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09 July 2020
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Constraints on the Space Density of Methane Dwarfs and the Substellar Mass Function from a Deep Near-Infrared Survey
T. M. Herbst; D. Thompson; R. Fockenbrock; H.-W. Rix; S. V. W. Beckwith;
18 Oct 1999
- - -
Two-dimensional Distributions and Column Densities of Gaseous Molecules in Protoplanetary Disks II
Y. Aikawa; E. Herbst;
3 Feb 2002   /  Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2001, Vol. 371, page 1107-1117
- - -
First VLTI/MIDI observations of a Be star: Alpha Ara
Olivier Chesneau; A. Meilland; T. Rivinius; P. Stee; S. Jankov; A. Domiciano De Souza; U. Graser; T. Herbst; E. Janot-Pacheco; R. Koehler; C. Leinert; S. Morel; F. Paresce; A. Richichi; S. Robbe-Dubois;
10 Dec 2004
- - -
Rotational Velocities and Radii of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars in the Orion Nebula Cluster
K. L. Rhode; W. Herbst; R. D. Mathieu;
24 Sep 2001
- - -
Natural Coronagraphic Observations of the Eclipsing T Tauri System KH 15D: Evidence for Accretion and Bipolar Outflow in a WTTS
Catrina M. Hamilton; William Herbst; Reinhard Mundt; Coryn A. L. Bailer-Jones; Christopher M. Johns-Krull;
24 May 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 591 (2003) L45-L48
- - -
Fine Structure in the Circumstellar Environment of a Young, Solar-like Star: the Unique Eclipses of KH 15D
William Herbst; Catrina M. Hamilton; Frederick J. Vrba; Mansur A. Ibrahimov; Coryn A.L. Bailer-Jones; Reinhard Mundt; Markus Lamm; Tsevi Mazeh; Zodiac T. Webster; Karl E. Haisch; Eric C. Williams; Andrew H. Rhodes; Thomas J. Balonek; Alexander Scholz; Arno Riffeser;
9 Aug 2002
- - -
A Silicon-Tungsten ECal with Integrated Electronic
R. Frey; J. Brau; M. Breidenbach; D. Freytag; G. Haller; R. Herbst; R. Lander; T. Nelson; V. Radeka; D. Strom; M. Tripathi;
12 Oct 2007
- - -
First astronomical detection of the CF+ ion
D. A. Neufeld; P. Schilke; K. M. Menten; M. G. Wolfire; J. H. Black; F. Schuller; H. Muller; S. Thorwirth; R. Gusten; S. Philipp;
21 Sep 2005
- - -
Eta Car through the eyes of interferometers
Olivier Chesneau; R.Van Boekel; T. Herbst; P. Kervella; M. Min; L.B.F.M. Waters; Ch. Leinert; R. Petrov; G. Weigelt;
30 Jun 2005
- - -
Rotational Evolution of Solar-Like Stars in Clusters from Pre-Main Sequence to Main Sequence: Empirical Results
W. Herbst; R. Mundt;
30 Jul 2005
- - -
Rotational Evolution of Solar-Like Stars in Clusters from Pre-Main Sequence to Main Sequence: Empirical Results
W. Herbst; R. Mundt;
30 Jul 2005
- - -
A Multi-Year Photometric Study of IC 348
R. E. Cohen; W. Herbst; E. C. Williams;
2 Dec 2003
- - -
The Mass Dependence of Stellar Rotation in the Orion Nebula Cluster
W. Herbst; C. A. L. Bailer-Jones; R. Mundt;
26 Apr 2001
- - -
Observation of Two-Neutrino Double-Beta Decay in Xe-136 with EXO-200
N. Ackerman; B. Aharmim; M. Auger; D.J. Auty; P.S. Barbeau; K. Barry; L. Bartoszek; E. Beauchamp; V. Belov; C. Benitez-Medina; M. Breidenbach; A. Burenkov; B. Cleveland; R. Conley; E. Conti; J. Cook; S. Cook; A. Coppens; I. Counts; W. Craddock; T. Daniels; M.V. Danilov; C.G. Davis; J. Davis; R. deVoe; Z. Djurcic; A. Dobi; A.G. Dolgolenko; M.J. Dolinski; K. Donato; W. Fairbank Jr.; J. Farine; P. Fierlinger; D. Franco; D. Freytag; G. Giroux; R. Gornea; K. Graham; G. Gratta; M.P. Green; C. Hagemann; C. Hall; K. Hall; G. Haller; C. Hargrove; R. Herbst; S. Herrin; J. Hodgson; M. Hughes; A. Johnson; A. Karelin; L.J. Kaufman; T. Koffas; A. Kuchenkov; A. Kumar; K.S. Kumar; D.S. Leonard; F. Leonard; F. LePort; D. Mackay; R. MacLellan; M. Marino; Y. Martin; B. Mong; M. Montero Diez; P. Morgan; A.R. Muller; R. Neilson; R. Nelson; A. Odian; K. O'Sullivan; C. Ouellet; A. Piepke; A. Pocar; C.Y. Prescott; K. Pushkin; A. Rivas; E. Rollin; P.C. Rowson; J.J. Russell; A. Sabourov; D. Sinclair; K. Skarpaas; S. Slutsky; V. Stekhanov; V. Strickland; M. Swift; D. Tosi; K. Twelker; P. Vogel; J.-L. Vuilleumier; J.-M. Vuilleumier; A. Waite; S. Waldman; T. Walton; K. Wamba; M. Weber; U. Wichoski; J. Wodin; J.D. Wright; L. Yang; Y.-R. Yen; O.Ya. Zeldovich;
21 Aug 2011
- - -
On the Relation of the Deconfinement and the Chiral Phase Transition in Gauge Theories with Fundamental and Adjoint Matter
Jens Braun; Tina K. Herbst;
3 May 2012
- - -
Development of Readout Interconnections for the Si-W Calorimeter of SiD
M. Woods; R. G. Fields; B. Holbrook; R. L. Lander; A. Moskaleva; C. Neher; J. Pasner; M. Tripathi; J. E. Brau; R. E. Frey; D. Strom; M. Breidenbach; D. Freytag; G. Haller; R. Herbst; T. Nelson; S. Schier; B. Schumm;
31 Oct 2011
- - -
Systematic study of trace radioactive impurities in candidate construction materials for EXO-200
D. S. Leonard; P. Grinberg; P. Weber; E. Baussan; Z. Djurcic; G. Keefer; A. Piepke; A. Pocar; J.-L. Vuilleumier; J.-M. Vuilleumier; D. Akimov; A. Bellerive; M. Bowcock; M. Breidenbach; A. Burenkov; R. Conley; W. Craddock; M. Danilov; R. DeVoe; M. Dixit; A. Dolgolenko; I. Ekchtout; W. Fairbank Jr.; J. Farine; P. Fierlinger; B. Flatt; G. Gratta; M. Green; C. Hall; K. Hall; D. Hallman; C. Hargrove; R. Herbst; J. Hodgson; S. Jeng; S. Kolkowitz; A. Kovalenko; D. Kovalenko; F. LePort; D. Mackay; M. Moe; M. Montero Díez; R. Neilson; A. Odian; K. O'Sullivan; L. Ounalli; C. Y. Prescott; P. C. Rowson; D. Schenker; D. Sinclair; K. Skarpaas; G. Smirnov; V. Stekhanov; V. Strickland; C. Virtue; K. Wamba; J. Wodin;
28 Sep 2007
- - -
The Disappearing Act of KH 15D: Photometric Results from 1995 to 2004
C.M. Hamilton; W. Herbst; F. J. Vrba; M. A. Ibrahimov; R. Mundt; C. A. L. Bailer-Jones; A. V. Filippenko; W. Li; V. J. S. Bejar; P. Abraham; M. Kun; A. Moor; J. Benko; S. Csizmadia; D. L. DePoy; R. W. Pogge; J. L. Marshall;
25 Jul 2005
- - -
The spectral type of CHS7797 - an intriguing very low mass periodic variable in the Orion Nebula Cluster
M.V. Rodriguez-Ledesma; R. Mundt; O. Pintado; S. Boudreault; F. Hessman; W. Herbst;
24 Jan 2013
- - -
Analyticity estimates for the Navier-Stokes equations
Ira Herbst; Erik Skibsted;
24 Jul 2009
- - -
Non-gray rotating stellar models and the evolutionary history of the Orion Nebular Cluster
Natália R. Landin; Paolo Ventura; Francesca D'Antona; Luiz T. S. Mendes; Luiz P. R. Vaz;
11 Sep 2006
- - -
A candidate metastasis-associated DNA marker for ductal mammary carcinoma
Achary, Patnala Mohan R; Zhao, Hui; Fan, Zuoheng; Gogineni, Swarna; Pulijaal, Venkat R; Herbst, Lawrence; Mahadevia, Panna S; Jones, Joan G; Klinger, Harold P; Vikram, Bhadrasain;
- - -
Decay of eigenfunctions of elliptic PDEs, II
Ira Herbst; Erik Skibsted;
27 Apr 2015
- - -
CSI 2264: Probing the inner disks of AA Tau-like systems in NGC 2264
Pauline T. McGinnis; Silvia H. P. Alencar; Marcelo M. Guimaraes; Alana P. Sousa; John Stauffer; Jerome Bouvier; Luisa Rebull; Nathalia N. J. Fonseca; Laura Venuti; Lynne Hillenbrand; Ann Marie Cody; Paula S. Teixeira; Suzanne Aigrain; Fabio Favata; Gabor Furesz; Fred J. Vrba; Ettore Flaccomio; Neil Turner; Jorge Filipe Gameiro; Catherine Dougados; William Herbst; Maria Morales-Calderon; Giusi Micela;
26 Feb 2015
- - -
Decay of eigenfunctions of elliptic PDE's
Ira Herbst; Erik Skibsted;
28 Jun 2013
- - -
Results of the ROTOR-program. II. The long-term photometric variability of weak-line T Tauri stars
K.N. Grankin; J. Bouvier; W. Herbst; S.Yu. Melnikov;
23 Jan 2008
- - -
Monte Carlo simulations of H2 formation on stochastically heated grains
H. M. Cuppen; O. Morata; Eric Herbst;
24 Jan 2006
- - -
Visna Virus-Induced Activation of MAPK Is Required for Virus Replication and Correlates with Virus-Induced Neuropathology
Barber, Sheila A.; Bruett, Linda; Douglass, Brian R.; Herbst, David S.; Zink, M. Christine; Clements, Janice E.;
- - -
KH 15D: A Spectroscopic Binary
John A. Johnson; Geoffrey W. Marcy; Catrina M. Hamilton; William Herbst; Christopher M. Johns-Krull;
4 Mar 2004
- - -
KH 15D: A Spectroscopic Binary
John A. Johnson; Geoffrey W. Marcy; Catrina M. Hamilton; William Herbst; Christopher M. Johns-Krull;
4 Mar 2004
- - -

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