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20 February 2020
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Optical follow-up of the REFLEX survey: a new perspective in cluster studies
L. T. Barone; E. Molinari; H. Boehringer; G. Chinarini; C. A. Collins; L. Guzzo; P. D. Lynam; D. M. Neumann; T. Reiprich; S. Schindler; P. Schuecker;
15 Sep 2000
- - -
Diffuse radio emission in a REFLEX cluster
L. Feretti; P. Schuecker; H. Boehringer; F. Govoni; G. Giovannini;
10 Aug 2005
- - -
The REFLEX Cluster Survey: Probing the Mass Distribution in the Universe
L. Guzzo; H. Boehringer; C.A. Collins; P. Schuecker & the REFLEX Team;
11 Dec 2001
- - -
Non-Gaussian morphology on large scales: Minkowski functionals of the REFLEX cluster catalogue
M.Kerscher; K.Mecke; P. Schuecker; H. B"ohringer; L. Guzzo; C.A. Collins; S. Schindler; S. De Grandi; R. Cruddace;
9 May 2001   /  A&A, 377 (2001) 1
- - -
The X-ray Morphology of the Lensing Galaxy Cluster Cl0024+17
H. Böhringer; G. Soucail; Y. Mellier; Y. Ikebe; & P. Schuecker;
20 Oct 1999
- - -
Probing Turbulence in the Coma Galaxy Cluster
P. Schuecker; A. Finoguenov; F. Miniati; H. Boehringer; U.G. Briel;
6 Apr 2004
- - -
A Systematic Study of X-Ray Substructure of Galaxy Clusters Detected in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey
P. Schuecker; H. Boehringer; T.H. Reiprich; L. Feretti;
3 Sep 2001
- - -
Cosmic Mass Functions from Gaussian Stochastic Diffusion Processes
P. Schuecker; H. Boehringer; K. Arzner; T.H. Reiprich;
26 Feb 2001
- - -
The ROSAT-ESO Flux-Limited X-Ray (REFLEX) Galaxy Cluster Survey III: The Power Spectrum
Peter Schuecker; Hans Boehringer; Luigi Guzzo; Chris A. Collins; Doris M. Neumann; Sabine Schindler; Wolfgang Voges; Sabrina De Grandi; Guido Chincarini; Ray Cruddace; Volker Mueller; Thomas H. Reiprich; Joerg Retzlaff; Peter Shaver;
5 Dec 2000
- - -
The X-Ray Luminosity--Mass Relation for Local Clusters of Galaxies
R. Stanek; A.E. Evrard; H. B{" o}hringer; P. Schuecker; B. Nord;
15 Feb 2006
- - -
AGN Heating through Cavities and Shocks
P. E. J. Nulsen; C. Jones; W. R. Forman; L. P. David; B. R. McNamara; D. A. Rafferty; L. Birzan; M. W. Wise;
4 Nov 2006
- - -
The REFLEX Cluster Survey: Observing Strategy and First Results on Large-Scale Structure
L. Guzzo; H. Boehringer; P. Schuecker; C.A. Collins; S. Schindler; D.M. Neumann; S. De Grandi; R. Cruddace; G. Chincarini; A.C. Edge; P.A. Shaver; W. Voges;
25 Mar 1999
- - -
Radio Properties of Cavities in the ICM: Imprints of AGN Activity
L. Birzan; B.R. McNamara; C. L. Carilli; P. E. J. Nulsen; M. W. wise;
14 Dec 2006
- - -
The Growth of Black Holes and Bulges at the Cores of Cooling Flows
D. A. Rafferty; B. R. McNamara; P. E. J. Nulsen; M. W. Wise;
11 Dec 2006
- - -
Searching for X-ray Galaxy Clusters in the Zone of Avoidance
H. Boehringer; P. Schuecker; S. Komossa; J. Retzlaff; T.H. Reiprich; W. Voges;
24 Nov 2000
- - -
Complex Physics in Cluster Cores: Showstopper for the Use of Clusters for Cosmology?
Thomas H. Reiprich; Daniel S. Hudson;
16 Nov 2006
- - -
The Representative XMM-Newton Cluster Structure Survey (REXCESS) of an X-ray Luminosity Selected Galaxy Cluster Sample
H. Boehringer; P. Schuecker; G.W. Pratt; M. Arnaud; T.J. Ponman; J.H. Croston; S. Borgani; R.G. Bower; U.G. Briel; C.A. Collins; M. Donahue; W.R. Forman; A. Finoguenov; M.J. Geller; L. Guzzo; J.P. Henry; R. Kneissel; J.J. Mohr; K. Matsushita; C.R. Mullis; T. Ohashi; K. Pedersen; D. Pierini; H. Quintana; S. Raychaudhury; T.H. Reiprich; A.K. Romer; P. Rosati; K. Sabirli; R.F. Temple; P.T.P. Viana; A. Vikhlinin; G.M. Voit; Y.-Y. Zhang;
21 Mar 2007
- - -
The Northern ROSAT All-Sky (NORAS) Galaxy Cluster Survey I: X-ray Properties of Clusters Detected as Extended X-ray Sources
H. Boehringer; W. Voges; J.P. Huchra; B. McLean; R. Giacconi; P. Rosati; R. Burg; J. Mader; P. Schuecker; D. Simic; S. Komossa; T.H. Reiprich; J. Retzlaff; J. Truemper;
15 Mar 2000   /  Astrophys.J.Suppl. 129 (2000) 435-474
- - -
The REFLEX galaxy cluster survey. VIII. Spectroscopic observations and optical atlas
L. Guzzo; P. Schuecker; H. Boehringer; C.A. Collins; A.Ortiz-Gil; S.De Grandi; A.C. Edge; D.M. Neumann; S. Schindler; C.Altucci; P.A. Shaver;
31 Jul 2009
- - -
The 3D soft X-ray cluster-AGN cross-correlation function in the ROSAT NEP survey
N. Cappelluti; H. Boehringer; P. Schuecker; E. Pierpaoli; C. R. Mullis; I. M. Gioia; J. P. Henry;
18 Apr 2007
- - -
The soft X-ray Cluster-AGN spatial cross-correlation function in the ROSAT-NEP survey
N. Cappelluti; H. Boehringer; P. Schuecker; E. Pierpaoli; C. R. Mullis; I. M. Gioia; J. P. Henry;
17 Nov 2006
- - -
Discovery of an X-ray-Luminous Galaxy Cluster at z=1.4
C. R. Mullis; P. Rosati; G. Lamer; H. Boehringer; A. Schwope; P. Schuecker; R. Fassbender;
28 Feb 2005   /  Astrophys.J. 623 (2005) L85-L88
- - -
The ROSAT-ESO Flux Limited X-ray (REFLEX) Galaxy Cluster Survey. V. The cluster catalogue
H. Boehringer; P. Schuecker; L. Guzzo; C.A. Collins; W. Voges; R.G. Cruddace; A. Ortiz-Gil; G. Chincarini; S. De Grandi; A.C. Edge; H.T. MacGillivray; D.M. Neumann; S. Schindler; P. Shaver;
27 May 2004
- - -
The REFLEX Galaxy Cluster Survey IV: The X-ray Luminosity Function
H. Boehringer; C.A. Collins; L. Guzzo; P. Schuecker; W. Voges; D.M. Neumann; S. Schindler; G. Chincarini; S. De Grandi; R.G. Cruddace; A.C. Edge; T.H. Reiprich; P. Shaver;
13 Jun 2001
- - -
The ROSAT-ESO Flux Limited X-Ray (REFLEX) Galaxy Cluster Survey I: The Construction of the Cluster Sample
H. Boehringer; P. Schuecker; L. Guzzo; C.A. Collins; W. Voges; S. Schindler; D.M. Neumann; R. G. Cruddace; S. DeGrandi; G. Chincarini; A. C. Edge; H.T. MacGillivray; P. Shaver;
12 Dec 2000
- - -
The ROSAT-ESO Flux Limited X-ray (REFLEX) Galaxy Cluster Survey II: The Spatial Correlation Function
C.A. Collins; L. Guzzo; H. Boehringer; P. Schuecker; G. Chincarini; R. Cruddace; S. De Grandi; H.T. MacGillivray; D.M. Neumann; S. Schindler; P. Shaver; W. Voges;
16 Aug 2000   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 319 (2000) 939
- - -
Heating rate profiles in clusters of galaxies
Edward Pope; Christian Kaiser; Georgi Pavlovski; Hans Fangohr;
26 Feb 2007
- - -
A Scaling Index Analysis of the WMAP three year data: Signatures of non-Gaussianities and Asymmetries in the CMB
C. Raeth; P. Schuecker; A. J. Banday;
6 Feb 2007
- - -
Tracing Ghost Cavities with Low Frequency Radio Observations
Tracy Clarke; Elizabeth Blanton; Craig Sarazin; Namir Kassim; Loren Anderson; Henrique Schmitt; Gopal-Krishna; Doris Neumann;
20 Dec 2006
- - -
Cold fronts in cool core clusters
S. Ghizzardi; S. Molendi; M. Rossetti; A. Leccardi;
13 Nov 2006
- - -

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