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06 August 2020
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Results 1 to 20 of 143 for query "R. Bachiller". (0.02 sec.)

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Spitzer 24 micron imaging of Faint Radio Sources in the FLSv: a new radio-loud, Mid-IR/optically obscured population?
M. Orienti; M.A. Garrett; C. Reynolds; R. Morganti;
29 Dec 2004
- - -
The structure of Onsala 1 star forming region
M. S. N. Kumar; M. Tafalla; R. Bachiller;
29 Jun 2004
- - -
A highly collimated, extremely high velocity outflow in Taurus
M. Tafalla; J. Santiago; D. Johnstone; R. Bachiller;
24 Jun 2004
- - -
A Search for Infall Motions Toward Nearby Young Stellar Objects
D. Mardones; P.C. Myers; M. Tafalla; D.J. Wilner; R. Bachiller; G. Garay;
2 Jul 1997
- - -
Neutral atomic carbon in the globules of the Helix
K. Young; P. Cox; P. J. Huggins; T. Forveille; R. Bachiller;
18 Mar 1997
- - -
New 13CO observations towards the Keplerian gaseous disk around R Mon
T. Alonso-Albi; A. Fuente. R. Bachiller; A. Natta; L. Testi; R. Neri; P. Planesas;
5 Feb 2007
- - -
Probing the polarization characteristics of SS433 on mas scales
Z. Paragi; R.C. Vermeulen; D.C. Homan; J.F.C. Wardle; I. Fejes; R.T. Schilizzi; R.E. Spencer; A.M. Stirling;
30 Dec 2004
- - -
A Keplerian gaseous disk around the B0 star R Mon
A. Fuente; T. Alonso-Albi; R. Bachiller; A. Natta; L. Testi; R. Neri; P. Planesas;
18 Aug 2006
- - -
Tracking the curved jet in PKS 1502+106
T. An; X.Y. Hong; T. Venturi; D.R. Jiang; W.H. Wang;
29 Dec 2004
- - -
Cometary molecular clouds around RNO6. On-going star formation near the double cluster h and chi Persei
R. Bachiller; A. Fuente; M.S.N. Kumar;
31 Oct 2001
- - -
The origin of the HH7-11 outflow
R. Bachiller; F. Gueth; S. Guilloteau; M. Tafalla; A. Dutrey;
27 Sep 2000
- - -
Herschel-PACS spectroscopy of the intermediate mass protostar NGC7129 FIRS 2
M. Fich; D. Johnstone; T.A. van Kempen; C. McCoey; A. Fuente; P. Caselli; L.E. Kristensen; R. Plume; J. Cernicharo; G.J. Herczeg; E.F. van Dishoeck; S. Wampfler; P. Gaufre; J.J. Gill; H. Javadi; M. Justen; W. Laauwen; W. Luinge; V. Ossenkopf; J. Pearson; R. Bachiller; A. Baudry; M. Benedettini; E. Bergin; A.O. Benz; P. Bjerkeli; G. Blake; S. Bontemps; J. Braine; S. Bruderer; C. Codella; F. Daniel; A.M. di Giorgio; C. Dominik; S.D. Doty; P. Encrenaz; T. Giannini; J.R. Goicoechea; Th. de Graauw; F. Helmich; F. Herpin; M.R. Hogerheijde; T. Jacq; J.K. Jorgensen; B. Larsson; D. Lis; R. Liseau; M. Marseille; G. Melnick; B. Nisini; M. Olberg; B. Parise; C. Risacher; J. Santiago; P. Saraceno; R. Shipman; M. Tafalla; F. van der Tak; R. Visser; F. Wyrowski; U.A. Yildiz;
1 Jun 2010
- - -
A Mid-Infrared Spitzer Study of the Herbig Be Star R Mon and the Associated HH 39 Herbig-Haro Object
M. Audard; S. Skinner; M. Guedel; T. Lanz; F. Paerels; H. Arce;
31 Jan 2007
- - -
First evidence for dusty disks around Herbig Be stars
A. Fuente; A. Rodriguez-Franco; L. Testi; A. Natta; R. Bachiller; R. Neri;
2 Oct 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 598 (2003) L39-L42
- - -
Circumstellar Disks Around Herbig Be Stars
T. Alonso-Albi; A. Fuente; R. Bachiller; R. Neri; P. Planesas; L. Testi; O. Berne; C. Joblin;
9 Dec 2008
- - -
Hidden bipolarity in red supergiant winds
A.M.S. Richards; M.R.W. Masheder; H.J. van Langevelde; R.J. Cohen; M.D. Gray; J.A. Yates; P.J. Diamond; W. H. T. Vlemmings; M. Szymczak; K. Murakawa;
3 Dec 2004
- - -
Packet Loss in High Data Rate Internet Data Transfer for eVLBI
R. Spencer; R. Hughes-Jones; A. Mathews; S. O'Toole;
3 Dec 2004
- - -
A VLBI Study of the Gravitational Lens JVAS B0218+357
R. Mittal; R. Porcas; O. Wucknitz; A. Biggs;
30 Dec 2004
- - -
OH in Messier 82
M.K. Argo; A. Pedlar; T.W.B. Muxlow; R.J. Beswick; S. Aalto; K. Wills; R. Booth;
30 Dec 2004
- - -
EVN Observations of the BL Lac object ON 231
F. Mantovani; E. Massaro; R. Fanti; R. Nesci; G. Tosti; T. Venturi;
17 Dec 2004
- - -
Towards the Event Horizon - The Vicinity of AGN at Micro-Arcsecond Resolution
T.P. Krichbaum; D.A. Graham; W. Alef; A. Kraus; B.W. Sohn; U. Bach; A. Polatidis; A. Witzel; J.A. Zensus; M. Bremer; A. Greve; M. Grewing; S. Doeleman; R.B. Phillips; A.E.E. Rogers; H. Fagg; P. Strittmatter; L. Ziurys; J. Conway; R. S. Booth; S. Urpo;
17 Nov 2004
- - -
Studying the first galaxies with ALMA
C.L. Carilli; F. Walter; R. Wang; A. Wootten; K. Menten; F. Bertoldi; E. Schinnerer; P. Cox; A. Beelen; A. Omont;
30 Mar 2007
- - -
Sulfur chemistry in the Horsehead. An interferometric view of the Horsehead PDR
J.R. Goicoechea; J. Pety; M. Gerin; D. Teyssier; E. Roueff; P. Hily-Blant;
15 Mar 2007
- - -
Understanding the Chemical Complexity in Circumstellar Envelopes of C-rich AGB Stars: the Case of IRC +10216
M. Agundez; J. Cernicharo; J. R. Pardo; J. P. Fonfria Exposito; M. Guelin; E. D. Tenenbaum; L. M. Ziurys; A. J. Apponi;
19 Feb 2007
- - -
Neutral hydrogen absorption at milliarcsecond resolutions: The radio galaxy 3C293
R. J. Beswick; A. B. Peck; G. B. Taylor; G. Giovannini; A. Pedlar;
25 Dec 2004
- - -
Discovering the microJy Radio VLBI Sky via "Full-beam" Self-calibration
M.A. Garrett; J.M. Wrobel; R. Morganti;
3 Dec 2004
- - -
VLBI-experiments on research of solar wind plasma
M.B. Nechaeva; V.G. Gavrilenko; Y.N. Gorshenkov . B.N. Lipatov; L. Xiang; I.E. Molotov; A.B. Pushkarev; R. Shanks; G. Tuccari;
30 Dec 2004
- - -
What is the primary beam response of an interferometer with unequal elements?
R.G. Strom;
30 Dec 2004
- - -
The Australian experience with the PC-EVN recorder
R. Dodson; S. Tingay; C. West; C. Phillips; A. Tzioumis; J. Ritakari; F. Briggs;
30 Dec 2004
- - -
Recent Results from the EVN MkIV Data Processor at JIVE
R. M. Campbell;
30 Dec 2004
- - -

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