dec 2000
- - -
Dynamical spectral weight in YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_y$ probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
J.-Y. Lin; P. R. Lee; Y. T. Liu; Chung-Yu Mou; Y.-J. Chen; K. H. Wu; C. W. Luo; J. Y. Juang; T. M. Uen; J. M. Lee; J. M. Chen;
14 Sep 2010
- - -
Laser with injected squeezed vacuum: Phase diffusion and intensity fluctuations
P R Rice; X Yin; J Walden; J Gea-Banacloche; L M Pedrotti; J E Mullen;
31 Oct 1994   /  Phys Rev A, 50 (5), 4176-4187
- - -
Photon statistics of a cavity-QED laser: A comment on the laser-phase-transition analogy
P R Rice; H J Carmichael;
31 Oct 1994   /  Phys Rev A, 50 (5), 4318-4329
- - -

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